2009 Results

Saturday 12 December
3 Bridges Marathon - Wanganui

Well done to Brian Garmonsway who convincingly won the half marathon run in a scorching time of 1:16:31. Bill Barclay completed this event in 1:57:58, a little slower than usual for him but might have had something to do with the 10km race the week before! Ann Dry walked the half marathon in 4:04:23.
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Sunday 6 December
Korokoro Stream Fun Run & Walk

Well done to Bill Barclay who ran the 10km run in 1:06:32 and Ann Dry who completed the 10km walk in 2:08:35.
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Saturday 5 December
The Kepler Challenge & Luxmore Grunt - Te Anau

What a better way to end the year than to do a PB in New Zealand's most esteemed mountain race - the Kepler Challenge. Mike finished in a time of 6:03:43 and was 14th male and 16th overall finisher. The race was taken convincingly by veteren of this race, Martin Lukes in an amazing time of 4:57:21.
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Saturday 28 November
Heaphy Five-O Trail Run - Heaphy Track, Collingwood

In this 50-mile trail race, Michael Beaumont was first open man home and second fastest overall in a time of 8:12:27. He was over 35 minutes slower than last year probably due to conditions and also the 60km Kepler Challenge mountain race he was partaking in next weekend must have been weighing on his mind.
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Sunday 11 October
St George Melbourne Marathon

Congratulations goes to Brian Garmonsway for completing the Melbourne marathon in a personal best time of 2:42:45. Brian was 52nd overall out of 3136 competitors (26th in the non-elite category).
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Sunday 11 October
Wairarapa Country Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k events

Well we were very lucky that the sun finally showed itself after a week of rain and snow! Congratulations to Michael Beaumont for completing the Masterton marathon in 2:56:36 and finishing in 3rd place. Andrew Shelley completed the marathon walk beating many runners in a time of 4:57:01. The half marathon run was well supported by Trentham United runners: Michael Walton (2nd overall) in 1:20:48, David Hood (20th) in 1:35:05, Kerry Matthews (51st=) in 1:46:52, Gina McGeever (56th) in 1:48:10, Nicola Cross (57th) 1:48:11, Bill Barclay (58th) in 1:48:18 and Amanda Flowers in 2:39:17. In the half marathon walk, John Ihaka was 5th in 2:34:27 and Anne Day finished in 4:00:53. Well done everyone for flying the Trentham colours.
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Sunday 20 September
Pelorus Trust Half Marathon Fun Run & Walk - Petone

It was again unseasonal weather for this event. A warm, sunny and calm day were perfect opportunities for PBs. Again Trentham United was out in force. The half marathon run was won by James List in 1:13:05. Brian Garmonsway was 2nd in a fast time of 1:15:54 and Michael Beaumont was 4th in 1:20:56. David Hood was 41st in 1:35:51, Terry Bedlington was 48th in 1:38:23 and Bill Barclay was 111th in 1:49:09. The half marathon walk was won by Tim Dutton in 2:15:19, and Ann Dry was our only competitor finishing in 55th place (3:46:19). The 10km run was won by Grant McLean (32:57) and Tina Harris (39:09). Stuart Hood was 44th= finishing in 46:35 and Amanda Flowers was 249th in a time of 1:05:22. The 10km walk was won by Daniel Charlton (1:07:57) and Joy Hutson (1:13:32). First over the line for the 5km run was Howard Cattermole in 19:29 and Helen Willis in 21:03. Lizzie McCaffrey was 3rd female 23:01. A special mention should go to young Paris Kyle who ran with her Dad (Steve - a member) and was 7th female home in 27:14. Well done to all our members who put the blue and gold out there.
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Monday 14 September
Final Ladder Results!!

