2024 Results

The 2024 Ladder

Saturday 25 May 2024
Vosseler Shield
Mt Victoria

Compared to last year's mud-fest, this year the Vosseler Shield was held in far more pleasant conditions. Having said that, the race takes no prisoners and there was bloody knees and legs aplenty. Post race commentary showed everyone had a tough day out there but I saw smiles on some folk who nailed PB's and achieved good results. Well done everyone.

Trentham United fielded the most teams of all the regions clubs with 15! Trentham United runners bagged five victories, all in the juniors - Taya Hines in Women U10, Nikos Kapoutsos in Men U12, Madison Wos in Women U16, Callum Wos in Men U18, and Max Poland in Mens U20.

The whole club had great success at this years Vosseler as we placed second in the Barry Everitt Plate. We have never placed higher than fourth and are typically fifth so this was a stand out result that everyone contributed to! Check this out.

I'll also make a special mention of our U10 boys and girls. We have a great group coming through which is exciting to see for the club. I hope you all enjoyed your blast around this famous Mt Vic race and we look forward to seeing you enjoy and develop your running.

Trenthan United top 10 results are below. For the full results head over to webscorer.

3rd - Carter Burt
5th - Zach Ellis
7th - Austin Spence

1st - Taya Hines
2nd - Jessa Blundell
5th - Briar Bridge
6th - Charlotte Jahnke

1st - Nikos Kapoutsos
2nd - Sanjith Aditya Ragunath
5th - Hugo Banner

2nd - Matthew Meiklejohn
9th - James Wallace
10th= - Thomas Millar
10th= - Caleb Wallace

4nd - Kiana Wealleans

5th - Bair Waldrom
6th - Finley Robinson
7th - Cameron Starr
8th - Joseph Du Toit
9th - Micah Berendsen

1st - Madison Wos
3rd - Elme Pienaar
6th - Savannah Allen
8th - Katie Jordan

1st - Callum Wos
4th - Caleb Rice

1st= - Max Poland
1st= - Josh Jordan

7th - Madeline Keown

2nd - Edd Charlton-Weedy
7th - Josh Campbell

7th - Shar Mcdonald
8th - Sarah Tobin

5th - Belinda Walker
10th - Liz Gibson

4th - Stephen Mair
9th - Gerard Bourke

2nd - David Hood
8th - Terry Bedlington

3rd - Trish Coley

In the teams competition, we took four wins. Here is how we stacked up:

1st - Taya Hines, Jessa Blundell, Briar Bridge
2nd - Carter Burt, Zach Ellis, Austin Spence
4th - Hazel Roos, Ruby-Rose Hepi, Miller Hines
1st - Nikos Kapoutsos, Sanjith Aditya, Hugo Banner
3rd - Kiana Wealleans, Charlotte Boyd, Olivia Boyd
2nd - Matthew Meiklejohn, James Wallace, Thomas Millar
2nd - Bair Waldrom, Finley Robinson, Cameron Starr
1st - Madison Wos, Elme Pienaar, Savannah Allen
MU18 & MU20:
1st - Max Poland, Josh Jordan, Callum Wos
2nd - Shar Mcdonald, Sarah Tobin, Michelle Wos
4th - Belinda Walker, Trish Coley, Liz Gibson
3rd - Edd Charlton-Weedy, Josh Campbell, Kevin Fink
2nd - Stephen Mair, Gerard Bourke, David Hood
Open Women:
5th - Madeline Keown, Shar Mcdonald, Sarah Tobin
Open Men:
4th - Edd Charlton-Weedy, Josh Campbell, Kevin Fink, Findlay Benge, Michael Beaumont, Matt Durney

Wednesday 22 May 2024
College Sport Wellington Cross Country Champs
Harcourt Park

The Trentham Harriers college runners also had fantastic results in their respective races. Full results on webscorer.

Boys Y9 & Under:
4th - Jacob Rice
8th - Cam Starr
12th - James Wallace

Girls Y9 & Under:
10th - Elme Pienaar

Boys U16:
6th - Bair Waldrom
14th - Fin Robinson
32nd - Joseph Du Toit

Girls U16:
1st - Madison Wos
4th - Zoe Hilton
8th - Savannah Allen
14th - Katie Jordan

Boys U19:
2nd - Callum Wos
16th - Caleb Rice

Friday 17 May 2024
Wellington Intermediate's Cross Country
Harcourt Park

Trentham Harriers had fantastic results in their respective races. Luke P took third in Y8 boys, Kiana W won by a comfortable margin in Y7 girls, and Thomas M, Caleb W and Nikos K placed first, second and third and Mido came in 6th in Y7 boys! Well done! As is tradition they will be hares and tail end charlies next weekend at the primary school Upper Valley cross country.

