2008 Results

20 December 2008
Scottish Night of Miles

On a wet track, Jan Bliekendaal and Andrew Shelley represented Trentham in the One Mile Race Walk at Newtown Park. Jan and Andrew placed 3rd and 4th overall in the time of 8:59.18 and 9:25.53, respectively.
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13 December 2008
Wanganui Three Bridges Marathon

Paul Homan placed 7th overall in a time of 3:25:31 for the full marathon run and Andrew Shelley placed 3rd overall in a time of 4:57:13 in the full marathon walk. In the half marathon run, Bill Barclay finished in 1:52:59 (52nd overall) and Chris Homan finished in 1:56:46 (58th overall). Anne Dry completed the half-marathon walk in 3:47:35.
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7 December 2008
Korokoro Stream Fun Run

A week after coming 4th in an ultramarathon event, Michael Beaumont was 4th in the Korokoro half marathon in a time of 1:35:48, only some 3 minutes after the winner! Bill Barclay ran the 10km event in 1:02:33 and Anne Dry completed the 10km walk in 2:06:44. Full results here...(no longer available)

2008 Rimutaka Report
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29 November 2008
Heaphy Five-0, Kahurangi National Park

The Heaphy track is the longest of the DOC Great Walks stretching for 50 miles (82km). When this track was first laid over the expansive tussock land and through thick forest, they probably never dreamed that crazy runners would complete it in just over seven hours. The winning time was 7:12:06 and Michael Beaumont crossed the finish line in 4th place in a very fast time of 7:35:28.This was Brian Garmonsway's first ultramarathon event and was leading for much of the race but twisted an ankle three times and eventually had to stop and strap it. He then accidently took the wrong track which meant adding another 3 minutes onto his time, and he finished close on Michael's heels in a time of 7:39:09. By the sound of it, they will definitely be doing this event again.
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9 November 2008
Napier City Pak'n'Save Half Marathon

Michael Walton is in top form and is producing nationally-reputable times. He recently completed a 5km circuit in the 5km series on the waterfront in Wellington in an unbelievable time of 26:59. Michael then took out the Napier half marathon walk in 02:06:42 managing to hold off Eugene O'Sullivan in the open grade by 2 seconds. Watch this space!!!
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1 November 2008
Waimea Half Marathon

We had three members that competed in the half marathon run. Paul Homan was 19th overall in 1:30:33, Chris Homan was 44th overall in 1:44:09 and Sue van der Jagt was 47th overall in 1:45:28. In the half marathon walk, Sonja McLean was 11th in 2:40:11 followed closely by Viv Antcliff (2:41:47 13th overall)!
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26 October 2008
Race Walking New Zealand Long Distance Championships, Hastings

Andrew Shelley continues his good form by completing this 50km course in a time of 05:43:59, 14 minutes faster than last year. The winning time for senior men 50km was 05:22:37 (David Sim of North Harbour).Rumour has it that Andrew is now contemplating the Taupo 100km round-the-lake event in February next year.
See limited results here...(no longer available)

19 October 2008
Koputaroa Half Marathon & 10km

Bill Barclay continued his run of doing sub 01:50 half-marathons crossing the finish line in 1:49:48 in 30th place. Anne Dry completed the marathon walk in 03:40:47. Patrick Tito lead our walkers over the finish line in 5th place in a very respectable time of 01:14:46 and Tessa Brown was only minutes behind (01:20:45) in 14th place. Teresa Tito also did not hang around on the course completing the 10km in 01:26:30 (23rd place).
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12 October 2008
Fagan Ford Wairarapa Country Marathon