The hotly contested and completed ladder results are out! Congratulations to Kerry Mathews (Senior Women - Runner), Brian Garmonsway (Senior Men - Runner), Sue van der Jagt (Masters Women - Runner), David Hood (Masters Men - Runner), Vivian Antcliff and Jackie Wilson (Masters Women - Walker) and Richard Willis (Masters Men - Walker).
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Saturday 12 September
Marton to Wanganui Relay - Club Away Trip

Overcast and warm conditions set the scene for a near perfect day. It was great to compete in an away-event along side so many Trentham contemporaries. Our solo walker Andrew Shelley did a stunning time of 7:55:33, beating many of the walking teams! Trentham United 1 running team which comprised of Murray Gilmer, Sue van der Jagt, Teresa Cox, Brian Garmonsway and Janet Crawford were placed third over all in a time of 4:38:20. Trentham United 2 running team (Kerry Mathews, Christine Taylor, Craig Pitman, Dave Henderson and Jake Jacobsen) were placed 15th overall in 5:38:44.
The Trentham United A walking team which consisted of Andrew Shelley (did the first two legs for them and then contined on in his solo effort), Viv Antcliff, Jackie Wilson, John Ihaka and Richard Willis were 6th overall in 7:48:09. Trentham United B3 walkers team (Sarah Ryan, Jill Birkett, Sonja McLean, Patrick Tito, Mary Mewet, Julie Lewis and Jackie Wilson) were 18th in 8:49:50. The Trentham United B1 walkers team (Jenny Lippross, Geoff Lippross, Buck Birkett, Doug Wilson, Pat Scholes, Robyn Evans, Colleen Piper and John Ihaka) were 19th in 8:56:36. And Trentham United B2 walkers team of Patrick Tito, Ray McConnochie, Della McConnochie, Jenny Lippross, Lou Gilmer and Carolyn Robertson were 20th in 9:33:00. Well done everyone, it was a great time away.
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Saturday 5 September
Eric Putter Relay

The weather really pulled one out of the bag today with beautiful calm, sunny conditions making this hotly contested relay race....well hot! We had a great turn-out by both walkers and runners. The handicappers did very well as four teams arrived over the finish within 35 seconds of each other but the day belonged to the winning team of Terry Bedlington, Jenny Lippross, Stuart Hood, Judy Scott, Janet Crawford and Jill Birkett.
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Saturday 29 August
Great Naseby Water Race - Naseby (Otago)

24 leppins, 1 banana, 1 boiled egg and a bit of a mars bar later, and Michael Beaumont crossed the finish line of the 100km off-road race in Naseby in 9:15:45, smashing the mens record of 9:37:55. And it runs in the family (excuse the pun). His sister Jean came home in 9:56:15, taking out the womens record by a wopping two hours (give or take a couple of minutes). Well done Mike!! I will link up the full results when they become available.

Energy Direct NZ Marton Marathon
Well done to Bill Barclay for completing the marathon run in 4:17:56. The marathon run was won by Russell Geange (3:18:50) and Ingrid Frost (3:36:22), and the walk by Ashley Smith (5:02:43) and Tanya Campbell (5:20:43). Anne Dry was also out there battling against the wind for the half marathon walk - well done Anne (4:04:15). The half marathon walk was won by Peter Zuart (2:18:04) and Marlene White (2:30:34), and the run by Alan Latham (1:26:25) and Heidi Humphries (1:36:30).
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Saturday 22 August
*^Wellington Road Champs (CIT)

Well, it was another unseasonal August day with warm, sunny conditions lending to some fast times. Trentham United had a great turn-out to the event of the season. We took out one title and several placings.
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Sunday 16 August
Manawatu Striders Half Marathon - Palmerston North

