2021 Results

Sunday 21 February
Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon, 10km & 6.5km

Great running and walking by all our members at this year's Round the Bays.
Josh Jordan - 21:59, 4th overall, 4th Male, 1st MU15
Callum Wos - 23:54, 11th overall, 11th Male, 3rd MU15
Madison Wos - 2:48, 15th overall, 1st Female, 1st FU15
Katie Jordan - 27:09, 29th overall, 3rd Female, 2nd MU15
Jacob Rice - 28:32, 45th overall, 39th Male, 10th MU15
Caleb Rice - 30:07, 70th overall, 60th Male, 15th MU15
Alex Lister - 32:05, 111th overall, 91st Male, 23rd MU15
Travis Welsh - 33:00, 142nd overall, 114th Male, 25th MU15
Lola Watson - 38:14, 440th overall, 142nd Female, 32nd U15
Chris Watson - 38:15, 441st overall, 299th Male, 41st M40-49
Xanthe Watson - 40:02, 560th overall, 197th Female, 42nd U15
Scarlett Lister - 1:13:51, 2836th overall, 1663rd Female, 292nd FU15
Tania Lister - 1:13:51, 2837th overall, 1664th Female, 338th F40-49
Steph Robinson - 1:15:26, 2987th overall, 1770th Female, 367th F30-39
Bill Barclay - 1:16:57, 3136th overall, 1270th Male, 75th M60-69

Thomas Strawbridge - 32:13, 2nd overall, 2nd Male, 1st M16-19
Hassan McCall - 37:23, 16th overall, 15th Male, 2nd MU15

Half Marathon:
Philip Secker - 1:32:48, 130th overall, 122nd Male, 7th M50-59
Shar McDonald - 1:41:58, 314th overall, 35th Female, 15th F30-39
Gary Spierling - 1:45:29, 422nd overall, 369th Male, 63rd M40-49
Eleanor Bassett - 1:46:58, 471st overall, 62nd Female, 2nd F16-19
Ron Soper - 2:28:05, 1349th overall, 911th Male, 21st M60-69
Anne Dry - 4:18:49, 1632th overall, 633rd Female, 23rd F60-69

Let me know if I missed anyone!

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Saturday 13 February
Buller Gorge Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km

Half Marathon Run:
David Hood - 1:37:49, 66th overall, 4th M60-69
Brett 'Home' Wilby - 2:06:15, 291st overall, 20th M60-69

Half Marathon Walk:
Jon Roskvist - 2:23:15, 1st overall, 1st M50-59

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Tuesday 2 February
Trentham 5km & 2.5km Series Event #2

We had an awesome turnout of 94 participants for our 2nd event of the 2021 Series.
We had 2 new Course Records set in the hot temperature, both in the 2.5km Walk, with Sarah du Toit recording 16:22 and Ian Morton recording 16:41.
Thank you to everyone who came along tonight and we hope to see you again in two weeks at Event 3 on 16th February!

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Saturday 30 January
Jumbo Holdsworth Trail Race
Mt Holdsworth, Wairarapa

Hooper Loop (12km):
Craig Wallace - 23rd Overall Men, 11th Vet Men, 1:25:51

Main Race (24km):
Josh Campbell (Holdsworth-Jumbo) - 12th Overall Men, 4th Vet Men (1st in the HJ direction), 2:47:16
Hugh Taylor (Jumbo-Holdsworth) - 16th Overall Men, 10th Open Men, 2:54:48
Patrick McCann (Holdsworth-Jumbo) - 114th Overall Men, 58th Open Men, 4:33:14

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Saturday 30 January
Tussock Traverse 50km / Tussock of Fire
Tongariro National Park

Well done to Mark Boyd, who finished 9th overall, 9th male and 3rd M40-49 in the 50km in 7:23:47.

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Tuesday 19 January
Trentham 5km & 2.5km Series Event #1
Trentham Memorial Park

The rainy, windy conditions did not deter 61 participants from going around in our first event. Congradulations to Madison Wos, who managed to record a new ladies 5km run course record of 19:52 despite the weather.
Thank you to everyone for coming along tonight, see you in two weeks at Event 2 on the 2nd February!

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