2003 Results

Road Relay Results for the 2003 Season
All results are for club members running for Valleys United.
NZ Road Relay Championships, Fielding, 4 October 2003
Senior Men, B Grade: Valleys United 10th; Craig McDougall 36:41/9.77km, Paul Carlson 38:38/9.72km.
Senior Men, C Grade: Valleys United 9th; Bevan White 37:54/9.72km.
Men 40+: Valleys United 4th; Murray Doughty 35:06/9.39km, Brian de Montalk 36:02/9.72km, John Houghton 34:03/9.14km.
Junior Men: Valleys United 14th; Alexander Scahill 25:56/6.52km, Richard Williams 23:08/5.93km.
Junior Women: Valleys United 8th; Samantha Williams 37:17/7.14km.
Belvedere Block Relay (Carterton), 20 September 2003
U17 boys: Valleys United 1st; Richard Skinner 10:31/3.1km. Open Men: Valleys United 2nd; Paul Carlson 25:30/7km.
Bays Relay, 16 August 2003

13 September 2003
Today marked the running of the Eric Putter Relay. Full results to follow.
The Eric Putter relay was also the final event on the runners' club ladders for the year. Congratulations to our ladder winners - Stephanie Mercer (Senior Women), John Frederikson (Senior Men), Diane Rogers (Veteran Women), Harry Ross (Veteran Men).

6 September 2003
Results from the National Road Championships, which managed to find an oasis of fine weather amongst all the rain we've been having. Club results are: Womens 5000m: Samantha Williams, 22:11, 14 U17; Diane Rogers, 23:44, 2nd 60-64. Men's U17 6km: Ryan Maguren, 22:37, 10. Men's 10000m: Murray Doughty, 36:17, 15th 40-44; Brian de Montalk, 36:36, 5th 50-54; John Houghton, 36:55, 10th 45-49; Paul Carlson, 37:50, 49th Open.
Full results are available here...

30 August 2003
Hawkes Bay Marathon. Paul Homan ran 3:25:00 over a demanding course. Patrick Tito and Joy Scanlan teamed to walk the marathon relay, with Patrick recording 2:31:20 and Joy recording 3:10:33 for a combined time of 5:41:55.

The Hawkes Bay Marathon was also the last event on the marathon ladder. Congratulations to Andrew Shelley, who takes the win by less than 1 point (out of 500) from Paul Homan.

23 August 2003
Wellington Road Championships

Club results were:
U14 B 4km: Ryan Maguren 14:08; Andrew Thorstenson 17:08.
U17 G 4km: Samantha Williams 17:54.
U17 B 6km: Richard Williams 21:36.
Masters Women 6km: Diane Rogers 28:46.
Masters Men 10km: Brian de Montalk 36:17; John Houghton 36:55; Paul Homan 39:22; Robert Jackson 41:57; Paul Thorstenson 46:34; Harry Ross 47:16.

18 August 2003
A large contingent of club members made their way up to the Palmerston North Half Marathon, 10k, & 5k. Conditions were cold, windy, and a little damp.
Results are here - half marathon results are the official results, results for the 10k and 5k are courtesy of Shona Homan.

The marathon ladder has been updated with the results of the half marathon. Paul Homan and Patrick Tito are fast closing in on the top of the ladder, with both racing at Hastings on 30 August, and both having the potential to take the top spot.

9 August 2003
Congratulations to Anne Dry and Nigel Doyle, who are the walkers' Queen and King of the Mountain for 2003.
Full results are here...

3 August 2003
Club members recorded a number of excellent results at the Wellington Masters' Road Race at Johnsonville. Special congratulations to Diane Rogers, who won the Jim Lockhart and Mariette Hewitson Memorial Baton for being the closest to breaking an age record in the run.
Trentham was third in the teams event, with only 10 points separating the first four teams.
Club results are as follows:
8km run: Paul Homan 33:34, 3rd in age group, 6th overall; Robin Curry 33:45; Diane Rogers 40:42, 1st in age group; Roy Rogers 42:16, 1st in age group; Harry Ross 42:30, 3rd in age group; Peter Thomas 44:30, 1st in age group. 6.4km walk: Gretchen Lash 51:27, 2nd in age group.
Full results are here (no longer available).

