2019 Results

Thursday 19 January
TUHW Christmas Rogaine
Trentham Memorial Park

Lots of fun again for our fun Christmas Rogaine.

Sunday 15 December
UH Pop Up Park Run
Trentham Memorial Park

Great turnout to the Pop Up Park Run.
Trentham members who participated were: Jon Roskvist (33:28), Steph Robinson (30:20), Lisa Kynaston (29:24), Joe Antcliff (28:21), Brett Wilby (26:54), Craig Wallace (26:12), Callum Wos (26:00), Michelle Wos (25:58), Madison Wos (25:56), Tom Poland (25:02), Caleb Rice (24:48), Belinda Walker (24:24), Darryl Robinson (23:52), Elme Pienaar (23:51), Finley Robinson (23:19), Philip Secker (22:02), Katie Jordan (21:53), Jacob Rice (21:36), Brian Garmonsway (19:42 (with Hamish)), Max Tebbutt (19:29), Michael Du Toit (18:38), Josh Jordan (18:38).


Saturday 14 December
Scottish Night of Miles
Newtown Park, Wellington

Great evening for the event.

Photos by Rowan...

Trentham Race Results: Josh Jordan - All Comers Mile winner Daniel du Toit - Walkers Mile winner (6:15), Men's B Race (4:53) Clive McGovern - Walkers Mile 2nd (9:28)
Jacqueline Wilson - Walkers Mile 4th (9:53)
Joseph Antcliff - Walkers Mile 6th (10:22)
Richard Willis - Walkers Mile 7th (10:25)
Sarah du Toit - Walkers Mile 8th (10:26)
Warren Jowett - Walkers Mile 9th (10:30)
Geoff Iremonger - Walkers Mile 12th (11:16)
Joseph du Toit - Walkers Mile 14th (12:15)

Selection of Photos:

Saturday 7 December
Kepler Challenge
Te Anau, Southland

Michael Beaumont did the Kepler Challenge, which had to use its alternative course (~55km) due to the wet conditions.
Michael finished in 5:34:56, 21st overall, 18th Male, 4th M40+. Great work Mike!

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Sunday 1 December
The Big Trig Orienteering
Colonial Knob, Porirua

Club member Hugh Taylor did the event with Nick. They finished 9th overall with 1060 points (after losing 120 points for finishing 12min late).
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29 November-1 December
North Island Masters T&F Champs

Jackie Wilson and Clive McGovern did competed in the 3000m and 5000m Race Walks.
Jacqueline Wilson:
5,000m Race Walk, 34:01.00, 1st W70
3,000m Race Walk, 19.50.94, 1st W70

Clive McGovern:
5,000m Race Walk, 32:24.00, 1st M65
3,000m Race Walk, 18:16.95, 1st M65

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Sunday 24 November
Pelorus Trust Half Marathon, 10km, 5km+, Kids Km
Petone, Lower Hutt

Warm and windy day summers day. Well done to everyone who participated.

Trentham Members' results:(based off preliminary results)
Half Marathon Run:
Kevin Thompson - 1:32:20 (12th overall, 11th Male, 1st M50-59)
Chris Watson - 1:32:53 (13th overall, 12th Male, 5th M40-49)
Philip Secker - 1:36:15 (18th overall, 2nd M50-59)
Matt Poland - 1:47:27 (40th overall)

Half Marathon Walk:
Jon Roskvist - 2:25:41 (1st overall, 1st Male, 1st M50-59)
Cathy Price - 2:49:24 (5th overall, 3rd Female, 1st F40-49)

10km Run:
Josh Jordan - 44:30 (13th overall, 11th Male)

10km Walk:
Daniel du Toit - 45:34 (1st overall, 1st Male, 1st Open Men)(Course Record)
Jacqueline Wilson - 1:08:41 (4th overall, 1st Female, 1st F60+)
Joseph Antcliff - 1:11:56 (5th overall, 4th Male, 2nd M50-59)

5km+ Run (5.4km):
Callum Wos - 20:36 (3rd overall, 3rd Male, 2nd Open Men)
Max Tebbutt - 22:38 (5th overall, 5th Male, 4th Open Men)
Katie Jordan - 23:53 (6th overall, 1st Female, 1st Open Female)
Madison Wos - 25:10 (=8th overall, =3rd Female, =3rd Open Female)
Caleb Rice - 25:25 (11th overall, 6th Male, 5th Open Men)
Zoe Hilton - 26:30 (15th overall)
Joseph du Toit - 27:02 (16th overall)
Elme Pienaar - 27:13 (18th overall)
Michelle Wos - 28:40 (20th overall)

5km+ Walk:
Sarah du Toit - 41:05 (3rd overall, 2nd Female, 1st Open Female)
Anne Dry - 1:02:40 (14th overall)

Kids race:
Jacob Rice - 4:11 (=2nd overall)
Bella Sevicke-Jones - 5:11 (13th overall)

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Sunday 17 November
Summer Club Run #2
Boulder Hill/Dry Creek, Belmont Regional Park

I don't think Summer was the word that came to mind at the top of Boulder Hill, and the view wasn't that great either. Regardless, the team still had a good run.

Saturday 9 November
Remutaka Rail Trail Run & Walk 21km, 14km & 7km
Remutaka Incline, Kaitoke, Upper Hutt

We hope everyone had a great time, we saw lots of smiling faces out there. Thank you to all our volunteers for being out there and supporting our event.
Also thank you to our sponsors, supporters and UH Community Rescue for supporting the event.
We hope to see many of you back next year :)

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Sunday 20 October
Auckland Marathon

Nice work by Philip Secker and Jon Roskvist at the Auckland Marathon & Half Marathon. Philip ran the Full Marathon and Jon walked the Half Marathon.

Philip Secker (Full Marathon) - 3:25:49, 180th Overall, 170th Male, 15th M50-54
Jon Roskvist (Half Marathon) - 2:18:26, 3105th Overall, 1954th Male, 90th M5h-59

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Sunday 13 October
Wairarapa County Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km & 5km

We had quite a few members go across the hill. Nice work everyone.

Half Marathon Walk
Jon Roskvist - 2:21:56, 2nd overall

Half Marathon Run
Eleanor Bassett - 1:55:16, 44th overall

5km Run or Walk:
Will Bassett - 32:12, 3rd overall
Bill Barclay - 37:13, 9th overall
Anne Dry - 1:04:11, 17th overall

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Sunday 29 September
Miner Dash 5km
University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, USA

Nice running by the Rice family members at the Miner Dash 5km in El Paso, USA.
Jacob was 1st in the U10, Caleb 3rd in the U14, Lance 3rd in his age grade and Grant Spence, former TUHW Club Captain, 1st in his age group.