It was a perfect day for a marathon. Cool and calm, especially at 7am in the morning. There was an impressive number of blue & gold singlets at this event. Congratulations to Brian Garmonsway who after pushing Rohan Biggs for most of the way had to settle for 2nd place overall in the marathon run in a time of 2:47:18 (a huge PB!). Michael Beaumont also obtained a PB in an impressive time of 2:57:53 (5th overall). Janet Crawford was 2nd women over the line in 3:14:06. Ken McNatty, again doing his impersonation of an everready battery finished in a time of 3:44:45, 2nd in his age group (M60).
In the half marathon race run, Sue van der Jagt was 4th in her age group in 1:41:10 and Bill Barclay did his best time at Masterton completing the race in 1:49:08. Our half marathon walking duo also made the most of the perfect conditions collecting a 1st and 2nd placing by a large margin. Michael Walton was 1st in 2:09:05 (a PB) and Andrew Shelley came in close behind in 2:11:23. Lou Gilmer was all smiles after her half marathon walk finishing in 2:57:23 and Anne Dry crossed the line in 4:00:18.
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27 September 2008
Belvedere Block Relay Half Marathon

Incredibly strong winds did not deter our Trentham team consisting of Jan Bliekendaal, Andrew Shelley and Michael Walton from coming home first in the half marathon walk. The distances were to be a little less than that stated but officially Jan completed the first leg (7.1km) in 0:42:36, Andrew the second leg (7km) in 0:41:57 and Michael the third leg (7km) in a very quick 0:39:39. Anne Dry completed the individual walk in 3:44:53 and Bill Barclay ran the half marathon in 1:47:09.
Full results here... (no longer available)

21 September 2008
Pelorus Trust Fun Run & Walk

Congratulations to those competing in the half marathon run: Michael Beaumont (9th; 1:24:06), Darryl Robinson (12th; 1:25:22), Murray Gilmer (29th; 1:29:54), Kevin Burney (38th; 1:32:32); Brian Garmonsway (55th after a marshalling error which sent him on an extra 4km stretch; 1:36:23), Terry Bedlington (57th; 1:36:51) and Bill Barclay (107th; 1:47:45). Well done also to Lou Gilmer who did very well in the half marathon walk (24th; 2:54:02). Talor Gilmer ran a very impressive 10km race placing 9th in 0:34:09 followed closely by Hogan Gun (13th; 0:35:32,) and Caitlin Bedlington came 110th (0:51:30).
Full results here... (no longer available)

13 September 2008
Marton to Wanganui Relay

The break-down of lap times were as follows: Lap 1 (7.8km) Andrew Shelley in 0:53:50; Lap 2 (8.9) Andrew in 0:58:50; Lap 3 (7.08km) Jan Bliekendaal in 0:44:32; Lap 4 (6.93km) Michael Walton in 0:44:01; Lap 5 (4.9km) Richard Willis in 0:29:36; Lap 6 (8.1) Jan in 0:50:38; Lap 7 (2.8km) Sonja McLean in 0:22:00; Lap 8 (5.32km) Michael in 0:31:50; Lap 9 (8.74km) Richard in 0:50:54; Lap 10 (5.8km) Sonja in 0:40:15. Andrew Shelley also broke the course record for the individual walk by 6min (07:49:31).
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23 August 2008
Wellington Road Running & Walking Championships - Upper Hutt

Congratulations to all our members that carried our colours and competed in this prestigous event. Trentham had some extremely good performances this year (see below).
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Senior Women 10km Walk
Jan Bliekendaal - 63:32 - 1st -Centre Women Walk Champ
Sonja McLean - 71:08 - 4th

Senior Men 10km Walk Michael Walton - 63:59 - 2nd
Andrew Shelley - 64:36 - Disqualified

10km Free-Style Walk
John Ihaka - 70:15 - 4th Ann Dry - 1:01:46 - 9th

5km Free-Style Walk
Lou Gilmer - 44:17 - 2nd
Margaret Bowmar - 46:29 - 3rd

Open Men 10km Run
Brian Garmonsway - 33:57 - 9th
Michael Beaumont - 36:48 - 23rd
Darryl Robinson 37:32 26th
Chris Homan 43:40 41st