2 August 2003
The Walkers's Mangaroa Handicap Relay and the Runner's Mangaroa Handicap Road Race were held today. Conditions were overcast and cool. Given the wet morning and the rain at the start, we were very fortunate to escape with no rain during the races. Runners' Mangaroa Handicap Road Race. Winners on handicap were Steve Bligh and Diane Rogers. Apart from one "outlier", finishers were grouped within 6:40 band.
Full results of the handicap race are here.
The ladder has also been updated.
Results of the Walkers' Mangaroa Handicap Relay will be posted when available.

26 July 2003
The Club Road Championships and Chelsea Cup handicap races were held today in perfect conditions for running and walking. Results are:
Runners' Road Championships.
Winners are: Murray Doughty, Senior Men; Stephanie Mercer, Senior Women; Paul Homan, Masters Men; Diane Rogers, Masters Women; Samantha Williams, Girls Under 16; Richard Williams, Boys Under 16; Ryan Maguren, Boys Under 14; Caitlin Bedlington, Girls Under 11; Eden Burney, Boys Under 11.
Full results are here.
The ladder tables have been updated with these results.
Runners' Chelsea Cup hidden handicap races.
Winners are: Mark Bassett, Senior & Veteran Men; Diane Rogers, Senior & Veteran Women; Samantha Williams, Girls Under 16; James Thorstensen, Boys Under 16; Thomas Bedlington, Boys Under 14; Jamie Jacobson, Girls Under 11; Richard Shelley, Boys Under 11.
Full results are here.
Walkers' road race. Fastest walkers were Nigel Doyle, Men; Viv Antcliff, Women.
Full results are here..
The winner of the 5km Hidden Handicap race is Julie Lewis. Full results for the handicap race are here.

22 July 2003
The ladders have been updated:
The Club Ladder has the results for the Club Cross Country Champs and the Sanders, Gough & Robbie cross country races. Diane Rogers has staked out a commanding lead in the Veteran Woman's ladder, as has John Frederikson in the Senior Men's ladder. However, both will still be extremely vulnerable if they miss an event! The other ladders remain wide open.
The Marathon Ladder has been updated with the results from the Harbour Capital Half Marathon, and the Gold Coast Full & Half Marathon. The ladder has now also been split into an official ladder for those who have completed at least one marathon, and an unofficial ladder for those who have not. But don't despair, there's still time to fit in a marathon before the ladder closing date of 31 August!

5 July 2003
On an extremely cold, wet, and snowy day in Upper Hutt, a number of our members escaped to better climes:
Some of our Valleys members competed in the North Island Cross Country Championships in Taupo, where it was just cold with light winds. Results for our club members are: Girls Under 15 3km: Samantha Williams 14:13; Boys Under 15 3km: Ryan Maguren 11:19, James Thornstenson 11:24, Richard Skinner 11:42; Men Under 17 6km: Richard Williams 23:10; Masters Men 35-49 6km: John Houghton 22:58.
Full results are on Cool Running.

A group of 30 travelled to the Gold Coast Events, where by all accounts it was beautiful and warm.
Results for club members are here..

30 June 2003
Full results for the Sanders, Gough, Robbie, and Burns Cross Country Races have been loaded, and are available here.
Results supplied by Paul Homan.

23 June 2003
Pictures for the NZ Secondary Schools Cross Country and the NZ Short Course Cross Country Championships are here (no longer available).

7 June 2003 Club results for the Dorne Cup are here.
Full results should be available on Cool Running in a few days.
Club Results...

5 June 2003
Team results for the Bob Clark Memorial Trophy have been posted.
Congratulations to Clive Keating & Della McConnochie for winning the trophy this year.