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Thursday 26 September
Inter-Regional XC Championships
Hamner Springs

Awesome running by our junior athletes!
Trentham results:
Callum Wos - 3rd Year 7 Boys
Max Tebbutt - 3rd Year 6 Boys
Savannah Allen - 15th Year 6 Girls
Katie Jordan - 24th Year 6 Girls
Madison Wos - 1st Year 5 Girls
Zoe Hilton - 24th Year 5 Girls

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Sunday 15 September
NZ Road Championships
Bruce Pulman Park, Auckland

Great performances by our members at the 2019 NZ Road Championships.
Trentham Results:
Brian Garmonsway - 4th MM35+, 2nd M40-44, 10km (33:30)
Belinda Walker - 12th MW50+, 6th MW55, 5km (23:42)
Thomas Strawbridge - 3rd MU20, 8km (26:10)
Finn Molloy - 12th MU20, 8km (27:37)
Daniel du Toit - 1st MU20 10km Race Walk (48:47)
Sarah du Toit - 2nd Girls Under 14 Race 3km Walk (21:04)

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31 August - 7 September
Oceania Masters Athletics
MacKay, Australia

Great results by Jackie & Geoff in the Race Walks.
Jacqueline Wilson W70-74
10k Road walk. 2nd Silver medal.
5,000m Track Walk 2nd Silver medal
3,000m Track Walk 2nd Silver medal
New Zealand W70-74 came 2nd in the Team section so another Silver!!

Geoff Iremonger M70-74 10k Road Walk 2nd Silver medal
5,000m Track Walk 2nd Silver medal

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Saturday 7 September
Club Road Championships
Trentham Memorial Park

We had nice weather for our 2019 Club Road Champs. In addition to being Club Road Champs it also included a hidden handicap and was the last race to contribute towards the Runners' Ladders.

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Sunday 1 September
Dunedin Marathon, Half, 10km & 5km

Nice run by Finn Molloy in the 10km, finishing 2nd overall in 33:03.

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Saturday 31 August
Mangaroa Circuit / Handicap for Runners & Valley's Relay for Walkers

Was another warm year out there! Well done to the winners, Randall Tyler for the men's and Michelle Wos for the women's.
In the Valley's Relay they had 3 teams of 3 this year, good to see reasonably close finishes between the three teams.

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Saturday 24 August
Welington Road Championships
Reservoir Road, Wainuiomata

Awesome running by everyone, lots of Top 3 and Top 10 placings!

Boys Under 10 (1km):
2nd - Jacob Rice - 3:36
4th - Alex Lister - 3:39
7th - Matthew Meiklejohn - 4:11
9th - Micah Berendsen - 4:22

Girls Under 10 (1km):
1st - Zoe Hilton - 3:47
2nd - Elme Pienaar - 4:04
4th - Isabella Sevicke-Jones - 4:23
6th - Ruby Flutey - 4:31
8th - Lola Watson - 4:49
10th - Lily Jordan - 4:59
11th - Scarlett Lister - 5:18
13th - Emily O'Grady - 5:43

Boys Under 12 (2km):
1st - Max Tebbutt - 7:08
4th - Taine Flutey - 7:16
8th - Caleb Rice - 8:10
12th - Joseph du Toit - 8:43
13th - John O'Grady - 9:12

Girls Under 12 (2km):
2nd - Madison Wos - 7:19
5th - Savannah Allen - 7:59
10th - Katie Jordan - 8:35

Boys Under 14 (2.5km):
1st - Max Poland - 8:25
2nd - Callum Wos - 8:31
14th - Matthew Jones - 11:24

Boys Under 16 (3.5km):
3rd - Josh Jordan - 12:02
15th - Tom Poland - 14:35

Girls Under 16 (3.5km):
8th - Leonie Kruse - 15:53

Masters Women 50+ (5km):
6th - Belinda Walker - 22:49

Masters Men 60+ (5km):
3rd - David Hood - 20:44
16th - Brett Wilby - 25:09

Men Under 20 (7.5km):
1st - Thomas Strawbridge - 24:34

Masters Women 35+ (10km):
13th - Michelle Wos - 52:21
14th - Rachel Watson - 53:05

Masters Men 35+ (10km):
1st - Brian Garmonsway - 32:54
15th - Josh Campbell - 35:56
32nd - Chris Watson - 40:28

Masters Men 50+ (10km):
8th - Kevin Thompson - 39:45
13th - Philip Secker - 42:11

Senior Men (10km):
16th - Michael du Toit - 34:13
29th - Hugh Taylor - 38:00

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Athletics Wellington Overall Series Points

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Saturday 24 August
Wellington Road Walking Championships
Twin Lakes Road, Te Marua

Trentham results:
A Division 10km:
Clive McGovern - 2nd overall, 1st MM50+ - 1:02:04
Joe Antcliff - =3rd overall, 2nd MM50+ - 1:06:13
Jackie Wilson - =3rd overall, 1st Open Women, 1:06:13

A Division 5km:
Daniel du Toit - 1st overall, 1st MU18 - 22:10
B Division 10km:
Warren Jowett - 2nd overall, 2nd Men - 1:18:07

Junior 2km:
Sarah du Toit - 2nd overall, 1st female - 14:57
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Sunday 18 August
Woodbourne Half Marathon
Woodbourne, South Island

Nice running and walking by David Hood and Jon Roskvist in the Half Marathon.
Jon Roskvist won the Half Marathon Walk in 2:25:12.
David Hood did the Half Marathon run and finished 23rd overall in 1:40:06 (16th Vet Men).

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Sunday 18 August
Mukamuka Munter
Remutaka Ranges, Wainuiomata/Wairarapa

Well done by our 4 guys who still got out there despite the less than ideal weather.
Josh Campbell - 4th overall, 2nd Vet Men
Brian Garmonsway - 8th overall, 3rd Vet Men
Hugh Taylor - 21st overall, 14th Senior/Open Men
Philip Secker - 50th overall, 2nd Super Vet Men

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Saturday 17 August
Great Bays Turkey Trot/Walk
Island Bay, Wellington

It must've been nice weather along Island Bay in the rain & southerly!
Joe Antcliff won the Turkey Trot by finishing only 18 seconds faster than his predicted time.
Time-ordered results:
2nd - Jackie Wilson, 32:32 (2nd Turkey Trot)
3rd - Joe Antcliff, 32:32 (1st Turkey Trot)
9th - Geoff Iremonger, 36:34 (6th Turkey Trot)

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Saturday 10 August
Club Road Championships for Walkers
Trentham Memorial Park

Was a great wet day for the Walker's Club Road Champs. Well done everyone doing it in the conditions.