Congratulations to Brian Garmonsway who took second place overall in the half marathon run in 1:18:56 and to Michael Walton who took out third place overall in 1:20:48. Brian's time was particularly good considering he raced the day before! Bill Barclays time is continually decreasing completing the half marathon in 1:44:28. The winning time for the half marathon was 1:17:24 for the men (Tim Carroll) and 1:18:47 for the women (Maria Bentley). Anne Dry completed the half marathon walk race in 3:57:17. The winners of the half marathon walk race were the incrediably quick duo, Andrus and Michelle Lei, both finishing in a time of 2:02:00. Please let me know if I have missed any Trentham-ites out of the results.
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5 Bridges Marathon - Lower Hutt
Well, the B word from of our infamous Toyota advertisement must have been going through Andrew Shelley's mind as he took a wrong turn at the 1k-to-go mark of the 5-Bridges marathon to do 44.5k instead of the usual 42.2k!! He is obviously in fine form as in spite of this, he won the marathon+ walk convincingly in 5:12:17. Nicola Cross completed the half marathon run in 2:01:17. Please let me know if I have missed your name.
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Saturday 15 August
*Mangaroa Handicap Road Race

It was a very hot race around the valley this year with the temperature hitting an unseasonal 20 degrees C. The walkers turned out in force for their relay but some of the runners must have found something better to do with numbers down this year. Congratulations to Kevin Burney and Janet Crawford for being the first male and female home.
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And the walker relay results are out and congratulations go to Patrick Tito, Pat Scholes and Margaret Bowmar, finishing their 10.7k relay race in a total time of 1:19:53 - athough there was only ~9 minutes between the first and last team!
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Saturday 8 AugustBays Relay & Turkey Trot (Penninsula)
Trentham United put in two teams. The seniors mens team comprising of Brian Garmonsway, David Hood, Chris Homan, Paul Homan and Mike Beaumont were 8th in a field of 12 teams. Our composite team comprising of Talor Gilmer, Murray Gilmer, Teresa Cox, Kerry Matthews and Andrew Smith were 1st in a field of 4 teams. Congratulations!!! Both Jackie Wilson and Marg Bowmar were too fast for their estimated times coming in 13th and 24th place, respectively out of 27 competitors.
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Butterfly Creek Night Time Madness
I don't think any member partook in this event but let me know if you did. Click here for results... (no longer available)

Saturday 1 August
^King & Queen of the Mountain Race for Walkers

Hail to Queen Carolyn and King Phil! Congratulations to Carolyn Robertson (fastest women on handicap) - Queen of the Mountain and to Phil Taylor (fastest man on handicap) - King of the Mountain. The fastest actual times were claimed by Jackie Wilson and Richard Willis.
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This is caused congestion at the top of the womens walkers ladder!
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NZ XC Championships - Christchurch
Teresa Cox was 9th in the women 40-44 age group completing the 6km distance in 26:15. Matt Grenfell also ran the Boys 14 & Under 3k race for Trentham United in 10:49 placing 6th (only 36s behind the winner)!
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Sunday 26 July
Wellington Masters Annual 8km Road Race & 6.4km Walk Race.

The fastest walkers were Peter Baillie (1st male - Scottish) and Terry Grimmett (1st female - Scottish) whilst our John Ihaka came in 5th position. The fastest runners were Grant McLean (1st male - Scottish) and Janet Crawford (1st female - Trentham). The team event this year was won by Scottish Harriers with our Trentham team (Apple, Janet, David Hood and Diane Rogers) coming a close second.
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Saturday 25 July
^Club Road Champs & ^Chelsea, McKee Cobbler, Ross Sealed Handicap Road races plus 5km Hidden Handicap Race for Walkers

The results for the adults are out - make sure you check the Walkers Ladder results and the Runners Ladder results. Congratulations to Phil Taylor for winning the Walkers 5km Hidden Handicap Road Race. Congratulations also to Andrew Shelley for fastest male walker and to Viv Antcliff for fastest female walker. The 7.8km Hidden Handicap Road Race Run was won by Teresa Cox and Bill Barclay. Congrats also go to Kerry Matthews, Brian Garmonsway, Janet Crawford (masters women) and Murray Doughty (master men) for the fastest times in their respective grades. Junior results are yet to be finalised.
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Saturday 18 July
Wellington XCC Champs - Waikanae