Masters Men 10km Run
Murray Doughty - 35:28 - 5th
Kevin Thompson - 38:00 - 16th
Murray Gilmer - 40:52 - 34th
Miles Davison - 41:44 - 38th

Masters Women 10km Run
Sue van der Jagt - 21:40 - 9th
Teresa Cox - 22:08 - 12th
Diane Rogers - 27:02 - 24th

Women 16 & Under
Shauni James - 22:23 - 7th

Girls 11 & Under
Georgia Grenfell - 8:15 - 2nd
Rebecca Williams - 8:41 - 6th

Men 16 & Under
Matt Boyle - 27:13 - 17th
Hayden Meek - 33:01 - 19th

Boys 13 & Under
Matt Grenfell - 10:16 - 1st
Fletcher Greaves - 11:23 - 6th
Steven Boyle - 11:36 - 8th
Stuart Hood - 11:39 - 9th
Daniel Larkin - 11:42 - 10th

Boys 11 & Under
Tyler Langerveld - 7:35 - 6th
John O'Ryan - 7:46 - 7th
William Clark - 8:22 - 14th
Hamish Conaghan - 8:43 - 15th
Rendall Tyler - 8:48 - 17th
Jack Thompson - 8:53 - 18th

17 August 2008
Manawatu Striders Half Marathon - Palmerston North

Trentham had some great results at the Palmerston North half marathon run and walk event. In the half marathon run, Brian Garmonsway was 2nd overall in 1:17:04 and Bill Barclay was 107th in 1:46:42. Ann Dry completed the half marathon walk in 3:58:15 (104th overall).
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Woodbourne Half Marathon - Blenheim
Well done Terry on the terrific time of 1:37:14 coming 14th in his grade and 23rd overall.
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Five Bridges Marathon - Lower Hutt
Sonja McLean collected another PB completing the marathon walk in 5:33:28 and was the second fastest walker. Well done Sonja, keep it up.
Full results here...(no longer available)

Saturday 16 August
TUHW Club Handicap Road Race

Well done Kevin and Sue. Thanks to Mark Bassett for the handicapping and time-keeping.
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Sunday 10 August
Masters 8k Road Race - Johnsonville

It must have been the beautiful clear, sunny weather that coaxed the best turnout for the masters 8k road race for a number of years. Well done to Paul Homan (5th in 32:58), Janet Crawford (6th in 33:43), Kevin Burney (6th in 35:07), Sue van der Jagt (8th in 36:57), Diane Rogers (23rd in 47:06) and Peter Thomas (26th in 50:45) bringing Trentham into first place.
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Saturday 9 August
King & Queen of the Mountain 2008 - Craigs Flat, Upper Hutt

Congratulations to Tessa Brown (Queen of the Mountain) and Peter Stewart (King of the Mountain) and the rest of the TUH walkers that got out there and did it!
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Interclub Round the Bays Relay - Island Bay to Evans Bay
Well done to our two mixed TUH teams for commendable efforts in freezing cold and blustery conditions. The TUH 'A' team comprised of Paul Homan, Janet Crawford, Brian Garmonsway, Talor Gilmer and Michael Beaumont came 1st in the mixed grade covering the 21km course in 01:22:01. The TUH 'B' comprised of Terry Bedlington, Steph Robinson, Murray Gilmer, Chris Homan and Sue van der Jagt finished 2nd in the mixed grade in a time of 01:39:02. Full results here... (no longer available)

Saturday 2 August
New Zealand Cross-Country Championships – Waikanae

The Masters men kicked off the day with Murray Doughty (representing Wellington) came 17th overall (7th in age group), and Terry Bedlington came 81st (18th in age group). This was followed by the Masters women race where Janet Crawford was 14th (6th in age group), Sue van der Jagt was 26th (4th in age group) and Diane Rogers was 33rd (1st in age group). We had three members in the Boys 12 race, Fletcher Greaves was placed 3rd, Tyler Langerveld was 9th and Daniel Larkin was 14th. Lizzie McCaffrey was 24th in the Womens 16 race but unfortunately Caitlin Bedlington had to pull out due to injury. Talor Gilmer was 24th in the Mens 16 race and Brian Garmonsway was 40th in the highly contested senior mens race. See photos in website gallery.
Full results here…