29 May 2003
New links added to the links page and the Mountains & Trails page.

24 May 2003
Club Cross Country Championships and Bob Clark Memorial Trophy.
Cross country results are here...
Age grade results for the colts grades are yet to be posted. The ladder is yet to be updated on this site (technical problems), but will be on the results board at the clubrooms.
Individual walkers results are available, but teams results for the Bob Clark Memorial Trophy are yet to be posted.
Bob Clark Memorial results..

18 May 2003
Health for Life Half Marathon, 10k & 5k. Half Marathon walk: Patrick Tito, 2:30:22; John Webb, 2:30:49 (first half marathon); Andrea Homan, 2:40:12 (PB); Christel Webb, 2:51:27 (PB); Bill Barclay, 3:06:33; Anne Dry 3:21:25. 10k walk: Angelene Shelley, 1:17:50 (PB); Julie Lewis, 1:35:25; Megan Woolf, 1:33:30. 5k walk: Chris Homan, 38:31 (3rd).
Results supplied by Shona Homan.

The marathon ladder has been updated with the results from the half marathon. In a major move on the ladder, Patrick Tito leaps from 7th place to 4th, sitting less than 4 points behind Paul Homan in 3rd place. With another marathon and several half marathons planned, Patrick is not only the leading walker on the ladder, but also a potential contender for the overall title.

17 May 2003
Battle Hill Cross Country. Results for our Valleys' United members:
Boys Under 14 2.5km: Ryan Maguren 1st, 10:54.
Girls Under 17 2.5km: Samantha Williams, 14:58.
Boys Under 17 2.5km: Richard Williams 4th, 10:38.
Masters Men 5km: Brian de Montalk, 22:56.
Senior Men 5km: Paul Carlson, 22:35.
Full results are on the Cool Running and Olympic Harriers websites (no longer available).

11 May 2003
Masters'Classic Relay. In the open grade, our A team (Paul Homan, Jake Jacobson, Robin Curry, Terry Bedlington, and Steve Bligh) came in 5th in a time of 1:25:55, and our B team (Nigel Doyle, D Signal, John Friedlander, Paul Thorstensen, and Jenny Raymond) came home 8th in a time of 1:32:03. John Houghton also featured in the Valleys United A team that finished 2nd in the open grade. Our 300+ team (Paul Murphy, Peter Thomas, Diane Rogers, Harry Ross, and Roy Rogers) came home 3rd in a time of 1:39:02.
Full results are on the Scottish Harriers website.

10 May 2003
Today saw the running of the Novices & Presidents Handicap races for 2003.
Congratulations to our winners: Janet Crawford, novice women; Christine Taylor, presidents women; Kevin Burney, novice men; John Friedlander, presidents men; Andrew Thorstensen, under-17.
The Plowman Trophy (under 11) was won by James Shelley, under-11.
Full results are here...

These races were also the first points races for the club ladders for the Senior and Veteran men and women. Points for the Senior ladders are awarded on the basis of actual time. Points for the Veteran ladders are awarded on the basis of age-adjusted times. Congratulations to our early leaders: Janet Crawford, Andrew Shelley, Diane Rogers, and Harry Ross.
The ladder is available here...

7 May 2003
The marathon ladder has been updated with the results from the Moonshine Half Marathon and the Rotorua Marathon. The competition at the top of the ladder is a lot closer than it looks at first glance.
While Andrew Shelley looks to have a clear lead with a score of 382, he has already accumulated 500 event points and his score can only get higher by running faster events to replace existing scores. Trevor Murphy (2nd) has a score of 268 from 300 event points, and Paul Homan (3rd) has a score of 199 from only 250 event points. Both have a realistic chance of taking the lead as they add more events to their total. Rounding out the top five places is Steph Mercer (4th) with a score of 186 from 300 event points, and last year's winner - Rob McCrudden - with a score of 177 from 258 event points.