Tuesday 14 May 2024
College Sport Wellington Cross Country Relay

Callum, Caleb, Bair, Fin, Madison, Katie, Savannah, Zoe, Jacob, Cam and James represented their colleges at the Cross Country Relays and performed well. Callum Wos looked to have run the fastest individual time of the day too. Full results on webscorer.

Sunday 12 May 2024
Manawatu Striders Half Marathon
Palmerston North

Anne Dry took on the Manawatu half marathon along the river bank in Palmy on a lovely Sunday. Anne completed the very scenic race in 4:30:53. Well done Anne.

Saturday 11 May 2024
University Cross Country Relays
Chocolate Walk
Mackays Crossing

Another fantastic turn out for Trentham United. The weather has been fairly good so the course was hard packed and quite fast. There was a great vibe on coast with the music pumping and everyone enjoying the racing. Our open relay team scored a fantastic win, and our U10 boys and girls are running extrememly well! Exciting for the club.

The brand new format of mixed teams was trialed and it seemed to be very successful. Within that, our club captain Stephen further opted to mix the abilty of most Trentham teams rather than ranking teams from fastest. With so many competitors I have just list our 3 highest placings. For the full results including individual times head over to webscorer.

MU10 1.2km:
2nd - Carter Burt
5th - Campbell Byrne
6th - Austin Spence

WU10 1.2km:
1st - Taya Hines
3rd - Jessa Blundell
4th - Poppy Penny

U14 Relay:
2nd - Matthew Meiklejohn, Kiana Wealleans, Thomas Millar
12th - James Wallace, Hazel Roos, Caleb Wallace
13th - Sanjith Aditya Ragunath, Taylah Nightingale, Nikos Kapoutsos

Junior Open Relay:
1st - Josh Jordan, Zoe Hilton, Callum Wos, Madison Wos
6th - Max Poland, Savannah Allen, Bair Waldrom, Elme Pienaar
10th - Jacob Rice, Stefania Butler, Caleb Rice, Katie Jordan

Open Relay:
5th - Brian Garmonsway, Shar McDonald, Edd Charlton-Weedy, Madeline Keown
10th - Hugh Taylor, Bethany Walker, Findlay Benge, Sarah Tobin

University Relay:
10th - Cameron Starr, Joseph Du Toit, Hugo Boyd, Matthew Meiklejohn
24th - Fin Robinson, Sarah Du Toit, Jade Wood, Casey Kyle
27th - Tim Boyd, Emily Gias-Wealleans, Carl Berendsen, Scott Waldrom

170 Champs Relay:
11th - Kevin Fink, Rachel Watson, Matt Durney, Michelle Wos
15th - Mark Boyd, Nicole Penny, Philip Secker, Liz Gibson

240 Champs Relay:
4th - Kevin Thompson, Belinda Walker, Gerard Bourke, Trish Coley

Update: Chocolate Walk results have been released. Clive and Jackie were first across the line but this race is a turkey trot so the winner is closest to their estimated time. In that, Steph placed 2nd woman and Clive 3rd male.

Saturday 4 May 2024
Novice & Presidents Race
Steve Plowman Trophy
Bob Clark Memorial Trophy for Walkers
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

We had a big turn out today, and a sensational sunny dry day for the racing. This racing can be very unpredicatable and hectic with everyone's handicap being so difficult to determine this early in the season. Big thanks to club captain Steven Mair for putting hours into that, we appreciate this!

If anyone see's mistakes in the results please let us know. We had some challenges...

Race results:


1st - Sage Penny
2nd - Ela Charlton-Weedy
3rd - Matheson Byrne

Steve Plowman U12

1st - Hazel Jahnke
2nd - Travis Robertson
3rd - Evie Durrant

For the full results of Steve Plowman click here.