19 July 2008
10km Race Walks – Waikanae

Our members did really well in atrocious conditions to get three in the top five! Some of our walkers are trialling new walking styles which did result in some cautions and a disqualification. Michael Walton was 3rd in 1:02:00, Jan Bliekendaal was 4th in 1:02:45, Andrew Shelley was 5th in 1:03:33, John Ihaka was 12th in 1:08:12 and Sonja McLean was 18th in 1:11:54. Full results here… (no longer available)

Wellington Cross-Country Championships – Waikanae
Mud and water galore – a true cross-country race! There were some good times for our members. TUHW results below.
Full results here…

G11 – 2km
Rebecca Williams - 4 - 9:21
Grace Chandler - 11 - 11:31

B11 – 2km
Tyler Langerveld - 6 - 8:32
Jake Ward - 15 - 11:41

G13 – 3km
Laura Robinson - 11 - 15:06
Rebecca Dobbin - 13 - 16:13

B13 – 3km
Fletcher Greaves - 3 - 12:02
Daniel Larkin - 4 - 13:08
Stuart Hood - 5 - 13:11
Steven Boyle - 9 - 14:09

M16 – 6km
Talor Gilmer - 10= - 23:35
Patrick Carson - 19 - 25:28
Matthew Boyle - 29 - 28:12

W16 – 4km
Lizzie McCaffrey - 9 - 18:35
Shauni James - 12 - 19:16
Caitlin Bedlington - 14 - 20:35
Stephanie Challis - 16 - 22:59

Open Men – 12km
Brian Garmonsway - 19 - 48:18
Darryl Robinson - 25 - 52:02

Masters Men – 8km
Murray Doughty - 5 - 30:49
Hugh Steel - 38 - 37:52
Murray Gilmer - 43 - 38:09
Terry Bedlington - 48 - 39:25

13 July 2008
12th Wainuiomata Mountain Run and Walk
Congratulations to Brian Garmonsway for winning the mens 11.9km mountain course in 0:51:52 and attaining the Wellington Mens Mountain Champion. Kevin Burney did well finishing 14th in 1:04:57 and Bill Barclay was 28th in 1:19:16. Raewyn Smellie was our only member to compete in the womens 9.5km course and finished 6th in 1:01:52. Anne Dry also took to the hills completing the 11.9km walking course in 2:50:06.
Full results here... (no longer available)

28 June 2008
Chelsea McKee Hidden Handicap Road Race

Congratulations to Mike Patterson for winning the Chelsea Cup, and Janet Crawford for winning the McKee Trophy.

Junior Road Race
Congratulations to the following road champs: Chris Homan (Junior Club Road Champ), Talor Gilmer (Road Runner Cup-Beep Beep), Matt Boyle (Wile E. Coyote Cup), Caitlen Bedlington (Haven Trophy), Fletcher Greeves (Cheetah Cup), Rebecca Williams (W14 Road Champ) and Randall Tyler (TUH Cup).

Walkers 5k Hidden Handicap Race
Congratulations to Lou Gilmer who won the walkers hidden handicap race.

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22 June 2008
Shoe Clinic Harbour Capital Marathon, Half Marathon & 10km Road Race

Congratulations to Brian Garmonsway who came 5th over in the half marathon run in a PB of 1:16:01. Bill Barclay also did a sterling effort of 1:47:20. Anne Dry completed the half marathon walk in 3:53:05. In the 10km run.
Full results here...

14 June 2008
Taranaki Open Walk

And there must have been a high all over the country this weekend because the good weather extended all the way up to Taranaki where Andrew Shelley and Jan Bliekendaal competed. Full results here... (no longer available)

Dorne Cup
There was blue and yellow everywhere – including the sky. What a superb day for a race. We had some great results.
Full results here...