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Wednesday 7 August
College Sport Wellington Road Championships
Trentham Memorial Park

Thomas Strawbridge was 2nd in the Senior Boys, Josh Jordan and Max Poland 2nd & 3rd in the Junior Boys and Eleanor Bassett 1st in the Girls AWD.

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Sunday 4 August
New Zealand XC Championships
Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt

Awesome tunning by everyone. Was great having the 2019 New Zealand XC Champs right in our backyard with great weather for the day!
Thank you to all everyone who came along and cheered on the runners, it was awesome!

Trentham member results:
Senior Men (10km):
Michael du Toit - 23rd, 35:42

Masters Women 50+ (6km):
Belinda Walker - 8th MW50+, 4th MW55+, 29:37

Men Under 20 (8km):
Thomas Strawbridge - 8th, 27:07
Finn Molloy - 13th, 28:10

Masters Men 35+ (8km):
Brian Garmonsway - 1st MM, 1st M40+, 26:51
Josh Campbell - 8th M40+, 28:23

Masters Men 55 (8km):
Stephen Mair - 6th, 34:09

Masters Men 60 (8km):
David Hood - 6th, 36:50

Boys Under 12 (2km):
Max Tebbutt - 4th, 7:19
Jacob Rice - 20th, 8:04
James Glover - 21st, 8:16
Caleb Rice - 22nd, 8:16
Alex Lister - 23rd, 8:22
Matthew Meiklejohn - 27th, 9:18
Micah Berendsen - 29th, 9:36
John O'Grady - 31st, 10:03

Girls Under 12 (2km):
Madison Wos - 4th, 7:44
Katie Jordam - 9th, 8:19
Savannah Allen - 12th, 8:28
Zoe Hilton - 13th, 8:31

Boys Under 14 (4km):
Callum Wos - 6th, 10:58
Max Poland - 11th, 11:22

Boys Under 16 (4km):
Josh Jordan - 18th, 14:47
Tom Poland - 32nd, 18:09

Women Under 18 (5km):
Hannah Molloy - 25th, 23:38

Community Fun Run (4km):
Paul Rogers - 4th, 17:07
Philip Secker - 5th, 17:22
Unidetified man in blue (ie Brian Teasdale) - 9th, 18:07
Emily Barr - 10th, 18:29
Craig Wallace - 28th, 20:19
Joseph (du Toit) - 39th, 22:05
Sarah du Toit - 26:21

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Saturday 3 August
Taupo Half Marathon

Jon Roskvist finished 3rd overall/2nd male in the Half Marathon Walk in 2:21:39.

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Saturdy 27 July
Eric Putter Relay
Trentham Memorial Park

We great weather for this year's Eric Putter Relay. We had 10 teams of 6 runners/walkers this year, following a course similar to our 5km series route. Great runnng & walking by everyone.

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Sunday 21 July
Trentham Race Walk
Trentham Memorial Park

The walkers had fine drizzly weather for the Race Walk event held in Trentham Memorial.

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Saturday 20 July
Wellington XC Championships
Grenada North

The muddy fields of Grenada North Park delivered again! Weather was similar to previous years with grey skies and a drizzle throughout the day.
Due to recent rainfall the course was altered slightly to approximately 1.6km laps (most races were slightly short), but there was still enough mud to satisfy everyone!
Awesome running by all our members! Even youngsters Scarlett & Emily gave it a go!

Provisional Results:
Boys Under 10 (~1km):
2nd - Jacob Rice - 3:45
4th - Alex Lister - 3:51
7th - Matthew Meiklejohn - 4:13
10th - Micah Berendsen - 4:21
Girls Under 10 (~1km):
1st - Zoe Hilton - 3:55
3rd - Elme Pienaar - 4:10
7th - Lily Jordan - 4:47
8th - Ruby Flutey - 5:01
11th - Scarlett Lister - 6:06
12th - Emily O'Grady - 6:24

Boys Under 12 (~2km):
3rd - Max Tebbutt - 8:06
6th - Taine Flutey - 8:40
9th - Caleb Rice - 9:02
12th - Joseph Du Toit - 10:03
18th - John O'Grady - 11:32

Boys Under 14 (~2km):
1st - Max Poland - 7:17
14th - Frank Lawton - 9:40

Girls Under 12 (~2km):
3rd - Madison Wos - 8:28
6th - Savannah Allen - 9:11
8th - Katie Jordan - 9:19

Boys Under 14 (~4km):
2nd - Josh Jordan - 15:56
13th - Tom Poland - 19:24

Girls Under 16 (~4km):
11th - Kiara Flutey - 24:44

Women Under 18 (~5km):
8th - Hannah Molloy - 21:39

Men Under 20 (~8km):
2nd - Finn Molloy - 28:49 (1st Wellington/Wellington Champ)
4th - Thomas Strawbridge - 29:06

Masters Men 60+ (~5km):
2nd - David Hood - 22:13

Masters Men 35+ (~10km):
1st - Brian Garmonsway - 36:01 (4th overall)
7th - Josh Campbell - 38:38 (19th overall)
19th - Michael Beaumont - 41:46 (45th overall)
28th - Richard Samways - 51:01 (87th overall)

Masters Men 50+ (~10km):
7th - Kevin Thompson - 44:16 (60th overall)
11th - Stephen Mair - 45:35 (69th overall)
15th - Philip Secker - 47:16 (78th overall)

Senior Men (~10km):
6th - Michael Du Toit - 37:34 (9th overall)
22nd -Hugh Taylor - 42:49 (51st overall)

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Saturday 13 July
WUU2K Ultra

Awesome efforts by the guys at the WUU2K Ultra. Was a great day for it as well!
In the 62km Ultra, Michael Beaumont was 14th overall/male and 3rd in the Vet 40-59 in 6:51:13, Josh Campbell battling the flu was 36th overall, 33rd male and 13th in the Vet 40-59 and Hugh Taylor in his first Ultra was 52nd overall, 48th male, 32nd Men Open in 8:11:48.
Philip Secker did the 43km Ultra and finished 57th overall, 44th male and 13th Vet 40-59 in 5:39:52.

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Saturday 6 July
King & Queen of the Mountain
Trentham/Riverstone Terraces

Well done to this year's King and Queen of the Mountain winners.

