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We are the largest group of runners and walkers in the Upper Hutt valley. Our Club is built around friendly local people who just enjoy running and walking at all ages and ability levels.

Our goal is to encourage people of all ages to get fit in an easy and fun way, and those that are fit to get faster.


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Saturday 1 June 2024
Club Day
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

The start of winter, could be cold, wet and muddy - cross country season glory! Today will be pack runs and walks - varying distances and speeds but always regrouping every few km's. A great chance to swap war stories about Vosseler last weekend.

Saturday 8 June 2024
Dorne Cup
Trentham Memorial Park

The Dorne Cup - a winter cross country on our home ground and the second race on the inter-club calendar for those registered as a competitive athlete. This can be a very fast race if the conditions aren't too muddy, and if it is muddy a tough combination of speed and power. Check out our inter-club page for info on this long standing classic race.

Saturday 15 June 2024
Rhys Mair Memorial Trail Champs
King & Queen of the Mountain
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

For seniors we have the Rhys Mair Memorial Trail Champs today. Meet at the club and after notices we jog down to the start on the river trail near the driving range.

Further details here.

Walkers have King & Queen of the Mountain starting from the clubrooms to the top of Grace Nicholls Grove in Riverstone Terraces, mostly sealed road/footpath.

Juniors will have a regular club training session, likely based at TMP.

Saturday 22 June 2024
Club Day
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

Our third club day with no other competition races on! Let's have a big turn out and talk about the latest shoes and watches on our pack runs... Though there is the Wellington Marathon on the next day which is a popular event for our members so may not be such a big turn out.

Sunday 23 June 2024
Wellington Marathon
Sky Stadium

Wellington Marathon.

Saturday 29 June 2024
Eric Putter Memorial Relay
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

The Eric Putter Memorial Relay is a great event where teams are made up of runners and walkers of mixed ages and abilities. The club captain puts the teams together with the aim that they all finish at the same time. It's a great event to get the club mixing and everyone cheering on people. It is a popular event and the vibe is fantastic. Make sure you give it a crack!

Further details here.

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Latest Results & News

Saturday 25 May 2024
Vosseler Shield
Mt Victoria

Compared to last year's mud-fest, this year the Vosseler Shield was held in far more pleasant conditions. Having said that, the race takes no prisoners and there was bloody knees and legs aplenty. Post race commentary showed everyone had a tough day out there but I saw smiles on some folk who nailed PB's and achieved good results. Well done everyone.

Trentham United fielded the most teams of all the regions clubs with 15! Trentham United runners bagged five victories, all in the juniors - Taya Hines in Women U10, Nikos Kapoutsos in Men U12, Madison Wos in Women U16, Callum Wos in Men U18, and Max Poland in Mens U20.

The whole club had great success at this years Vosseler as we placed second in the Barry Everitt Plate. We have never placed higher than fourth and are typically fifth so this was a stand out result that everyone contributed to! Check this out.

I'll also make a special mention of our U10 boys and girls. We have a great group coming through which is exciting to see for the club. I hope you all enjoyed your blast around this famous Mt Vic race and we look forward to seeing you enjoy and develop your running.

Trenthan United top 10 results are below. For the full results head over to webscorer.

3rd - Carter Burt
5th - Zach Ellis
7th - Austin Spence

1st - Taya Hines
2nd - Jessa Blundell
5th - Briar Bridge
6th - Charlotte Jahnke

1st - Nikos Kapoutsos
2nd - Sanjith Aditya Ragunath
5th - Hugo Banner

2nd - Matthew Meiklejohn
9th - James Wallace
10th= - Thomas Millar
10th= - Caleb Wallace

4nd - Kiana Wealleans

5th - Bair Waldrom
6th - Finley Robinson
7th - Cameron Starr
8th - Joseph Du Toit
9th - Micah Berendsen

1st - Madison Wos
3rd - Elme Pienaar
6th - Savannah Allen
8th - Katie Jordan

1st - Callum Wos
4th - Caleb Rice

1st= - Max Poland
1st= - Josh Jordan

7th - Madeline Keown

2nd - Edd Charlton-Weedy
7th - Josh Campbell

7th - Shar Mcdonald
8th - Sarah Tobin

5th - Belinda Walker
10th - Liz Gibson

4th - Stephen Mair
9th - Gerard Bourke

2nd - David Hood
8th - Terry Bedlington

3rd - Trish Coley

In the teams competition, we took four wins. Here is how we stacked up:

1st - Taya Hines, Jessa Blundell, Briar Bridge
2nd - Carter Burt, Zach Ellis, Austin Spence
4th - Hazel Roos, Ruby-Rose Hepi, Miller Hines
1st - Nikos Kapoutsos, Sanjith Aditya, Hugo Banner
3rd - Kiana Wealleans, Charlotte Boyd, Olivia Boyd
2nd - Matthew Meiklejohn, James Wallace, Thomas Millar
2nd - Bair Waldrom, Finley Robinson, Cameron Starr
1st - Madison Wos, Elme Pienaar, Savannah Allen
MU18 & MU20:
1st - Max Poland, Josh Jordan, Callum Wos
2nd - Shar Mcdonald, Sarah Tobin, Michelle Wos
4th - Belinda Walker, Trish Coley, Liz Gibson
3rd - Edd Charlton-Weedy, Josh Campbell, Kevin Fink
2nd - Stephen Mair, Gerard Bourke, David Hood
Open Women:
5th - Madeline Keown, Shar Mcdonald, Sarah Tobin
Open Men:
4th - Edd Charlton-Weedy, Josh Campbell, Kevin Fink, Findlay Benge, Michael Beaumont, Matt Durney

Wednesday 22 May 2024
College Sport Wellington Cross Country Champs
Harcourt Park

The Trentham Harriers college runners also had fantastic results in their respective races. Full results on webscorer.