7 June 2008
Childrens XCC race

There was a good turn-out and some very good times from our junior runners that had to battle a persistent and cold wind.
Full results here...

Bob Clarke Memorial Trophy for walkers
The creeks were full, the wind was blowing and the rain was threatening. It must be the day of the Bob Clarke Memorial Trophy for walkers.
Full results here...

CIT Circuit Walk Race
Eight TUH club members turned out for the 6km and 10km walking events around the CIT on 7th June, despite unsavoury weather conditions. In the 10km event, Micheal delivered a PB of 1:04:05, Sonja McLean exhibited a commendable effort of 1:10:19 and John Hines was hot on her heels finishing in 1:10:22, whilst Tessa Brown struggled in gusty wind to finish in 1:19:39. Our members did just as well in the 6km event with Andrew Shelly finishing in 41:21, Christine Taylor in 45:26, Elaine Johnson in 47:27 and Lou Gilmer in 52:07.

1st June 2008
Aurora Marathon

Apparently Upper Hutt delivered four seasons in one day for the Aurora Handicap Marathon & Teams ½ Marathon Relay & 50km Walk. The results for our Trentham members that competed in the marathon run was Brian Garmonsway in 3:08:46 (1st fastest time), Paul Homan in 3:20:01 (2nd fastest time) and Bill Barclay in 4:20:01. Sonja McLean completed the marathon walk in 5:34:28. We also had two running and one walking teams in the marathon relay: Murray Gilmer & Chris Homan (Sewer Rats) were the 1st relay team (3:25:25) and Alistair Gordon & Nicky Robinson (Blind Dates) were 3rd relay team (3:51:56). Anne Dry & John Ihaka (TUHW) completed the relay in 6:34:24 coming in 6th place. The 50km walking race was completed by Andrew Shelley in 5:56:07 (1st place) and Jan Bliekendaal in 7:01:21 (3rd place). Well done to all our competitors.
Race report from Jan Bliekendaal here…

SBS Christchurch Marathon
Steph Robinson traveled down to Christchurch to run the marathon, it had been a few years since her last one but Darryl was on hand as support crew. She completed it comfortably in 4:33:56.

New Zealand Duathlon Championships
Three club members competed in the New Zealand Duathlon Championships at Tank Farm in Auckland and all did exceptionally well. Congratulations go to Matt Grenfell who is the New Zealand Champion for Year 8 boys. Courtney Grenfell came 9th in a heavily contested New Zealand Secondary School Intermediate race. And Murray Doughty came 3rd Master in the 40+ New Zealand Duathlon event. A further congratulations is extended to Murray for gaining selection to the New Zealand Duathlon Team for the World Championships in Italy in September.

25th May 2008
Wellington Scottish Ekiden Relay

The Wellington Scottish Ekiden Relay was held on a course around the NZIC campus in Trentham, Upper Hutt. Our club had one team entered in the B Grade for Non-Championship race that came in an impressive 3rd place in a highly competitive event with an overall time of 4:31:44. Our team consisted of:
Leg 1 (7.195k): Michael Walton in 0:46:02
Leg 2 (5k): Viv Antcliff in 0:36:32
Leg 3 (7.5k): Jan Bliekendaal in 0:46:24
Leg 4 (10k): Tim Dutton in 1:02:50
Leg 5 (7.5k): Andrew Shelley in 0:45:45
Leg 6 (5k): Sonja McLean in 0:34:12

The A Grade race was won by Race Walking Auckland team in a total time of 3:42:36. The B Grade race was won by Taranaki Race Walking Club in 4:23:52 and the C Grade race was won by Rimutaka Walkers in 5:04:18.
Race report from Jan Bliekendaal here…