4 May 2003
Congratulations to all club members who competed in the Rotorua Marathon on 3 May.
Club results are: runners: Dominic Green 3:10:15 (1st marathon), Andrew Shelley 3:15:40 (PB), Rob McCrudden 3:18:42, Mark Bassett 4:03:16 (PB), Stephanie Mercer 4:10:10, Trevor Porter 4:43:42, John Frederikson 4:56:16; walkers: Jo Field 5:41:59, Patrick Tito 5:53:02, Phil Taylor 6:23:07. Other results for recent club members include Ross Archibald 4:16:29 (run), Jo Drake 5:29:06 (walk).
Full results are available on the Rotorua Marathon website.

26 April 2003
As part of their build up to the Plowman Trophy, our Juniors had their second 1km time trial today.
Results are here...

25 April 2003
The marathon ladder has been updated with the results from several recent events, including provisional times for the Hutt River Trail Marathon and the Upper Hutt Half Marathon.
Scores for these events will be updated when final results are available.

25 April 2003
Carterton ANZAC Day Races.
14 Club members attended this event on a overcast and bitterly cold day. Some good results and PB's were achieved by all who attended. 3km Run: Caitlin Bedlington 13:38 (2nd U/12), Thomas Bedlington 12:22 (1st U/14). U/16 5km Run: Ryan Maguren 19:10 (1st), Samantha Williams 23:17 (2nd), Chris Homan 27:19 (3rd). 10km Run: Richard Williams 38:24, Paul Homan 39:07 (4th), Andrew Shelley 41:05, Terry Bedlington 44:37 (fun run), Harry Ross 44:51, Diane Rogers 48:15 (3rd woman), Roy Rogers 51:14. 10km Walk: Patrick Tito 1:08:53, Andrea Homan 1:15:24 (U/16). Results and report supplied by Shona Homan.

25 April 2003
The results for the Great Forest events, held 5 April, are now available.
Club results are: Marathon: Paul Homan, 3:09:16 (2nd). Half Marathon Run: Mark Bassett, 1:42:44 (4th, 55-59); Peter Thomas, 1:47:55 (1st 70+); Bill Barclay, 1:52:50 (17th, 45-49). Half Marathon Walk: Patrick Tito, 2:24:41 (2nd, 60-64); Helen Bassett, 2:53:24 (6th, 50-54); Anne Dry, 3:32:05 (22nd, 40-44). 5km Run: Chris Homan, 32:10 (38th, open).

13 April 2003
The Moonshine Half Marathon & 10k held today was a roaring success. This year saw a complete revamp of the event as we moved away from the previous three stage format, added a half marathon (with a huge hill), and opened the event to runners.
The response to these changes was fantastic - there were more than twice as many entrants as last year (511 vs 235), with a huge number of on-the-day entries. Congratulations to all competitors and thanks to all who helped with organisation and official duties.

Full results are on the Cool Running website.

12 April 2003
Our Juniors had a 1km time trial today, followed by some fun running games.
Results of the time trial are here...

6 April 2003
Today saw a good turnout of club members in the Upper Hutt Half and 1/3 Marathon - runners, walkers, and marshalls! The half marathon was won by Jonathan Wyatt (1:10:38), who was a guest at the club on Saturday. Congratulations to Brian de Montalk (1:23:00), who was first in the Mens 50-59 age group.
Other club members running the half included Paul Carlson, Trevor Murphy, John Marlow, Jake Jacobson, and Diane Rogers. Andrea Homan was our first half marathon walker (2:46:28), followed by Eric Wilson, Joy Scanlan, Christel Webb, and Terry Piper. A fantastic effort by Terry, who narrowly missed out on breaking the 3 hour mark. Robin Curry ran a quick 61 minutes for the 1/3 Marathon. 1/3 Marathon walkers included David Radcliffe and Anne Dry. Official results will be here, and the marathon ladder will be updated with the results of the half when they are available. (no longer available)

5 April 2003
The course for the Great Forest Full and Half Marathon had to be changed due to fire danger in the forest, but that didn't stop some good efforts by Trentham club members. Paul Homan put in a spectacular effort to record 3:09:16 in his first ever marathon! Peter Thomas won his age group in the half marathon. Other club members running or walking the half included Mark Bassett, Bill Barclay, Patrick Tito, and Anne Dry. The marathon ladder will be updated once official results are available.