Boys Y9 & Under:
4th - Jacob Rice
8th - Cam Starr
12th - James Wallace

Girls Y9 & Under:
10th - Elme Pienaar

Boys U16:
6th - Bair Waldrom
14th - Fin Robinson
32nd - Joseph Du Toit

Girls U16:
1st - Madison Wos
4th - Zoe Hilton
8th - Savannah Allen
14th - Katie Jordan

Boys U19:
2nd - Callum Wos
16th - Caleb Rice

Friday 17 May 2024
Wellington Intermediate's Cross Country
Harcourt Park

Trentham Harriers had fantastic results in their respective races. Luke P took third in Y8 boys, Kiana W won by a comfortable margin in Y7 girls, and Thomas M, Caleb W and Nikos K placed first, second and third and Mido came in 6th in Y7 boys! Well done! As is tradition they will be hares and tail end charlies next weekend at the primary school Upper Valley cross country.

Tuesday 14 May 2024
College Sport Wellington Cross Country Relay

Callum, Caleb, Bair, Fin, Madison, Katie, Savannah, Zoe, Jacob, Cam and James represented their colleges at the Cross Country Relays and performed well. Callum Wos looked to have run the fastest individual time of the day too. Full results on webscorer.

Sunday 12 May 2024
Manawatu Striders Half Marathon
Palmerston North

Anne Dry took on the Manawatu half marathon along the river bank in Palmy on a lovely Sunday. Anne completed the very scenic race in 4:30:53. Well done Anne.

Saturday 11 May 2024
University Cross Country Relays
Chocolate Walk
Mackays Crossing

Another fantastic turn out for Trentham United. The weather has been fairly good so the course was hard packed and quite fast. There was a great vibe on coast with the music pumping and everyone enjoying the racing. Our open relay team scored a fantastic win, and our U10 boys and girls are running extrememly well! Exciting for the club.

The brand new format of mixed teams was trialed and it seemed to be very successful. Within that, our club captain Stephen further opted to mix the abilty of most Trentham teams rather than ranking teams from fastest. With so many competitors I have just list our 3 highest placings. For the full results including individual times head over to webscorer.

MU10 1.2km:
2nd - Carter Burt
5th - Campbell Byrne
6th - Austin Spence

WU10 1.2km:
1st - Taya Hines
3rd - Jessa Blundell
4th - Poppy Penny

U14 Relay:
2nd - Matthew Meiklejohn, Kiana Wealleans, Thomas Millar
12th - James Wallace, Hazel Roos, Caleb Wallace
13th - Sanjith Aditya Ragunath, Taylah Nightingale, Nikos Kapoutsos

Junior Open Relay:
1st - Josh Jordan, Zoe Hilton, Callum Wos, Madison Wos
6th - Max Poland, Savannah Allen, Bair Waldrom, Elme Pienaar
10th - Jacob Rice, Stefania Butler, Caleb Rice, Katie Jordan

Open Relay:
5th - Brian Garmonsway, Shar McDonald, Edd Charlton-Weedy, Madeline Keown
10th - Hugh Taylor, Bethany Walker, Findlay Benge, Sarah Tobin

University Relay:
10th - Cameron Starr, Joseph Du Toit, Hugo Boyd, Matthew Meiklejohn
24th - Fin Robinson, Sarah Du Toit, Jade Wood, Casey Kyle
27th - Tim Boyd, Emily Gias-Wealleans, Carl Berendsen, Scott Waldrom

170 Champs Relay:
11th - Kevin Fink, Rachel Watson, Matt Durney, Michelle Wos
15th - Mark Boyd, Nicole Penny, Philip Secker, Liz Gibson

240 Champs Relay:
4th - Kevin Thompson, Belinda Walker, Gerard Bourke, Trish Coley

Update: Chocolate Walk results have been released. Clive and Jackie were first across the line but this race is a turkey trot so the winner is closest to their estimated time. In that, Steph placed 2nd woman and Clive 3rd male.

Saturday 4 May 2024
Novice & Presidents Race
Steve Plowman Trophy
Bob Clark Memorial Trophy for Walkers
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

We had a big turn out today, and a sensational sunny dry day for the racing. This racing can be very unpredicatable and hectic with everyone's handicap being so difficult to determine this early in the season. Big thanks to club captain Steven Mair for putting hours into that, we appreciate this!

If anyone see's mistakes in the results please let us know. We had some challenges...

Race results:


1st - Sage Penny
2nd - Ela Charlton-Weedy
3rd - Matheson Byrne

Steve Plowman U12

1st - Hazel Jahnke
2nd - Travis Robertson
3rd - Evie Durrant

For the full results of Steve Plowman click here.


1st - Katie Jordan
2nd - Tora Davies
3rd - Micah Berendsen

Trentham and Buddle Trophies for Women

1st - Nicole Penny
2nd - Kayo Campbell
3rd - Trish Coley

Novice and Presidents Trophies for Men

1st - Ragunath Markandan
2nd - Scott Waldrom
3rd - Gerard Bourke

Bob Clarke Memorial Walk Individual Results

1st - Clive McGovern
2nd - Jon Roskvist
3rd - Richard Willis

Bob Clarke Memorial Walk Hidden Team Handicap

1st - Geoff Iremonger & Richard Willis
2nd - Clive McGovern & Andrea Kapoutsos
3rd - Jon Roskvist & Charlotte Roos

For the full webscorer results of Novice & Presidents click here.

Click here for the full results showing finishing order and also a final column with everyone's actual run time.

See the results page for more results.