24th May 2008
Vosseler Shield

It was great to see so many of our Trentham singlets (mostly our juniors) running around arguably the toughest Wellington cross-country course there is on a cold wet southerly day. The open and masters women and U19 men started first completing one lap of the 5km course: Janet Crawford 0:25:40 (3rd masters woman), Sue van der Jagt 0:28:32 (10th masters woman) and Megan Dymond 0:33:56 (19th senior woman).
Tylor Gilmer was our only competitor in the 3.2k course for U16 men and did well coming 13th place in 0:11:15.
In the senior and master mens 10k race, Murray Doherty was 2nd masters man home (6th overall) in 0:42:36, Brian Garmonsway was 9th senior man in 0:43:28, Darryl Robinson was 6th masters man in 0:46:09 and Murray Gilmer was 46th masters man in 0:58:58.
Our juniors did us proud in the grueling 1.6k course. In the U11 girls race, Rebecca Williams was 3rd in 0:08:21 and Hannah Larkin was 14th in 0:11:14. In the U11 boys race, William Clarke was 5th in 0:08:20, Randall Tyler was 9th in 0:09:15, Oliver Floodsmith was 10th in 0:09:27 and Hamish Conighan was 15th in 0:09:44. In the U13 girls race, Rebecca Dobbin was 14th in 0:10:06. In the U13 boys race, Fletcher Grieves was 3rd in 0:07:11, Brandon Lynch was 7th in 0:07:43, Daniel Larken was 9th in 0:07:52, Stephen Boyle was 10th in 0:07:55, Stewart Hood was 13th in 0:08:02 and Henry Chandler was 25th in 0:10:30.
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11th May 2008
Masters Classic Relay

We had two hardy teams turn up on a freezing cold Sunday to take part in this great long-standing relay event. Unfortunately numbers were down this year so we will have to make an effort to organize more teams for next year! Well done to…

300+ Team
Mike Pattison 0:21:00
Dave Henry 0:22:35
Roy Rogers 0:25:01
Peter Thomas 0:26:12
Diane Rogers 0:22:50
Total Time 1:57:38

Pre-Vet Team (1st place)
Robin Curry 0:18.36
Paul Homan 0:15:54
Brian Garmonsway 0:14:11
Murray Gilmer 0:16:53
Jake Jacobsen 0:17:39
Total Time 1:23:13

3 May 2008
Shaw Baton Relay

Unfortunately the results for some of our junior teams are unknown. However, we do know that:
TUH boys 13yrs & under team (Stuart Hood, James Lynch, William Clark and Steven Boyle) placed 8th out of 11 teams.
TUH mixed 13 yrs & under team (Rebecca Williams, Rebecca Dobbin, Hamish Conaghan and Tyler Langerveld) placed 2nd out of 6 teams.
TUH senior mens team (Talor Gilmer, Terry Bedlington, Darryl Robinson, Matt Boyle Thomas Bedlington and Hugh Steel) came 8th out of 12 teams.

Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon
The 44th Lion Foundation Rotorua marathon was undertaken in what must have been trying conditions on 3rd May 2008. With chafing galore (I imagine), Brian Garmonsway completed the marathon run in 3:04:34, Miles Davison in 3:06:54, Paul Homan in 3:17:01 and Bill Barclay in 4:13:04. Both Andrew Shelley (4:52:20, PB) and Sonja McLean (5:39:42) did well in the competitive marathon walk, Jan Bliekendaal completed the walk in 5:04:54, a great effort for her first marathon. See full results here… (no longer available)

23 April 2008
Anzac Day Child Cancer Foundation races

A beautiful warm autumn day got the 2008 Anzac Day Child Cancer Foundation races in Carterton off to a good start on 23 April. Trentham United members won all of the races on offer! Fletcher Greaves got Trentham off to a good start by coming first in the 2km run in 7:30, with Danielle McLean an impressive fifth place in 9:04. Continuing this effort in the 5km run, Talor Gilmor was 1st in a very fast time of 17:51 and Caitlin Bedlington was 11th in 23:44. Lou Gilmer walked the 5km in 45:57. Andrew Shelley (1st in 61:48) and Sonja McLean (9th in 71:57) also did well in the 10km walk. Brian Garmonsway won the 10km run in 35:20, Paul Homan was 7th in 39:51, Murray Gilmer finished in 44:52, Bill Barcley in 46:55, Chris Homan in 49:09 and Diane Rogers in 57:28.
Full results here... (no longer available)