29 March 2003
A quick round up of a few events over the past few weeks:
The inaugural Hutt River Trail Full and Half Marathon was held on 23 March. Trevor Murphy, Andrew Shelley, and Ross Archibald ran the marathon, with Trevor placing very highly in the field. Half marathon entrants included Paul Carlson, Jake Jacobsen, Robin Curry, Bill Barclay, Jo Drake, and Anne Dry. The marathon ladder will be updated when official results are available.
Martinborough 'Round the Vines on 16 March attracted a number of club members, with some very good results achieved. I don't know of everyone who entered, so my apologies if you're name is not on the list! In the half marathon run, Brian de Montalk was 7th and Trevor Murphy was 9th, with other entrants including Mark Bassett. Patrick Tito competed in the half marathon walk, and Geoff Iremonger was 5th in the men's 10km walk. Half marathoners send me your finishing time if you want this included in the marathon ladder.
The Hutt News 10k on 9 March attracted only a couple of club members, but they both placed very highly: Jo Field was 1st overall in the 10km walk, and Paul Carlson was 2nd in the 10km run.

15 March 2003
Congratulations to Andrew Shelley, who completed the 50 mile event at the Marlborough 50 today. Andrew says "it was very much a 'game of two halves'. I decided to take a risk and start off at my optimistic pace. I went through the marathon in a shade under 3:50, but then blew up and took 4:38:50 to go through 50k, and 8:21:39 for the 80 miles."
The marathon ladder has been updated.

12 March 2003
Given the need to fill the Club Captain's position, tonight's committee meeting agreed to split the role into a number of positions. There will be a co-ordinator for major groups within the club, with the Club Captain adopting an overall co-ordination role and being primarily responsible for the syllabus and club races. The various roles for 2003 are:
Club Captain, Trevor Porter. Trevor will also be assisted by John Marlow;
Senior & Veteran Men runners, Steve Bligh;
Senior & Veteran Women runners, Jenny Raymond;
Walkers, Colleen Piper;
Colts (11- Under 18), Paul Homan and John Marlow;
Juniors (Under 11) Angelene Shelley;
Runners' handicapper, Andrew Shelley.
The syllabus was also approved by the committee.

8 March 2003
Congratulations to Steve Bligh, who completed the gruelling Tararua Mountain Race in a time of 8:09:03. While the rest of us enjoyed a warm sunny day, conditions on the tops were cold and windy. This race counts as the equivalent of a marathon for the marathon ladder competition.

4 March 2003
Final results for the Tote 5k series are here, with the Trentham results highlighted for easy identification.

2 March 2003
A DRAFT syllabus has been added. Note that the club events are indicative only - the committee is yet to confirm these dates. If you have a concern about any of the proposed dates, please talk to your favourite committee member (who may not have seen this yet)! The interclub and national championship events are correct as at today. However, there has been quite a bit of movement in some of the dates, and the date for the NZ Road Relay championships is not confirmed yet. This could result in changes to the rest of the syllabus late in the season.

24 February 2003
Our AGM was held tonight and a new committee was voted in. Congratulations to Viv Antcliff, our new President. The Club Captain's role is currently vacant. Details for key contacts in the club have been updated. The meeting also changed the club's name to recognise the important role that walkers play within the club.

19 February 2003
Ian Hastie braved the wind and rain to knock off the Clarrie Gibbons run in 1:52:36.
Full results are here, and the marathon ladder has been updated.

18 February 2003
A slightly smaller group turned out for the second race of the of the Tote 5k series, with most of the weekend's relay runners and walkers noticeable by their absence! A great effort by those braved the very windy conditions and did race. Full results are here, and Trentham results are again highlighted for easy identification.