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Tuesday 2 July
Wellington Regional Primary & Intermediate Championships
Queen Elizabeth Park

Good running by our junior members.
Trentham Member's results:
Year 4 Girls:
Elme Pienaar - 13th, 5:58
Leah Quinn - 6:44

Year 4 Boys:
Alex Lister - 12th, 5:24

Year 5 Girls:
Madison Wos - 1st, 6:17
Zoe Hilton - 7th, 6:52
Ruby Flutey - 57th, 8:27

Year 5 Boys:
Jacob Rice - 20th, 6:44

Year 6 Girls:
Katie Jordan - 4th, 6:36
Savannah Allen - 13th, 6:54

Year 6 Boys:
Max Tebbutt - 1st, 5:49
James Glover - 26th, 6:34
Caleb Rice - 32nd, 6:39
Ollie Bargh - 47th, 6:52

Year 7 Boys:
Callum Wos - 3rd, 10:32

If I missed anyone please let me know
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Sunday 30 June
Wellington Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km & Kids Mile

A beautiful day for this event, with clear skies, cool and a slight breeze.
We had lots of great results, with Thomas Strawbridge & Finn Molloy going 1-2 in the 10km Run (and I believe Thomas tied the MU20 course record) with former member Logan Slee 5th, Clive McGovern & Joe Antcliff 2-3 in the 10km Walk, Brian Garmonsway was 5th Overall and 1st M40-49 in the Half Marathon Run despite needing to get rid of his shoes at 17km, Hugh Taylor & Paul Rogers ran PB's in the Half, former member Sarah Gardner was 2nd Female in the Half Marathon and David Hood was first M60-69 finisher in the Half Marathon.
Trentham Members' results:
10km Run:
Thomas Strawbridge - 33:00, 1st Overall, 1st Male, 1st MU20
Finn Molloy - 33:12, 2nd Overall, 2nd Male, 2nd MU20

10km Walk:
Clive McGovern - 1:01:58, 2nd Overall, 2nd Male, 1st M60-69
Joseph Antcliff - 1:07:07, 3rd Overall, 3rd Male, 1st M50-59
Geoff Iremonger - 1:14:37, 8th Overall, 6th Male, 1st M70-79

Half Marathon Run:
Brian Garmonsway - 1:12:03, 5th Overall, 5th Male, 1st M40-49
Michael Beaumont - 1:26:07, 44th Overall, 40th Male, 11th M40-49
Hugh Taylor - 1:27:31, 52nd Overall, 47th Male, 16th M20-29
Paul Rogers - 1:36:37, 130th Overall, 117th Male, 24th M40-40
David Hood - 1:37:04, 133th Overall, 120th Male, 1st M60-69

Half Marathon Walk:
Jon Roskvist - 2:21:45, 5th Overall, 5th Male, 1st M50-59
Jacqueline Wilson - 2:26:17, 8th Overall, 1st Female, 1st F70-79

If I missed anyone please let me know :)

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Wednesday 26 June
2019 Oceania Athletics Championship
Townsville, Australia

Congratulations to Club member Daniel Du Toit, 2019 Oceania Athletics Men's U18 5000m Race Walk Champion & Oceania Championship MU18 Record!
Awesome walking by Daniel yesterday, with an edge-of-the-seat final 400m for the win!

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Saturday 22 June
Sanders & Gough XC
Richard Prouse Park, Wainuiomata

Great running & walking by everyone. We had counting teams in almost all the graades.
We won the Sanders Cup (Mens race), Walker's Trophy and U11 Teams, 2nd in the Challenge Shield (U14) and Robbie Shield (U17), 3rd in the Burns Cup (Women's race).
Thanks to Wainuiomata Harriers for hosting!


Saturday 15 June
NZ Secondary Schools XC Championships

Great running by our members at the New Zealand Secondary Schools XC Champs in Timaru.
Trentham member's results:
Year 9 Boys - 3km:
11th - Max Poland - 10:57
16th - Josh Jordan - 11:07
Max & Josh, along with Joshua Allen (St Pats) placed 2nd in the Year 8 Boys 3-person teams.

Juniors Boys - 4km
13th - Jonah Seeds - 14:25
117th - Tom Poland - 18:08

Senior Boys - 6km:
23rd - Thomas Strawbridge - 21:16
30th - Finn Seeds - 21:31

On Sunday they also had the inter-regional relay. Jonahs Seeds was in the Wellington A team that won the Junior Boys Relay and Thomas Strawbridge & Finn Seeds were in the Wellington A team that won the Seniors Boys relay. Awesome running everyone!

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Saturday 15 June
Club Trail Champs

Great running by everyone on a cloudy and slightly damp day.
Club ladders have been updated.

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Saturday 8 June
Dorne Cup XC
Trentham Memorial Park

Great running by our members at the Dorne Cup. Also thanks to all the recreational members who stayed around and supported the runners.
Trentham Member's results:
Girls Under 10 - 1km:
2nd - Zoe Hilton - 4:38
8th - Elme Pienaar - 5:09
10th - Isabella Sevicke-Jones - 5:24
11th - Ruby Flutey - 5:30
13th - Lily Jordan - 5:39
18th - Scarlett Lister - 7:31

Boys Under 10 - 1km:
2nd - Jacob Rice - 4:26
3rd - Alex Lister - 4:31
5th - Roscoe Douglas - 4:47
6th - Matthew Meiklejohn - 4:48
9th - Micah Berendsen - 5:01

Girls Under 12 - 2km:
4th - Madison Wos - 8:20
7th - Katie Jordan - 8:46
16th - Savannah Allen - 9:26

Boys Under 12 - 2km:
6th - Taine Flutey - 8:23
7th - James Glover - 8:36
9th - Caleb Rice - 8:49
10th - Oliver Bargh - 8:54
17th - Joseph Du Toit - 9:55

Girls Under 14 - 2km:
22nd - Sarah Du Toit - 10:34

Men Under 14 - 2km:
2nd - Max Poland - 7:12
6th - Callum Wos - 7:27
22nd - Matthew Jones - 9:06

Men Under 16 - 3km:
3rd - Jonah Seeds - 10:36
6th - Josh Jordan - 11:07
27th - Tom Poland - 13:38

Women Under 18 - 4km:
12th - Carolin Schmidt - 16:31
15th - Hannah Molloy - 17:02

Men Under 20 - 4km:
3rd - Thomas Strawbridge - 12:46 (7th overall MU18/U20)
5th - Finn Molloy - 13:06

Masters Men 60+ - 6km:
6th - David Hood - 27:35

Masters Women 35+ - 6km:
9th - Kerry Beaumont - 27:41
21st - Michelle Wos - 32:01
27th - Rachel Watson - 33:52

Masters Women 50+ - 6km:
6th - Belinda Walker - 28:15

Senior Men - 8km:
14th - Michael Du Toit - 28:10 (21st overall) 28th - Hugh Taylor - 30:47
42nd - Randall Tyler - 39:03

Masters Men 35+ - 8km:
1st - Brian Garmonsway - 26:06 (7th overall) 10th - Josh Campbell - 28:50
20th - Michael Beaumont - 30:20
30th - Chris Watson - 33:21

Masters Men 50+ - 8km:
8th - Kevin Thompson - 32:02
10th - Stephen Mair - 32:08
21st - Philip Secker - 34:42

Sharon Wray's Photos
RowanG's Photos

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Saturday 8 June
Taranaki Walks

The Trentham Walkers did very well. Great efforts.