19th April 2008
Peter Tearle Handicap Walking Race

Winner of the trophy for 2008 was Andrew Shelley of Trentham United. Fastest man over the course was Peter Baillie, while fastest woman was Amelia de Lorenzo, both of Scottish. . Congratulations to Andrew Shelley (36:19; fourth fastest time overall and winner of the Peter Tearle Trophy), Jan Blienkendaal (35:40; third fastest time overall) and Sonja McLean (40:32).

19th April 2008
Novice and Presidents and Plowman Trophy for U11

Congratulations to Georgia Grenfell, winner of the Plowman Trophy for Under 11’s for her impressive time of 19:26 for the 2.92km course. Our other winners this year were Rachael James, Diane Rogers, Mike Pattison and Brian Garmonsway.

13th April 2008
Moonshine Half Marathon and 10km event

The Moonshine half marathon and 10k event was always going to be a success upon waking up on April 13th 2008 to warm autumnal sunshine. Both events were well attended with 123 competitors completing the half marathon and 495 competitors completing the 10km run & walk. Two club members entered the half marathon event; Darryl Robinson came 7th overall in 1:33:48 and Anne Dry completed the half marathon walk in 4:03:27. Some of our younger members did well in the 10km run: Talor Gilmer 0:38:56 and Renee Coffey 0:47:47.

6th April 2008
Porirua Grand Traverse

Michael Beaumont competed in the Porirua Grand Traverse on Sunday 6th April 2008 that involved a 33k mountain bike, 18k mountain run and a 12k kayak before a 100m dash to the finish line. Michael came 3rd overall in an impressive time of 4:04:44.

5th April 2008
2008 Great Forest Event

The 2008 Great Forest marathon took place on the 5th April. The winning men’s time for the marathon was 3:05:57 and club member Miles Davison was hot on his heels coming 2nd in 3:07:06. The winning time for the women was 3:18:40 and was won by Jean Beaumont – Michael’s sister. Peter Baillie won the marathon walk in 4:21:22 whilst the winning time for women was 5:34:16. Sonja McLean completed the Marathon walk in 5:47:51 (5th female). The half marathon run was won in 1:14:51 for men and 1:27:36 for women. Brian Garmonsway came 5th overall in the half marathon run in a time of 1:20:40, Bill Barclay completed the race in 1:44:23 and Raewyn Smellie in 1:57:57. The fastest wamans time for the half marathon walk was 2:18:44 and the fastest men’s time was 2:18:57. Ann Dry finished in 3:57:51. Christine Taylor and Robyn Evans raced the 10km walk in times of 1:17:57 and 1:22:06, respectively. Results...

Loco 5km Series, Upper Hutt
23 January, Race 1
Weather was warm and humid for the first event in this series .Congratulations to all who completed the race. Thank you to the large turn out of marshalls. Hope to see you all back on the 6th February.
Click here for Race 1 Results...

6 February, Race 2
Another nice warm evening with a slight breezefor the 59 competitors. Thank you to the turn out of marshalls. Hope to see you all back on the 20th February.
Click here for Race 2 Results...

20 February, Race 3
Still having a great run with the weather, not even a breeze for the 64 competitors. Thankyou to the turn out of marshalls. Hope to see you all back on the 5th of March.
Click here for Race 3 Results...

5 March, Race 4
A bit cooler tonight with 62 competitors. Thankyou to the turn out of marshalls. Hope to see you all back on the 19th of March.
Click here for Race 4 Results...

19 March, Race 5
A bit cooler tonight with 48 competitors. Thanks to all the marshalls who turned up to help in all the events and to all the competitors. Hope to see you all back again next year.
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