15 February 2003
Our walkers and runners produced some excellent results at The Great Lake Relay this weekend. Mr T's Troopers were 3rd walking team in a time of 17:53:13, and the Poo Shooters were 7th running team in a time of 11:23:55. Bligh's Bounty, which also featured a number of Trentham runners, were 35th in a time of 12:30:25. There were a total of 51 walking teams and 165 running teams. Full results are here.

15 February 2003
Murray Doughty recorded a time of 2:17:32 to take 10th in the 35-39 age group at the Tararua Triathlon (S1500m/C40k/R10k), held in Napier. Full results are here (no longer available).

4 February 2003
Tuesday 4 February saw the first race of the "Tote" 5k Series. There was a fantastic Trentham turnout, with 22 runners and 10 walkers competing. Our runners occuppied 5 of the first 10 places, and our walkers 4 of the first 5 places. Full results are here, with Trentham results highlighted for easy identification.

Triathlon News
Word has it that Murray Doughty won gold in the 35-39 age group at the Mizone Triathlon New Zealand Sprint Distance Championships, held at Virginia Lakes, Wanganui on 26 January. Results are here (no longer available). One week later, Murray was 5th Open Man in the Police & Allcomer's Triathlon (S750m/C20k/R5k), held at Motukaka Point, Pauatahanui Inlet on 2 February. Results are here (no longer available).

Steph Mercer was 5th in the Women's Special K Triathlon (S300m/C10k/R3k), held at Scorching Bay on 19 January. Results are here (no longer available). Steph was also 18th Open Women in the Lifestyle Gym Women's Triathlon (S400m/C16k/R4k), held at Days Bay on 2 February. Results are on the Scottish website (no longer available)

28 January 2003
Earn cash marshalling at the 2003 Round The Bays
Marshalls are required for the 2003 Round The Bays on 23 February 2003. There are 2 positions remaining for senior marshals - those with experience of organising events - you will be paid $13 per hour. There are also 50 general marshal positions - you will be paid $8 per hour. Each person will be required for approximately 3 hours. The earliest positions start at approximately 7:30 a.m. and the later ones 8:30 a.m.

If you are interested, please contact Angus Napier (Secretary, Athletics Wellington) on 938 7844 or email

28 January 2003
The full results for the Wellington Full and Half Marathon are finally all on the web, and can be found here (no longer available). Five club members participated in the half marathon: Paul Carlson, 1:29:40; Robin Curry, 1:34:32; Ian Hastie, 1:48:47; Bill Barclay, 1:56:57; and Anne Dry (walker) 3:47:29.
The marathon ladder has been updated with the results.

25 January 2003
Three club members took part in the first ever "alternate course" running of the Holdsworth Jumbo Trail Race. Due to extremely cold conditions on the tops, including snow and sleet, the organisers decided 40 minutes into the race to switch to the alternate course of Carpark - Mountain House - Powell Hut - Holdsworth - Powell Hut - Mountain House - Atiwhakatu River - Holdsworth Lodge. Times were Rob McCrudden, 2:24:02; Andrew Shelley, 3:08:27; Jan Bliekendaal, 3:51:06. Colin Rolfe was first home in 1:58:20. But, sorry guys, at just 19km the alternate course is too short for inclusion in the marathon ladder. Full results are here (no longer available).

19 January 2003
The Wellington Half and Full Marathon was held today. Club members' results will be reported here when they are available.
The "NO Half Marathon" was held this morning in very good running conditions - overcast with light winds. It was great to see so many people (21) turn out for this event. Thanks to: Phil Taylor for all his efforts in organising the run; Colleen and Terry Piper for manning a drink stop outside their house; and Shona Homan for volunteering to act as timekeeper. Congratulations to Robbie Parkes, who was first home in a time of 1:19:26. Full results are here.
The marathon ladder has been updated with the results of the NO Half Marathon. Andrew Shelley moves in to first place, with Paul Homan less than 20 points back and closing in fast.