In the 8km Masters Men race, Murray Doughty placed 2nd in 29:50 (congratulations Murray!), Murray Gilmer was 29th in 36:04, Hugh Steel was 35th in 36:31, David Hood was 36th in 36:36, Terry Bedlington was 43rd in 37:15 and Dave Henderson was 71st in 45:50. In the 12km Senior Men race, Michael Beaumont was 18th in 47:26. In the 6km Masters Women race, Teresa Cox was 4th in 27:28 and Sue van der Jagt was 8th in 28:59. In the 8km Men 19yrs race, Chris Homan was 16th in 38:19. In the 6km Men 16yrs race, Stephen Boyle was 15th in 25:11 whilst in the 4km Women 16yrs race, Shauni James was 5th in 18:08. In the 3km Boys 13yrs race, Fletcher Greeves continues his top performance winning the race by over 20 seconds in 10:31, Michael Dutoit was 7th in 11:37, Tyler Langerveld was 9th in 11:52 and Daniel Larkin was 13th in 12:19. In the 3km Girls 13 yrs race, Kara Orr was 5th in 12:48 and Rebecca Dobbin was 11th in 15:49.
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Road Walk Races - Paekakariki
In the 10km Judged Walk Race, Andrew Shelley placed 6th in 1:05:10 and John Ihaka was 9th in 1:11:14. In the 10km Unjudged Walk Race, Richard Willis placed 4th in 1:09:33, Jennifer Lipross was 9th in 1:18:14 and Margaret Bowmar was 13th in 1:27:14. Jacki Wilson won the 6km Unjudged Race in 0:44:28 (congrats Jacki!).
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Sunday 28 June
Shoe Clinic Harbour Capital Marathon - Wellington (Wellington Marathon Champs)

The marathon run was won by Grant McLean in 02:36:54 and the first women was Lotty Turnidge in 3:00:36. Michael Beaumont did extremely well placing 6th in a PB of 2:52:29 and Murray Gilmer came 62nd in 3:27:45. The marathon walk was won by Joff Hulbert in 04:31:44 and the first women (Tanya Campbell) finished in 5:07:47. The half marathon run was won by Andrew Douglas in 01:09:14 and the first women was Maria Bently in a fast time 1:18:11. Brian Garmonsway came 12th in 01:16:08, Sue van der Jagt finished in 01:50:51 and Amanda Flowers completed her first half-marathon in 2:31:57. The half marathon walk was won by Andrus Lei in 01:59:12 and Michelle Lei in 02:04:46. Jackie Wilson was 59th overall (2nd in 60+ age group) in 02:44:54. The 10km run was won by Cameron Goldsmid in 0:32:49 and Gabby O'Rourke in 0:38:26. Michael Walton was 9th in 0:37:19 and Teresa Cox was 8th women in 0:42:48. The 10km walk was won in a time of 0:58:47 by Peter Hague and Amelia de Lorenzo was the first women in 01:00:52. Jenny Lipross was 35th overall (5th in 50y+ category) in 01:19:57 and Pat Scholes was 62nd overall (2nd in age category) in 01:25:24.
Please contact me if I have missed you out of the results.
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Saturday 27 June
*^Saunders & Gough XC Race

This cross-country race was held in Waunuiomata on a tough, hilly but fantastic course. Trentham United had a great turn-out of runners and we came away with some team trophies.

Walkers: Trentham United Harriers (1st), Wainuiomata Harriers (2nd).
Boys & Girls U14 - Challenge Shield: Hutt Valley Harriers (1st), Wainuiomata Harriers (2nd), Trentham United Harriers (3rd).
Boys & Girls U16 - Robbie Shield: Hutt Valley Harriers (1st), Trentham United Harriers (2nd).
M&W U20 - Gough Cup: Hutt Valley Harriers (1st)
W&MW - Burns Memorial Trophy: Trentham United Harriers (1st), Hutt Valley Harriers (2nd), Wainuiomata Harriers (3rd).
M&MM - Sanders Cup: Trentham United Harriers (1st), Hutt Valley Harriers (2nd), Wainuiomata Harriers (3rd), Athletics Masterton (4th), Ruamahanga Ramblers (5th), Aurora Harriers (6th).