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Sunday 2 June
Christchurch Marathon

We had two members competing that I know of, Jon Roskvist was 2nd overall/2nd Male in the Half Marathon Walk (2:29:47) and Chris Watson was 120th overall/105th Male in the Half Marathon Run, finishing in 1:30:23. Nice work guys!

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Saturday 1 June
Novice & President Races, Steve Plowman for U12 and Bob Clark Memorial for Walkers

June kicked off with a cold, wet day, especially for those in the Novice & President/U18/Walkers race as the weather really closed in. None the less great efforts by everyone in the wintery conditions.

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Wednesday 29 May
Wellington Secondary Schools XC Championships
Harcourt Park

Awesome running by our members around the same course that will be used for this year's NZ XC Championships. It looks like a great course.
Trentham Members' results:
AWD (PD), 2km:
1st Eleanor Bassett, 10:43

Junior/Year 9 Boys, 3km:
3rd Josh Jordan, 10:53
4th Max Poland, 11:03

Intermediate/U16 Girls, 3km:
17th Emily Barr, 13:35

Intermediate/U16 Boys, 4km:
3rd Jonah Seeds, 13:33
48th Tom Poland, 16:32

Senior Girls/U19 Girls, 4km:
12th Carolin Schmidt, 16:24

Senior Boys/U19 Boys, 6km:
2nd Finn Seeds, 19:56
3rd Thomas Strawbridge, 19:58

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Sunday 26 May
Masters Classic XC Relay
Trentham Memorial Park

Great running and walking by our 4 teams, with our teams walking (& running) away with 3 wins. The some of our runners no doubt still felt yesterday's Vosseler Shield XC run in their legs.
Open Walkers - 1st (Joe Antliff, Jon Roskvist, Jackie Wilson)
150+ Walkers - 1st (Brent McLean, Geoff Iremonger, Sonja McLean)
Open Runners - 3rd (Paul Rogers, Kevin Thompson, Stephen Mair, Michael Beaumont)
Mixed Runners - 1st (Kerry Beaumont, Rachel Watson, David Hood, Chris Watson)

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Saturday 25 May
Vosseler Shield XC
Mt. Victoria, Wellington

Awesome running by everyone at the Vosseler Shield. The weather was great in Wellington. We placed 5th in the overall Barry Everitt Plate team competition.

Trentham Results:
Girls Under 12 - 1.6km:
4th - Madison Wos - 8:13
7th - Katie Jordan - 9:01
9th - Savannah Allen - 9:11
11th - Zoe Hilton - 9:13
23rd - Ruby Flutey - 10:49
25th - Lily Jordan - 13:39
TEAM - 2nd (M Wos, K Jordan, S Allen)

Girls Under 14 - 1.6km:
17th - Sarah Du Toit - 10:29

Masters Women 35+ - 5km:
13th - Kerry Beauont - 29:26

Masters Women 50+ - 5km:
5th - Belinda Walker - 30:03

Boys Under 12 - 1.6km:
1st - Max Tebbutt - 7:36
5th - Taine Flutey - 8:12
8th - Jacob Rice - 8:34
9th - Elliot Barr - 8:43
10th - Alex Lister - 8:56
12th - Caleb Rice - 9:09
16th - Roscoe Douglas - 9:24
18th - Matthew Meiklejohn - 9:27
20th - Micah Berendsen - 9:52
23rd - Joseph Du Toit - 10:13
TEAM - 1st (M Tebbutt, T Flutey, J Rice)

Boys Under 14 - 1.6km:
1st - Max Poland - 7:02
6th - Callum Wos - 7:27
17th - Frank Lawton - 9:03
TEAM - 2nd (M Poland, C Wos, F Lawton)

Boys Under 16 - 3.5km:
2nd - Josh Jordan - 13:46
16th - Tom Poland - 16:59

Men Under 20 - 5km:
2nd - Finn Molloy - 20:07
4th - Thomas Strawbridge - 20:41

Senior Men - 10km:
19th - Hugh Taylor - 49:32

Masters Men 35+ - 10km:
1st - Brian Garmonsway - 41:32
14th - Michael Beaumont - 47:57

Masters Men 50+ - 10km:
5th - Kevin Thompson - 52:23
7th - Stephen Mair - 53:03
11th - Philip Secker - 56:50
TEAM - 2nd (K Thompson, S Mair, P Secker)

Masters Men 60+ - 5km:
4th - David Hood - 28:07
14th - Brett Wilby - 34:06
19th - Terry Bedlington - 39:44
TEAM - 3rd (D Hood, B Wilby, T Bedlington)

Click here for full results (final)...

Sunday 20 May
Upper Valley Primary Schools XC Champs
Harcourt Park

Awesome event. Big thanks to Shane & Jill Ross and the Activation team for organizing it.
Loads of our Trentham Harriers' juniors participated, well done to everyone!

Year 3 & Under Girls:
Lily Jordan - 25th
Scarlett Lister - 38th

Year 3 & Under Boys:
Matthew Meiklejohn - 1st

Year 4 Girls:
Bella Jones - 3rd
Elme Pienaar - 8th
Lola Watson - 11th

Year 4 Boys:
Alex Lister - 1st

Year 5 Girls:
Madison Wos - 1st
Zoe Hilton - 2nd
Ruby Flutey - 5th

Year 5 Boys:
Jacob Rice - 2nd
Roscoe Douglas - 7th
Max Webster - 20th
Micah Berendsen - 24th
Finley Robinson - 34th

Year 6 Girls:
Katie Jordan - 1st
Savannah Allen - 5th

Year 6 Boys:
Max Tebbutt - 1st
Ollie Bargh - 3rd
James Glover - 4th
Caleb Rice - 5th

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Saturday 11 May
University Relays & Chocolate Walk
Queen Elizabeth Park, Paekakariki

We had lots of great results.
In the relays, our Masters Men 50+ team placed 4th, our Senior Men team placed 5th, Masters Women 35+ placed 5th, Masters Men 35+ A placed 10th, Masters Men 35+ B placed 13th and our Composite/Mixed team placed 1st.
In the Kid's mass start race, Jacob Rice & Alex Lister went 2-3 in the Boys Under 10, Zoe Hilton placed 2nd in the Girls Under 10, Scarlett Lister was 1st Girl in the U7, Max Tebbutt won the Boys Under 12, Maddie Wos placed 2nd in the Girls Under 12, Max Poland placed 2nd in the Boys Under 14, Josh Jordan and Tom Poland went 1-2 in the Boys Under 16 and Emily Barr placed 3rd in the Girls Under 16. Awesome efforts by everyone that participated.
Over in the Chocolate Walk, Daniel Du Toit won the hidden handicap and had the fastest overall time, missing his estimated time by only 8 seconds.

