2005 Marathon Ladder

If you have done a Half Marathon or longer that I have missed or don't know about please contact me so we can correct the ladder.

The performances that cout for the "Total Out of 400" are shaded yellow.

The official contenders at the top of the ladder are those who have completed at least one event of marathon distance or longer. Those who have not completed a marathon are listed below the official contenders.

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Marathon Ladder Rules
Qualifying Events

  1. All events of half marathon distance or longer will qualify for ladder points.
  2. The qualifying period for events is from 1 September 2003 - 31 August 2004. Note that this is a period of only 12 months - this is to make it just a little easier to get race results in and processed before trophies need to be engraved!

    Award of Marathon Trophy
  3. The Marathon Trophy will be awarded on the basis of each person's score out of 400.
  4. You must run at least one marathon to qualify for the trophy.

    Calculation of Ladder Points
  5. The maximum points for an event are proportional to the distance of the event. The maximum for a marathon is 100 points; a half marathon is 50 points; and a 50km race is 50/42.2 x 100 = 118.5 points (to one decimal place). Events of approximately a given distance will be classed as that distance. Thus, the Tararua Mountain Race will be classed as marathon distance events worth a maximum of 100 points.
  6. A person's performance rating is given by the ratio of the course record for their gender to their age-adjusted time. For example, if a person's age-adjusted half marathon time is 1:28:45 and the course record is 1:09:50, then that person's performance rating is 1:09:50/1:28:45 = 78.69%.
  7. If the course record is not available, then the winning time on the day will be used for calculating the perfomance rating. If neither is available, then the performance cannot count for the ladder. If the course record for women is faster than the course record for men, then the womens' record will be used for calculating performance ratings for both men and women.
  8. A person's event score is the product of (a) the maximum points for the event and (b) their performance rating.
  9. The total out of 400 is calculated by ranking an individual's performances from best to worst (determined by the performance rating), then adding the points up until the sum of the maximum points for each event equals 400. This means that if you only run marathons, which are worth a maximum of 100 points each, your best 4 races will count towards your total. If you run only one marathon (100 points), then you can count up to 6 half marathons (6 x 50 points = 300). If you do non-standard distances (mainly mountain events), then the score for the lowest qualifying performance will be pro-rated so that the maximum is still 400 points!

    Why the complexity?
    It's tough to run four marathons in one year, but relatively routine to run four half marathons. The rules have been formulated to try and even out the degree of difficulty in the various events that club members may choose to run.