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Saturday 13 June
Dorne Cup XCC

This years Dorne Cup was a mud bath. Rain in the later part of the week ensured that the ground was sodden and the creeks full. Sciffs of passing precipitation on the day resulted in deterioration of the track as the day went on which culminated in a good down-pour for the final race, the senior and masters men 8k race. Trentham United had an impressive number of competitors so congratulations to all those that competed in this event. It was especially great to see so many strong performances from our juniors.
Results are:
Senior & Masters Women 6k race: Teresa Cox 28:39, Sue van der Jagt 29:47, Kerry Matthews 32:04, Diane Rogers 37:51.
Men & Women U19 4k race: Rosie Milloy 18:02.
Boys & Giirls 11 and under 2k race: Jono Ryan 08:37 (6th), Georgia Grenfell 08:48 (4th), Hannah Larkin 10:27, Harry Poland 10:32, Michael Dutoit 11:02.
Men & Womens 16 and under 4k race: Matt Grenfell 14:40 (9th), Steven Boyle 16:04, Stuart Hood 16:34, Shaunie James 18:03, Renee Coffey 18:45, Brandon Lynch 19:41.
Boys & Girls 13 and under 3k race: Fletcher Greaves 11:41 (1st), Mitchell Slee 11:49 (2nd), Tyler Langerveld 12:50, Daniel Larkin 13:11, Shaun Read 13:14, M Dutoit 14:16, William Clark 14:48, Rebecca Williams 15:29, Rebecca Dobin 16:08, G Chandler 16:32, Jack Thompson 16:38, Terry Lynch 16:46, Randal Tyler 16:46.
Boys & Girls 9 and under 1k race: L Slee 04:28 (4th), D Dutoit 06:48.
Senior & Masters Men 8k race: Brian Garmonsway 29:17, Mike Beaumont 30:39, Murray Doughty 31:37, Darryl Robinson 32:06, Kevin Thompson 32:55, Miles Davison 33:52, Paul Homan 35:43, Ed Banks 35:57, David Hood 36:30, Chris Homan 37:15, Marty Grenfell 42:18, Andrew Smith 43:11, Bill Barcley 43:25.
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10k/6k/2k Road Walk
Luckily this race had the advantage of being on the road so no mud and no wind so great conditions for a walk race around the NZIC circuit. We had three competitors in the 10k unjudged walk race with Andrew Shelley averaging 6:08min/k to win by over 5 minutes. John Ihaka also had a good day just missing out on second place and it was great to see Margaret Bowmar completing the 10km in 1:34:20. We also had success in the Juniors 2k race where Stuart Hood won in a time of 13:17, nearly 2 minutes ahead of second place! Congratulations Stuart for both your win and your dedication for then heading over to the club and competing in the Dorne cup!
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Saturday 06 June
*Club XCC

With a big southerly front and snow promised for today, it was a pleasure to run this tough cross-country race in calm sunny conditions. Conditions were perfect, a bit muddy on top, long sodden grass through the horse paddock and crystal clear water in the creek. Congratulations to Kelly Field, Sue van der Jagt, Brian Thomson and Murray Doughty for topping the ladder in the first runners ladder event. Congratulations also to Fletcher Greaves, Jono Ryan and Georgia Grenfell for outstanding performances.
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Sunday 31 May
Aurora Marathon

Freezing cold conditions only added to the comradarie for Trentham runners and supporters competing in the Aurora marathon and relay marathon. Trentham United Harriers picked up both the fastest marathon time (congrats Brian) and the fastest marathon relay team time (congrats Mike and Apple).
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Saturday 30 May
^Bob Clarke Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to Viv Antcliff and Richard Willis for winning this ladder event.
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Sunday 24 May
Ekiden Relay Championship