Result have been updated to Final:
Relay Results v2...
Chocolate Walk Results v2...
Boys & Girls Under 10 Results v2...
Boys & Girls Under 12 Results v2...
Boys & Girls Under 14 Results v2...
Boys & Girls Under 16 Results v2...

Link to RowanG's Photos

Saturday 4 May
Club XC Champs
Trentham Memorial Park

Awesome turnout for our 2019 Club XC Champs. It was also great having the double creek crossing back.

Click here for full results (v5/Final)...

Saturday 27 April
Shaw Baton XC Relays
Battle Hill Farm Forest Park

We had an awesome 14 teams in the relays this year, plus 11 juniors in the U10 race.
While underfoot conditions were good, there was a strong wind this year resulting in slower times compared to last year.
Men Under 20:
TU10 (L Slee, F Molloy, F Seeds, T Strawbridge), 3rd MU20, 5th overall, 27:12
Women Under 20:
TU4 (C Schmidt, K Alexander-Hall, E Barr, H Molloy), 6th, 38:10
TU7 (K Flutey, S Du Toit, McKenzie Jacques, A Bradley), 7th, 47:53
Boys Under 16:
TU3 (J Seeds, C Coetzee, M Coetzee, J Jordan), 2nd, 31:21
Boys Under 14:
TU5 (C Wos, J Glover, C Rice, F Lawton), 3rd, 37:44
TU9 (J O'Grady, M Jones, J Du Toit, J Rice), 6th, 43:12
Boys Under 12:
TU13 (M Tebbutt, O Bargh, T Flutey, E Barr), 2nd, 37:14
Girls Under 12:
TU6 (K Jordan, S Allen, Z Hilton, M Wos), 2nd, 40:13
Masters Men 35+:
TU12 (J Campbell, M Beaumont, P Rogers, C Watson), 9th, 32:54
TU8 (C Berendsen, D Robinson, M Poland, A Smith), 13th, 37:46
Masters Men 50+:
TU1 (S Mair, D Hood, J Antcliff, K Thompson), 6th, 36:38
Masters Women 35+:
TU2 (B Walker, K Beaumont, R Watson, M Wos), 6th, 42:42
Senior Men:
TU11 (H Taylor, M Du Toit, R Tyler, T Poland), 11th, 33:35
TU14 (Mixed - B McLean, S McLean, F Robinson, B Wilby), 17th, 48:09

Under 10 Boys:
1st - Jacob Rice, 5:40 2nd - Alex Lister, 5:42
4th - Roscoe Douglas, 6:00
6th - Max Webster, 6:07
9th - Finlay Robinson, 6:24
10th - Micah Berendsen, 6:28

Under 10 Girls:
7th - Elme Pienaar, 6:39
8th - Ruby Flutey, 7:14
9th - Bella Jones, 7:17
11th - Lola Watson, 7:49
15th - Lily Jordan, 8:51

Click here for Under 10 results...
Click here for Relay results...

26-29 April 2019
Australian Masters Athletics Championships
Melbourne, Australia

Jackie Wilson completed in the Australian Masters Athletics Champs in Melbourne.
1500m Track Walk - 1st W70-74 9:30.52
10k Road Walk - 1st W70-74 1:08.22 5,000m Track Walk - 1st W70-74 32:54.16

Thursday 25 April
ANZAC Day Road Races

A great small event organized by Ray Wallis to raise funds for Life Flight.

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Thomas Strawbridge on the rise in the middle distance running ranks

Dominion Post/Stuff article about Club member Thomas Strawbridge's rise the the middle distance ranks.

Click here to read the article...

Saturday 13 April
Wainuiomata Classic Mountain Run inc. NZ and Wellington Mountain Running Championships

We had a small team that participated this year in the Wainuiomata Classic Mountain run. Great work by them in the rough conditions.

Trentham results:
Senior Men (11.5km):
Hugh Taylor - 24th overall, 17th Wgtn overall, 8th Wgtn Champs Senior Men, 1:00:38

Masters Men 35-49 (11.5km):
Joshua Campbell - 26th overall, 20th NZ overall, 9th M35+ NZ Champs, 4th NZ M40-44 NZ Champs, 19th Wgtn, 11th M35+ Wgtn Champs, 1:01:19

Masters Men 50+ (8.5km):
Philip Secker - 18th overall, 19th Wgtn, 5th M50 Wgtn Champs, 0:51:54

Masters Women 50+ (8.5km):
Belinda Walker - 13th overall, 11th NZ overall, 3rd MW NZ Champs, 2nd MW50+ NZ Champs, 10th Wgtn, 3rd W50 Wgtn Champs, 58:04

Men Under 16 (4.5km):
Josh Jordan - 1st overall/Wgtn Champs, 20:39

Men Under 10/12/14 (1.5km):
Caleb Rice - 8th overall/Wgtn, 4th MU12 Wgtn Champs, 6:53
Jacob Rice - 9th overall/Wgtn, 1st MU10 Wgtn Champs, 7:06

Women Under 10/12/14 (1.5km):
Katie Jordan - 6th overall/Wgtn, 3rd WU12 Wgtn Champs, 6:53

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Sunday 7 April
Porirua Grand Traverse

Awesome effort by Stephen Mair, our Club Captain, in the Duathlon, finishing 10th overall, 3rd M40-99.
Other members results in the 18km Mountain Run: Philip Secker - 2:08:43, 37th overall
Paul Rogers - 2:13:26, 46th overall
Hugh Taylor - 1:41:32 (part of a Duathlon team, who finished 1st)

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Saturday 6 April
Akatarawa Ultra
Akatarawa Forest

Josh Campbell and Brian Garmonsway participated in the inaugural 57km Akatarawa Ultra.
After having the early lead in the race, Brian finished 2nd in 5h:20min and Josh finished 6th in 6h:03min. Awesome work guys!