1st - Katie Jordan
2nd - Tora Davies
3rd - Micah Berendsen

Trentham and Buddle Trophies for Women

1st - Nicole Penny
2nd - Kayo Campbell
3rd - Trish Coley

Novice and Presidents Trophies for Men

1st - Ragunath Markandan
2nd - Scott Waldrom
3rd - Gerard Bourke

Bob Clarke Memorial Walk Individual Results

1st - Clive McGovern
2nd - Jon Roskvist
3rd - Richard Willis

Bob Clarke Memorial Walk Hidden Team Handicap

1st - Geoff Iremonger & Richard Willis
2nd - Clive McGovern & Andrea Kapoutsos
3rd - Jon Roskvist & Charlotte Roos

For the full webscorer results of Novice & Presidents click here.

Click here for the full results showing finishing order and also a final column with everyone's actual run time.

Saturday 4 May 2024
Rotorua Marathon

Jackie Wilson headed North to compete in the half marathon walk finishing 7th of 208 women and first in W75! Jackie crossed in 2:37:39, well done Jackie!

Not to be out done, Josh Jordan set a new club record in the 5km race with 15:04! So close to breaking the 3min/km barrier for 5km, amazing Josh.

Saturday 29 April 2023
Shaw Baton Cross Country Relays
Battle Hill

Trentham United entered 23 teams this year! That is the 6th consecutive year we have fielded more teams than the previous year. Back in 2017 we entered only 8 teams. Whilst we didn't pick up any wins this year, there were a lot of podiums and PB's. Plenty of new faces having a crack at cross country wearing the Blue and Gold Trentham United singlet which is great.

With so many teams I will just list top 5 placings. For the full results including individual times head over to webscorer.

MU10 1km:
2nd - Carter Burt

WU10 1km:
1st - Taya Hines
4th - Poppy Penny
5th - Jessa Blundell

2nd - Nikos Kapoutsos, Carter Burt, Sanjith Ragunath, Travis Robertson
4th - Eli Brewerton, Hugo Banner, Zach Ellis, Joseph Blumsky

5th - Hazel Roos, Ellie Freeman, Ruby-Rose Hepi, Faith Hilton

2nd - James Wallace, Matthew Meiklejohn, Caleb Wallace, Thomas Millar

4th - Kiana Wealleans, Lily Jordan, Olivia Boyd, Zoe Tebbutt
5th - Charlotte Boyd, Leah Hilton, Zoe Radley, Scarlett Lister

2nd - Fin Robinson, Jacob Rice, Cam Starr, Bair Waldrom
5th - Joseph Du Toit, Hugo Boyd, Oscar Brider, Micah Berendsen

2nd - Savannah Allen, Elmé Pienaar, Zoe Hilton, Madison Wos

2nd - Callum Wos, Max Poland, Caleb Rice, Josh Jordan

2nd - Josh Campbell, Kevin Fink, Phil Broughton, Edd Charlton-Weedy

5th - Kyle Wealleans, Kevin Thompson, Carl Berendsen, Philip Secker

4th - Belinda Walker, Isobel Franklin, Emily Gias-Wealleans, Trish Coley

3rd - Stephen Mair, Gerard Bourke, Bruce Stewart, David Hood

21 April 2024
Christchurch Marathon

The Watsons headed South to take on the Christchurch Marathon. Both have trained hard for this weekend, Rachel in particular putting in a very focused, long build up. It is pleasing to write both had fantastic races, Chris running 3:18:47 and Rachel smashing her PB with 3:46:39! That knocked over 15 minutes off Rachel's club marathon record! Lola also chipped in with the 10km race crossing in 1:05:16. Awesome racing team Watson!

20 April 2024
Faultine Ultra

The inaugural Faultline took place over the weekend. We had 8 hardy TUH runners hit the trails to take on some big personal challenges. Hugh Taylor and Mark Boyd went for the big one - the miler. First timers at this distance, they both started at 5am Saturday morning and finished Sunday mid-morning. Mark completed the 160km in 28 hours 2 mins, Hugh in 29 hours 10 mins. Absolutely astounding achievements.

Brian Garmonsway and Philip Secker took on the 100km distance, also first timers at this distance. Brian had a great race winning by over an hour in 11:46:10. Philip ran 16:30:06 and placed second in the 50-59 group.

Sarah Tobin, Gary Spierling, Shar McDonald and Bethany Walker ran the 160km team relay placing 6th in 22:27:26. All had tough sections, three running in darkness for some/all of it, and some crewing through the night too!