Michael Walton continues to impress with a very fast time of 42:18 for 7.195km for the first leg, handing over to Stuart Hood who at just 13 yrs old finished an equally impressive second leg (5km) in 37:26. Richard Willis clocked the third 7.5km leg in 49:19 before handing over to Tim Dutton for a sub-60 (59:48 to be exact) 10km leg (PB - well done Tim). Andrew Shelley stormed the 5th leg of 7.5km in 46:16 and Christine Taylor brought the team home in the final 5km leg (34:05) Well done team.
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16 May 2009
University Relay

Richard Willis completed the 6km Chocolate Road walk in 40:26 (6th fastest time). I will put the running results up here when I get hold of them! Click here for Chocolate Road walk results... Click here for Rowan's photos... (no longer available)

10 May 2009
24th Wellington Masters Classic Cross Country Relay

Trentham had four teams in this event but unfortunately only three teams are recorded. 300+ team were third, womens team was 2nd, walkers team came 3rd and the mens team is missing?

Lap distance was 4.1km around Trentham Memorial Park.
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300+ Team

Name Time Place
John Ihaka 0:23:06 3rd
Diane Rodgers 0:23:50 3rd
Roy Rodgers 0:26:49 3rd
David Hood 0:18:06 3rd
Alan Cox 0:18:02 3rd
1:49:53 3rd

Womens Team

Name Time Place
Teresa Cox 0:17:57 2nd
Chrsitine Taylor 0:21:45 2nd
Janet Crawford 0:14:59 2nd
Nic Cross 0:20:29 2nd
Sue van der Jagt 0:18: 39 2nd
1:33:49 2nd

Walkers Team

Name Time Place
Sonja McLean 0:32:02 3rd
Pat Scholes 0:34:34 3rd
Margaret Bowmar 0:39:01 3rd

9 May 2009
Novice & President Races + Steve Plowman Trophy for U11's

The sun came out for another Novice & Presidents race. It's a great start to the season and congratulations to Teresa Cox (Trentham Trophy), Brian Garmonsway (Presidents Cup), David Hood (Novice Cup), Sue van der Jagt (Buddle Trophy) and Fletcher Greeves (Trentham United U17 Trophy).
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2 May 2009
Rotorua Marathon

Although disappointed, Brian Garmonsway came an impressive 21st overall in 02:52:49, with Michael Beaumont hot on his heals in 2:55:30 in 27th place. Janet Crawford finished in 3:28:56, Ken McNatty in 3:44:21 (another impressive time), Suz van der Jagt in 4:08:05, Bill Barcley in 4:15:48, Christine Taylor in 4:41:30 (what a great come-back to running!!), Kelly Robinson in 5:18:51 (what a great effort from someone with a 10-month old baby!).
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4 April 2009
Great Forest Events

Brian Garmonsway took out the half marathon run in a PB time of 01:15:07. Bill Barclay also run the half marathon in 01:44:19. Anne Dry completed the half marathon walk in 04:18:13.
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18 February 2009
29th Clarrie Gibbons Road Race

This 23.7km race started at the Post Office Square in Wellington and finished at Eastbourne. Brian Garmonsway placed 3rd in 1:31:54, Michael Beaumont was 12th in 1:39:28 and Janet Crawford was 2nd female in 1:43:58.
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15 February 2009
Wellington Round the Bays

Well done to Bill Barclay(1:50:03), Megan Dymond (1:54:29) and Christine Taylor (2:08:49) for completing the half marathon run. Brian Garmonsway was 9th in the 7km race in a time of 21:36.
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24 January 2009
Jumbo Holdsworth Trail Race

Megan Dymond has been showing massive improvements over the last season and completed the 12km Hooper Loop in the Tararua mountains in 1:28:06.
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2009 Moonhsine event

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2009 Loco 5km Series

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