6-7 April
North Island Secondary Schools T&F Championships

Awesome run by Thomas Strawbridge in the Senior Boys 3000m, finishing 2nd in 8:45.44.
Emily Barr competed in the Junior 70m Hurdles, finishing 6th in 12.64.
Jonah Seeds and Josh Jordan competed in the Junior Boys 3000m, Jonah finishing 2nd in 9:30.04 and Josh 6th in 10:00.73.
Awesome work team!

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1 - 7 April
Australian Track & Field Championships
Sydney Olympic Park, Sydeny, Australia

Daniel Du Toit participated in the Australian Track & Field Champs in Sydeny as part of the Athletics New Zealand squad. Daniel competed in the Men Under 17 5000m Race Walk and won the race in 23:14.86. Great work Daniel!

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30 March
Wellington 5000m Championships
Newtown Park

Solid runs by our members in the 5000m Champs. Thomas Strawbridge finished 5th overall in a solid 15:43.31, Finn Molloy ran 16:51.62, Josh Jordan (competing for UH Athletics) 17:18.36, Hannah Molloy - 20:43.55.

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24 - 30 March
World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor
Torun, Poland

Jacqueline Wilson and Joseph Antcliff travelled to Torun, Poland to compete in the Master's Indoor Champs.
Jacqueline Wilson:
3000m Track Walk - 2nd W70 19:23.71
10km Road Walk - 2nd W70 1:06:07
Joseph Antcliff:
3000m Track Walk - 12th M50 19:28.45
10km Road Walk - 18th M50 1:08:07

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Tuesday 26 March
Trentham 5km Series Race #6
Trentham Memorial Park

Despite the more wintery than summer weather we had a good turnout of 82 participants for our 6th and final event of our 2019 Trentham 5km Series.

In the 5km Run it was battle of the brothers, with Finn Seeds coming out on top this time with 17:32, Jonah Seeds 2nd in 18:01 followed by Hugh Taylor in 19:26. In the ladies race, Carolin Schmidt set a new Course Record of 19:55, followed by Hannah Molloy (21:13) and Anna Hermann (21:24).

In the 2.5km Run, Thomas Strawbridge was a hair away from setting a new Course Record, finishing in 8:03 (1s behind the CR). Josh Jordan was 2nd (8:49) followed by Max Poland (9:06). In the ladies 2.5km, Emily Barr was first in 10:44 followed by Maddie Wos (10:53) and Katie Jordan (11:31).

Over in the Walks, Daniel Du Toit was first in the 5Km (23:45) followed by Clive McGovern (31:02) and Richard Willis (33:47). Petronella Lazet-Polman was the first ladies 5km finisher (43:49), just ahead of Anne Bowles (43:50), with Bernita and Nina Bennett sharing 3rd place (44:55). Clare Curry was the 2.5km walk winner in 21:23.

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Saturday 16 March
Round the Vines

There aren't any official results for the event (they only record top 10), so if you participated and know your time/placing let me know.
Josh Jordan won the Kids 10km and also finished 1st overall with a solid time of 37:36. David Hood was 5th in 44:17.
In the Half Marathon, Josh Campbell finished 3rd overall in 1:19:15 and Hugh Taylor 6th in 1:26:04.

Tuesday 12 February
Trentham 5km Series Race #5
Trentham Memorial Park

While numbers were down again this week with 79 participants, the weather was still pretty good being cloudy and slightly warm/humid.

In the 5km Run, Josh Campbell had the win (18:06), followed by Hugh Taylor (19:19) and Chris Homan (20:16).
In the ladies race, Ruby Willis was first in 23:45, followed by Louise Richardson (25:43) and Liz Gibson (26:28).

In the 2.5km Run, Max Tebbutt took the win (9:48), from Tom Poland (10:00) and Oliver Bargh (10:49).
In the ladies , Katie Jordan was first (10:55), followed by Savannah Allen (11:55) and Chelsea Bennett (13:21).

In the Walks, Daniel Du Toit took the win (24:59) after having set a U17 NZ 3000m Walk record on the weekend, followed by Clive McGovern (30:48) and Richard Willis (34:57).
In the ladies Glynis Ng was first (41:53), followed by Petronella Lazet-Polman (42:45) followed by Anne Bowles (43:20).

There's only one more race left in the series, which is Race #6 on Tuesday 26 March, we hope to see everyone back there for the last event!

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Saturday 9 March
Tararua Mountain Race / Southern Crossing Classic
Tararua Mountain Ranges

An awesome result by Philip Secker and Josh Campbell, who were participating as a Team. They won the Vet Men's Team in 7:42:40 and Philip shaved 1h:10min off his best time. Awesome work guys!

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Tuesday 26 February
Trentham 5km Series Race #4
Trentham Memorial Park

While we had a slightly smaller turnout of 84 for Race #4, the weather was great and we had 3 of the 2.5km Course records go down.

In the 5km Run, Thomas Strawbridge had the win (16:58) with a comfortable lead from Josh Jordan (17:53) and Max Poland (19:32).
In the ladies Anna Hermann followed up her last win with another win (21:03), followed by Hannah Molloy (21:12) and Maddie Wos (22:44).

In the 2.5km Run, Finn Seeds took the win with a new CR (8:02) followed by brother Jonah Seeds (8:17) and Taine Flutey (10:23). In the ladies, Caroline Schmidt took the win (3rd overall) and set a new Course Record (9:30) followed by Savannah Allen (13:09) and Grace Wilby (13:31).

In the Walks, Daniel Du Toit and Clive McGovern shared the 5km Men's win (30:16) followed by Jon Roskvist (36:09). In the ladies Anne Bowles was first (43:26) followed by Janine Swanepoel (43:54) and Bernita Bennett (44:12). Sarah Du Toit was the sole 2.5km Walk competitor but still set a new CR (18:29).

Only 2 more race to go! Hope to see everyone back at Race 5 on Tuesday 12 March!

Click here for full results... (v2)

Monday 25 February
Trentham United Harriers & Walkers Annual General Meeting
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

Thank you to everyone who came along and attended the AGM.

2019 Executive Committee:
President: Philip Secker
Vice President: Richard Samways
Club Captain: Stephen Mair
Treasurer: Brett Wilby
Secretary: Lisa Kynaston
Communications Manager: Michael Du Toit

Sunday 17 Febraury
Sunday Round the Bays

Awsome results by our members at the 2019 Round the Bays.