Jeica Espanol a new member to the club took on the 24km distance, completing in 3:12. Great work!

Everyone was out of their comfort zone, sleep deprived, and nailed it - all commenting on the great support from the club. What a fantastic weekend for the club.

Write ups from our participants:

Mark Boyd 160km

The opportunity to participate in an inaugural trail running event in the Wellington region was too much to pass up. The Faultline event offered a range of distances, not sure why I thought I had to enter the 100 miler though. Entering and paying the entry fee was the easy bit. Even doing the training wasn’t too bad. Actually finishing the thing, that was tough.

Wellington turned on a really good day for the event. The weather was great and I enjoyed some good running through to Totara Park and along the Belmont hills. As I approached Porirua my legs decided they no longer liked running downhills. This would prove problematic with a couple thousand meters of vert remaining. Some real consideration was given to pulling out but I decided to push on. The nighttime views of Wellington and the sounds of Ruru and Kiwi as I entered Makara provided temporary relief from the pain as did the support at the aid stations. Miles of dark forest trails transitioned into sunrise filled roads through the city. The finish line was getting closer but the race organisers appeared to have made it a goal to climb every hill in the city. After the final climb out of Berhampore golf course, and the final climb up around Mt Albert, and the final climb around the Zoo and the final climb up Mt Vic and the final climb on the downhill from Mt Vic (!) it was out on to Oriental Parade. A forced walk (all my legs would allow) along the waterfront was a fitting way to finish off 28 hours of ‘running’.

A number of club members took part across the variety of distances offered at the event. While we may have all had different experiences out on course, a common theme was the impact that the support from our club members had. Having super helpful teammates running the aid station at Totara Park was great as was the continued support and encouragement offered by club members throughout the day (and night!).

It was a really great event and I’ll probably give it a go again next year, maybe in a relay team though. And remember, pain is temporary, but you get to wear the finishers t-shirt for a while!

Hugh Taylor 160km

The goal of the day was to get to the finish and enjoy as much of it as I could… goal achieved. I spent the whole 29 hours with a friend who was also participating which made the time pass so much quicker, this wasn’t pre planned but after keeping in touch during the build up it only took a few kilometres together at the start and we realised that we may as well knock it out together while having as much banter as possible. The glory of Trentham Harriers shined through with so many of us either participating, helping at aid stations or crewing. What did I eat for fuel?: cheeseburgers, snickers, crunchie bars, lollies, chippies, biscuits & 3am ham and cheese toasties… Can’t wait to see more members sign up for the miler next year!

Brian Garmonsway 100km

I found this to be an epic and crazy run through the trails and mountain bike tracks around Wellington finishing on the waterfront, amazing they could make this complicated event happen.
For my first 100k it was a hard ask but my mind and body held up really well, the months of decent k's paid off and I managed to come away with the win and no real issues, although I did go through some highs and lows.... which I expected. Awesome knowing I had other Trentham runners sharing the trails and not really comprehending Mark and Hugh tackling the miler, amazing!!

Philip Secker 100km

In some ways I was lucky in that I had done my longest Ultra only back in December, so I had an idea of what pain lay ahead. First surprise was that I was over half an hour ahead of the Porirua hub, and just missed seeing my wife, Teresa. From there everything went well and then I hit Makara MTB park. On the second loop I mistook a turning and ended up going down a nasty advanced trail, only to go well off course. Eventually I found my way to a road, and after asking directions got back on course. Things ticked over nicely, getting perpetually thirsty and walking a lot more. Getting swooped by a Ruru and hearing Kaka was nice. Good to change shoes at Scottish even though my calves cramped a bit in the process. From then on it was about counting down the kms until the end at 3am. Teresa had been there 2hrs! Very happy with that, especially being second in the oldies.

“Wannabe Milers” (160km team relay): Sarah Tobin, Gary Spierling, Shar McDonald and Bethany Walker

Sarah Tobin (Queen Elizabeth Park to Totara Park)

It started with a cold, dark and confusing morning at Queen Elizabeth Park with Mark, Hugh and the rest of the miler runners we were off at 5am. We began our journey with some steady inclines but I knew those steep gradients were coming. My leg of the race had 3 steep climbs followed by some nice down hills. Getting to the top of the pram track felt good as I was back on familiar ground and then valley view road gave me more confidence as I knew exactly how far to go. Cannon point had usual amazing views and running down 3 skulls was a breeze. Loved running through to Tusla Park to see all the Upper Hutt crew and my team there including my family.

