2019 Results

Round the Bays

Awsome results by our members at the 2019 Round the Bays.

Thomas Strawbridge - 1st Overall, 1st Male, 35:57
Finn Molloy - 2nd Overall, 2nd Male, 36:07
Hugh Taylor - 19th Overall, 17th Male (3rd M20-29), 39:16
Belinda Walker-Wood - 2271 Overall, 1168th Female, 1:22:38
Lisa Kynaston - 2275th Overall, 1172th Female, 1:22:39

Josh Jordan - 13th Overall, 13th Male (2nd M00-15), 24:29
Jacob Rice - 284th Overall, 216th Male, 35:41
Bill Barlcay - 1324th Overall, 628th Male, 53:17
Anne Dry - 3365th Overall, 2134th Female, 1:28:40

Half Marathon:
Andrew Smith - 468th Overall, 383th Male, 1:47:54
Ron Soper - 1232th Overall, 798th Male, 2:18:48

If I missed anyone please let me know.

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Tuesday 12 February
Trentham 5km Series Race #3
Trentham Memorial Park

We had another great turnout of 93 participants for Race 3 of our Trentham 5km Series. We also managed to organize some better running/walking weather :)

In the 5km Run, Finn Seeds took the win (17:39) followed by Thomas Strawbridge (17:45) and Jonah Seeds (18:05). In the ladies Anna Hermann finished first (21:01) followed closely by Hannah Molloy (21:04) and Belinda Walker (24:22).

In the 2.5km Run, it was dominated by the youngsters as usual, with Callum Wos getting the win (9:23), followed by Josh Jordan (9:25) and Max Poland (10:22). Close on the heels of the first 3 boys was girls winner Maddie Wos (10:23), followed by Katie Jordan (11:02) and Brooke Douglas (11:42).

Over in the Walk division, Clive McGovern took the win in the Men's 5km Walk (31:07), followed by John Ihaka (40:43). The Ladies 5km Walk was Petronella Lazet-Polman first (43:19), followed by Anne Bowles (43:36) and Bernita Bennett (45:38). In the 2.5km Walk Sarah du Toit was first in 19:55, followed by Nina Bennett (23:55) and Shanny Robinson (28:49).

Awesome work by everyone and we hope to see you back at Race #4 on 26 February!!

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Saturday 9 February
Tarawera Ultramarathon

Awesome effort by Graham Wilson, who competed in the 50km Ultra, finishing 256th in 8:27:07. Great work!

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Saturday 9 February
Buller Gorge Marathon, Half Marathon

Good results by our small Buller Half Marathon crew.
Chris Homan - 40th overall, 14th M20-39, 1:36:02
David Hood - 58th overall, 3rd M60-69, 1:40:22
Brett Wilby - 261st overall, 25th M60-69, 2:04:54

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Tuesday 29 January
Trentham 5km Series Race #2
Trentham Memorial Park

We had another awesome turnout of 94 participants at Race 2 of our Trentham 5km Series, in hot temperatures.

In the 5km Run, Brian Garmonsway took the win (16:32) this week from Thomas Strawbridge (16:37) followed by Michael Du Toit (17:20). In the ladies race Hannah Molloy had the win (21:57), with a comfortable gap back to Michelle Wos (27:03) and Dani McLean (27:10).

In the 2.5km Run, Josh Jordan had a solid run with 9:02, followed by Callum Wos (9:25) and Max Poland (9:27). In the ladies Madison Wos got the win with a new Course Record (10:37), followed by Katie Jordan and (11:08) and Emily Barr (11:09).

Over in the walks, Daniel Du Toit had another good showing in the 5km Walk, finishing first in 23:55, followed by Clive McGovern (32:13) and Ben Bowles (40:09). In the ladies 5km Walk Glynis Ng was first (43:30), followed by Nina Bennett (45:58) and Bernita Bennett (45:59). In the 2.5km Walk for the men Shaun Kelly was first across the line (19:58) followed by Wilden Robinson (27:22), while for the ladies it was C Robinson first (20:44) followed by Grace Robinson (27:16) and Joanne Robinson (27:23).

We look forward to seeing everyone back at Race #3 on Tuesday 12 February.


Saturday 26 January
Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race
Mt Holdsworth, Wairarapa

Solid results by our guys that did the Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race, they all did the Jumbo-Holdsworth loop.
Brian Garmonsway finished 13th in 3:06:57 (first person to Jumbo), Josh Campbell 15th in 3:13:23, Hugh Taylor 21st in 3:18:19, Philip Secker 99th in 4:07:00 and Paul Rogers 139th in 4:31:10.
Awesome work team!!

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Tuesday 15 January
Trentham 5km Series Race #1
Trentham Memorial Park

Race 1 of our 2019 Trentham 5km Series kicked off with an awesome turnout of 103 participants, one of our largest in recent years! With decent weather for the evening, we also had 3 new Course Records.

In the 5km Run first across the line was Thomas Strawbridge in 16:18, a new Course Record, followed closely by Brian Garmonsway in 16:22, with Harry Poland 3rd in 17:29. In the ladies race, Charlotte Floodsmith-Ryan also set a new Course Record, finishing 1st in 20:17, followed by Hannah Molloy in 21:31 and Katie Jordan in 24:03.

In the 2.5km, 1st for the ladies was Maddie Wos in 10:31, followed by Charlotte Baldwyn-Jankiewicz (12:06) and Brooke Douglas (12:14). For the boys it was Taine Flutey (10:34), Jacob Rice (11:18) and Roscoe Douglas (11:24).

Over in the Walker's division, for the 5km Men's Walk, Daniel Du Toit set a new Course Record of 23:17, followed by Warren Jowett (35:23) and Ben Bowles (39:18). In the 2.5km Men, Gagan Mittal was 1st (23:11), followed by Roly Roiton (26:20) and Shaun Kelly (26:47). The 2.5km ladies, 1st was Airell Mittal (23:11) followed by Shanny Robinson (30:02) and Gail Aitken (32:01).

Awesome efforts by everyone and we look forward to seeing everyone back again at Race #2 on Tuesday 29 January!

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Tuesday 8 January
S-K Attempt - Josh & Michael
Tararua Forest Park

Michael Beaumont & Josh Campbell made their attempt at a Sub-24 hour S-K crossing on Tuesday, starting at 2:27am from the Putara Road end.
Unfortunately they got behind schedule early on and had to bail at Maungahuka Hut on Tuesday evening, stayed there overnight and then made their way out via Otaki Forks the following morning.
A fantastic effort nonetheless by these guys!

UPDATE: Write up by Josh on the Tararua FKT website: