2002 Marathon Ladder

It's now 28 September, and with just 2 days remaining before the end of the qualifying period and no more qualifying events, we have a winner! Congratulations to Rob McCrudden, who earned the trophy the hard way, by running 4 of his 5 best events in the mountains. Andrew Shelley was 2nd and Ross Archibald was 3rd. The competition between the first three places was so close that 1st and 3rd were separated by the difference between one of Ross's more recent marathons and one of his half marathons - if Ross had run one more marathon he may have taken the trophy.

The following events have been added to the ladder:
Hawkes Bay Marathon, 31 August 2002
Marton-Wanganui Ultra, 14 September 2002
Pelorus Trust Half Marathon, 22 September 2002

Unfortunately, the quality of the image is not as good as it once was - this is because I have had to use a different method for producing the image now that the ladder is so large.

Ladder as at 28 September 2002
The performances that count for the "Best 5 Events" total are shaded yellow.

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Note: A zero score means that I either don't have your time, or I don't have the course record or finishing time on the day. Please either email me with results, or see me at the club.

Marathon Ladder Rules
Qualifying Events

  1. All events of half marathon distance or longer will qualify for ladder points.
  2. The qualifying period for events is from 1 October 2001 - 30 September 2002.

    Award of Marathon Trophy
  3. The Marathon Trophy will be awarded on the basis of each person's total score across their best five events.
  4. You must run at least one marathon to qualify for the trophy.

    Calculation of Ladder Points
  5. The maximum points for an event are proportional to the distance of the event. The maximum for a marathon is 100 points; a half marathon is 50 points; and a 50km race is 50/42.2 x 100 = 118.5 points (to one decimal place). Events of approximately a given distance will be classed as that distance. Thus, the Moonshine Walking Tour and the Tararua Mountain Race will both be classed as marathon distance events worth a maximum of 100 points.
  6. A person's performance rating is given by the ratio of the course record for their gender to their age-adjusted time. For example, if a person's age-adjusted half marathon time is 1:28:45 and the course record is 1:09:50, then that person's performance rating is 1:09:50/1:28:45 = 78.69%.
  7. If the course record is not available, then the winning time on the day will be used for calculating the perfomance rating. If neither is available, then the performance cannot count for the ladder. If the course record for women is faster than the course record for men, then the womens' record will be used for calculating performance ratings for both men and women.
  8. A person's event score is the product of (a) the maximum points for the event and (b) their performance rating.