Gary Spierling (Tulsa Park to Porirua)

After Sarah ‘passed the baton’ off to me at Tulsa Park, Totara Park, I set off on my 45km journey. Starting out with a nice flat 14km section to Dry Creek I was feeling good. Could almost call it my “Gazza Sprint '' of the leg haha. Boulder Hill through to Takapau gave out some spectacular views, lucky as this section was possibly the toughest. There was a considerable amount of ‘short & steep’ up hills especially from the Normandale MTB park to the down hill into Takapau. The final 6km to Bishop Viard, in Porirua, was interesting. Running with all my hydration, nutrition and compulsory gear packed on my back, in the middle of the day through Cannons Creek seemed a bit out of place. I was very happy to ‘pass the baton’ to Shar at Porirua, stoked to complete my leg in a smidge under 6hour (5hrs 57m to be precise).

Shar McDonald (Porirua to Makara MTB Park)

My race started after Gary crossed the timing mat and handed the race onto me just before 4pm, heading up behind the hill of Viard college toward colonial knob, where you wind up 5kms of mtb tracks to get to the top, then up farm tracks towards the skyline, the views are something else up there, knowing I had limited light made me take a good pace forward, I loved passing people doing the full milers and having a quick yarn about how they are feeling and how their days been. Had 4 horses gate keeping on top of one of the hills right on sundown which was magic getting to climb the gate while giving them a pat. Head torch was on just after 6pm. At one point I lost the track round the side of a hill instead of over and up another while chatting to someone, lucky a kid up the top screamed down to us in the dark to get us back up and over on our way, time flew up there and was good to see some familiar tracks from recces with the team. Hit Makara mtb tracks and time seemed to slow, was looking forward to handing the race onto Bethany after lapping round there, tagged to her at 10.38pm clocking in 6hrs 44 for 49kms! Epic day out with the team and can’t wait for next year!

Bethany Walker (Makara to Wellington Waterfront)

No pressure, I had the job of running it home for the team starting at 10:40pm! Running on mountain bike tracks can be tough enough in the daylight, let alone in pitch black with the native birds squawking at you to get off their turf at this ridiculous time of the night. This leg involved many ups and downs, climbing Mt Albert, Mt Vic and who knew Wellington had a Mt Alfred but I climbed that too! On fresh legs but a sleep deprived mind after crewing Hugh all day in his miler, I definitely had empathy for the many 100km and milers I passed during the night. As some of them shuffled (or stumbled) along the track and saw me running past I did my best to reassure them I was part of a team and they were doing exceptionally well just to be putting one foot in front of the other at this stage of the race. With 2km to go I popped out from the wilderness onto Oriental Parade and pushed it home for a 3:30am finish for the team. The trail running community is one of a kind. Although there was a great sense of achievement to cross the line for the team, the real enjoyment was all the support along the way, from members of the club on the aid station at Totara Park earlier in the day, families of our runners, and the atmosphere. To my team, the “Wannabe Milers” you are the best. We have spent many hours prepping for this event, climbed many hills and laughed a lot. On to the next adventure.. but we probably should get into this harriers season and tone it back to some cross country and road racing fun.

14 April 2024
Waitarere Forest Run
Waitarere Forest

Anne Dry and Gary Spierling took part in the Waitarere Forest Run both completing half marathon distance, Anne walking and Gary running. Anne has battled a few injuries and not participated in the event since 2021 so was pleased to toe the line. She crossed in 5:14 showing determination and grit to complete the event. It's easy for a lot of us to only look at the fast times but everyone has their own challenges to overcome and should be congratulated on their efforts. Well done Anne.

Gary has ticked off another half marathon in quest to complete 50 by 50, clocking in a 1:51. A good "taper" run befor the faultline ultra next week. Keep it up Gazza!

26 March 2024
5km Series #5
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

And that's a wrap - the final of our 5km series at Trentham Memorial Park is done and dusted. Another lovely evening made for great racing, plenty crossing the line looking pooped! Hopefully everyone managed to achieve their personal goals, whether that be running your first full 5km or cracking the 20 minute barrier.