Thomas Strawbridge - 1st Overall, 1st Male, 35:57
Finn Molloy - 2nd Overall, 2nd Male, 36:07
Hugh Taylor - 19th Overall, 17th Male (3rd M20-29), 39:16
Belinda Walker-Wood - 2271 Overall, 1168th Female, 1:22:38
Lisa Kynaston - 2275th Overall, 1172th Female, 1:22:39

Josh Jordan - 13th Overall, 13th Male (2nd M00-15), 24:29
Jacob Rice - 284th Overall, 216th Male, 35:41
Matthew Meiklejohn - 371st Overall, 217th Male (131 M00-15), 45:13 Bill Barlcay - 1324th Overall, 628th Male, 53:17
Anne Dry - 3365th Overall, 2134th Female, 1:28:40

Half Marathon:
Andrew Smith - 468th Overall, 383th Male, 1:47:54
Ron Soper - 1232th Overall, 798th Male, 2:18:48

If I missed anyone please let me know.

Click here for full results...

Tuesday 12 February
Trentham 5km Series Race #3
Trentham Memorial Park

We had another great turnout of 93 participants for Race 3 of our Trentham 5km Series. We also managed to organize some better running/walking weather :)

In the 5km Run, Finn Seeds took the win (17:39) followed by Thomas Strawbridge (17:45) and Jonah Seeds (18:05). In the ladies Anna Hermann finished first (21:01) followed closely by Hannah Molloy (21:04) and Belinda Walker (24:22).

In the 2.5km Run, it was dominated by the youngsters as usual, with Callum Wos getting the win (9:23), followed by Josh Jordan (9:25) and Max Poland (10:22). Close on the heels of the first 3 boys was girls winner Maddie Wos (10:23), followed by Katie Jordan (11:02) and Brooke Douglas (11:42).

Over in the Walk division, Clive McGovern took the win in the Men's 5km Walk (31:07), followed by John Ihaka (40:43). The Ladies 5km Walk was Petronella Lazet-Polman first (43:19), followed by Anne Bowles (43:36) and Bernita Bennett (45:38). In the 2.5km Walk Sarah du Toit was first in 19:55, followed by Nina Bennett (23:55) and Shanny Robinson (28:49).

Awesome work by everyone and we hope to see you back at Race #4 on 26 February!!

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Saturday 9 February
Tarawera Ultramarathon

Awesome effort by Graham Wilson, who competed in the 50km Ultra, finishing 256th in 8:27:07. Great work!

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Saturday 9 February
Buller Gorge Marathon, Half Marathon

Good results by our small Buller Half Marathon crew.
Chris Homan - 40th overall, 14th M20-39, 1:36:02
David Hood - 58th overall, 3rd M60-69, 1:40:22
Brett Wilby - 261st overall, 25th M60-69, 2:04:54

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Tuesday 29 January
Trentham 5km Series Race #2
Trentham Memorial Park

We had another awesome turnout of 94 participants at Race 2 of our Trentham 5km Series, in hot temperatures.

In the 5km Run, Brian Garmonsway took the win (16:32) this week from Thomas Strawbridge (16:37) followed by Michael Du Toit (17:20). In the ladies race Hannah Molloy had the win (21:57), with a comfortable gap back to Michelle Wos (27:03) and Dani McLean (27:10).

In the 2.5km Run, Josh Jordan had a solid run with 9:02, followed by Callum Wos (9:25) and Max Poland (9:27). In the ladies Madison Wos got the win with a new Course Record (10:37), followed by Katie Jordan and (11:08) and Emily Barr (11:09).

Over in the walks, Daniel Du Toit had another good showing in the 5km Walk, finishing first in 23:55, followed by Clive McGovern (32:13) and Ben Bowles (40:09). In the ladies 5km Walk Glynis Ng was first (43:30), followed by Nina Bennett (45:58) and Bernita Bennett (45:59). In the 2.5km Walk for the men Shaun Kelly was first across the line (19:58) followed by Wilden Robinson (27:22), while for the ladies it was C Robinson first (20:44) followed by Grace Robinson (27:16) and Joanne Robinson (27:23).

We look forward to seeing everyone back at Race #3 on Tuesday 12 February.


Saturday 26 January
Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race
Mt Holdsworth, Wairarapa

Solid results by our guys that did the Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race, they all did the Jumbo-Holdsworth loop.
Brian Garmonsway finished 13th in 3:06:57 (first person to Jumbo), Josh Campbell 15th in 3:13:23, Hugh Taylor 21st in 3:18:19, Philip Secker 99th in 4:07:00 and Paul Rogers 139th in 4:31:10.
Awesome work team!!

Click here for provisional results (pdf)....

Tuesday 15 January
Trentham 5km Series Race #1
Trentham Memorial Park

Race 1 of our 2019 Trentham 5km Series kicked off with an awesome turnout of 103 participants, one of our largest in recent years! With decent weather for the evening, we also had 3 new Course Records.

In the 5km Run first across the line was Thomas Strawbridge in 16:18, a new Course Record, followed closely by Brian Garmonsway in 16:22, with Harry Poland 3rd in 17:29. In the ladies race, Charlotte Floodsmith-Ryan also set a new Course Record, finishing 1st in 20:17, followed by Hannah Molloy in 21:31 and Katie Jordan in 24:03.

In the 2.5km, 1st for the ladies was Maddie Wos in 10:31, followed by Charlotte Baldwyn-Jankiewicz (12:06) and Brooke Douglas (12:14). For the boys it was Taine Flutey (10:34), Jacob Rice (11:18) and Roscoe Douglas (11:24).

Over in the Walker's division, for the 5km Men's Walk, Daniel Du Toit set a new Course Record of 23:17, followed by Warren Jowett (35:23) and Ben Bowles (39:18). In the 2.5km Men, Gagan Mittal was 1st (23:11), followed by Roly Roiton (26:20) and Shaun Kelly (26:47). The 2.5km ladies, 1st was Airell Mittal (23:11) followed by Shanny Robinson (30:02) and Gail Aitken (32:01).

Awesome efforts by everyone and we look forward to seeing everyone back again at Race #2 on Tuesday 29 January!

Click here for full Race 1 Results (v2)...

Tuesday 8 January
S-K Attempt - Josh & Michael
Tararua Forest Park

Michael Beaumont & Josh Campbell made their attempt at a Sub-24 hour S-K crossing on Tuesday, starting at 2:27am from the Putara Road end.
Unfortunately they got behind schedule early on and had to bail at Maungahuka Hut on Tuesday evening, stayed there overnight and then made their way out via Otaki Forks the following morning.
A fantastic effort nonetheless by these guys!

UPDATE: Write up by Josh on the Tararua FKT website: