2024 Ladder

There are races during the season from which Club Members can gain points for the Runners and Walkers Ladders. A Runner's or Walker's best 5 of 7 placings will contribute towards their total points for the season. An Under 7's best 3 of 4 races contribute towards their total points.

In the Masters category, an individual's finishing time is standardised for their age, points are based on this age-adjusted time rather than their actual finishing time/order. The adjustment is based on internationally accepted 'Road Age Standards', these can be found on the follwoing websites:
Walkers' ladder, for the Chocolate Walk & Needle Turkey Trots, the points are allocated based on closest to their predicted time instead of being age-adjusted.

Ladder are sorted by current points.

Click on the column headers to see details of the Race Times vs Age-adjusted Times.