Big thanks to our race director Bethany for organisng everything. Was a well run and fun series. Fantastic to see you finally get a run on your course too!

Results are on webscorer. Let us know if there are any errors.

Winners in each category:

Female run: Kiana Wealleans
Female walk: Andrea Kapoutsos

Male run: Micah Berendsen
Male walk: Bair Waldrom

Female run: Madeline Keown
Female walk: Jacqueline Wilson

Male run: Brian Garmonsway
Male Walk: Clive McGovern

12 March 2024
5km Series #4
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

The fourth of our 5km series at Trentham Memorial Park. 98 competitors toed the line in lovely conditions this evening. Some great running by everyone tonight with their training paying dividends.

Results are on webscorer.

Winners in each category:

Female run: Sarah Tobin
Female walk: Emily Jahnke

Male run: Tom Strawbridge
Male walk: No competitors

Female run: Madeline Keown
Female walk: Jacqueline Wilson

Male run: Brian Garmonsway
Male Walk: Geoff Iremonger

Thank you to everyone registering pre-race - it helped us run smoothly. We hope to see you all in a fortnight for the final race at our local.

9 March 2024
Tararua Mountain Race

5 Trentham Harriers had perfect weather conditions for the Tararua Mountain Race.
The event covers 37km with 2,250 metres of ascent from Kaitoke to Otaki Forks, over 11 mountain tops including Mount Hector at 1529m.

Finishing times and places were:
Brian - 6:02:37, 2nd Male Vet 40-49
Josh - 6:46:17, 6th Male Vet 40-49
Stephen - 7:15:34, 4th Male Super Vet 50+
Shar - 8:16:58, 6th Female Open grade
Philip - 8:31:19, 9th Male Super Vet 50+

Also competing was Kevin in the Kime Clime, the 24km 1300m ascent up to Kime hut and back to Otaki Forks, which he completed in 3:58:46, 2nd Male Vet 40-49

Awesome performances by all involved.

27 February 2024
5km Series #3
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

The third of our 5km series at Trentham Memorial Park. 110 competitors toed the line, another great turn out. Madison Wos broke the club 5km record for female U20 taking 4 seconds off her old record. Well done! There were also PB's broken with some breaking the 20 minute barrier for the first time. We've seen non club members out training too - keep it up! Still two more races to go for everyone to hit their goals.

Results are on webscorer.

Winners in each category:

Female run: Elme Pienaar
Female walk: Emily Jahnke

Male run: Jacob Rice
Male walk: Carl Meiklejohn

Female run: Madison Wos
Female walk: Steph Robinson

Male run: Tom Strawbridge
Male Walk: Clive McGovern

Thank you to everyone registering pre-race - it helped us run smoothly. We hope to see you all in a fortnight for another race at our park.

13 February 2024
5km Series #2
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

The second of our 5km series at Trentham Memorial Park had a record attendance we think. It was yet another lovely sunny afternoon for a dash around the park.

Results are on webscorer.

Winners in each category:

Female run: Madison Wos
Female walk: Hayley Jahnke

Male run: Callum Wos
Male walk: No entrants

Female run: Madeline Keown
Female walk: Steph Robinson

Male run: Tom Strawbridge
Male Walk: Clive McGovern

Thank you to everyone registering pre-race - it helped us run very smoothly. We hope to see you all in a fortnight for another glorious sunny evening at our TMP paradise.

10 February 2024
Buller Gorge Marathon
Buller Gorge, West Coast

Five of our club members made their annual pilgrimage to the West Coast to take part in the Buller Gorge event. They all did the half marathon run or walk. Chris ran 1:36, David 1:45, Bruce 2:06, Brett 2:43 and Jon Roskvist walked in 2:31 placing an amazing 2nd place!

Full results are here.

30 January 2024
5km Series #1
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

The first of our 5km series at Trentham Memorial Park had great attendance and kicked off the series with a good vibe. It was a lovely sunny afternoon for a dash around the park.

Results are on webscorer.

Female run: Madison Wos
Female walk: Jackie Wilson

Male run: Josh Jordan
Male walk: Carl Meiklejohn

Female run: Rachel Watson
Female walk: Samantha Thurlow

Male run: Daniel Du Toit
Male walk: Clive McGovern

The race was delayed by folks who had not registered on webscorer, and results took several hours to process. Can we please get in and register to help us out for the next race in a fortnight.