2011 Results

Saturday 10 September
Marton-Wanganui Relay

Three teams from Trentham United competed in the Marton to Wanganui relay. Unfortunately, individuals within teams and individual times are not currently available. However, our 'Trentham Gold' walking team placed 2nd in a collective time of 7:03:23 (well done) and our 'Trentham Silver' walking team finished in 13th place in a time of 8:23:16. Our running team finished in 5th place in a time of 4:24:44. Andrew Shelley completed the entire race as an individual walking entry and finished in 7th place in a time of 7:56:46!
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Saturday 03 September
*^Eric Putter Memorial Relay - Piper Trophy, (Ladder Event)

It was perfect conditions again for our final ladder event. We had a record turn-out and were able to put together ten teams of eight members each! Congratulations goes to the winning team comprised of Nikolai Allen, Emma Main, Hamish Cathcart, Ray McConnochie, Richard Willis, Jack Thompson, Craig Pitman and David Hood.
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Saturday 27 August
*Mangaroa Handicap Road Races, Mangaroa Circuit for Thomas Trophies & Valley Relay for Walkers (Runners Ladder Event)

Another perfect race day with clear and calm conditions which made for some fast times.
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Saturday 20 August
NZ Road Championships, Wellington

Conditions were calm and clear on the waterfront in Wellington for the 2011 NZ Road Champs race. This made for some very fast times. Trentham members who competed in this event were Terry Bedlington (M50), McKenzie Jacques (B&G12), Madison Nydam (B&G12), Emma Main (B&G12) and Nikolai Allen (B&G12).
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We also had several members competing representing Wellington in the NZ Road Walking Championships including Andrew Paton, Stuart Hood and Jackie Wilson. Jackie did exceptionally well and managed to break the W65 10km record (well done!). Click here for full results... (no longer available)

Saturday 13 August
Bays Relay Running Event (Interclub Event)

The Vet Men 50+ team comprising of David Hood (x2), Terry Bedlington, Brett Wilby and Paul Homan finished in 2nd place only about 3 minutes behind the winning team in a total time of 1:28:55. The Senior Womens team comprising of Emily Kelly, Katie Topham, Teresa Cox, Shauni James and Kelly Field finished in 6th place in a total time of 1:43:51. The Senior Mens team comprising of Michael Du Toit, Sean Read, Chris Homan, Stuart Hood and Michael Beaumont finished in 8th place in a total time of 1:24:28.
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Saturday 06 August
Wellington Road Running Champes

It was great to see so many Trentham United members competing in the Wellington Road Champs! Whilst there are too many to mention here (you will have to look at the full results), special mention goes to McKenzie Jacques (1st in G11), Nikolai Allen (1st in B11), Logan Slee (2nd in B11), Charlotte Floodsmith-Ryan (1st in G9), Luke Elliot (3rd in B9) Emily Kelly (5th in W16), Kevin Thompson (9th in M40) and David Hood (9th in M50).
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Saturday 30 July
^*Club Road Champs & Chelsea, McKee Cobbler, Ross Sealed Handicap Road Races plus 5km Hidden Handicap Race for Walkers (Ladder Event)

Perfect conditions made for some fast times.
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Saturday 23 July
Club Day & ^King & Queen of the Mountain Race for Walkers (Walkers Ladder Event)

The fastest person on handicap was Anne Dry, who for the second year running beat the handicapper and claims the title of Queen of the Mountain. Her winning margin was, however, reduced from 6 minutes to 2:30. The fastest male was Stuart Hood, who was also the last to start. Stuart beat Jon Roskvist by just 8s to claim the title of King of the Mountain. In fact, the handicapper did such an accurate job, 14 out of the 16 walkers finished within only a couple of minutes of each other. Although I suspect, one walker might find a more severe handicap time for her future races See below for individual results.

Name Finish Time Actual Time Position
Anne Dry 0:50:57 0:44:42 F1 Queen of the Mountian
Lou Gilmer 0:52:27 0:37:42 F2
Stuart Hood 0:52:31 0:26:01 M1 King of the Mountain
Jill Birkett 0:52:37 0:35:07 F3
Jon Roskvist 0:52:43 0:28:43 M2
Warren Jowett 0:52:47 0:32:47 M3
Sonja McLean 0:53:05 0:35:05 F4
Buck Birkett 0:53:13 0:41:43 M4
Jackie Wilson 0:53:27 0:31:42 F5
Andrew Shelley 0:53:28 0:27:13 M5
Alison Murray 0:53:34 0:39:19 F6
Louise Hammond 0:53:50 0:39:23 F7
Clive Keating 0:53:54 0:37:35 M6
Pat Scholes 0:53:49 0:40:09 F8
Petronella Lazet 0:54:49 0:40:04 F9
Viv Antcliff 0:59:22 0:41:37 F10

NZ XCC, Canterbury
The course at Halswall Quarry in Christchurch was hard and fast. Janet Pitman ran the 6km course in 25:07 and placed 7th overall in the Masters Womens race (4th in 35-39 age group). The Wellington Masters Womens team of Gabrielle O'Rourke (WAHC), Stephanie MacKenzie (Scottish), Janet Pitman and Mandy Simpson (Scottish) also took out the team gold. Emily Kelly ran a 4km course in 20:20 and placed 26th in the Womens 16 race. Click here for full results...

Saturday 09 July
Wellington XCC, Waikanae, Plus A Judged, B Scrutinised Graded Race Walks (Interclub Event)

With the bizarre weather at Waikanae today, we really were pretty lucky to get all the races completed before the massive hail storm set in. We were very lucky to have Chris Homan there to set up the Trentham tent - thanks Chris. The new course proved tough with the usual flat section around the paddock replaced with a tough hilly section. The course was also reported to be approximately 200m per lap longer. We took out several top ten places including a shared fastest time in the B11 race. Once again our junior runners did Trentham proud.
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In the 5km walkers race, Trentham had a clean sweep taking out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places. Congratulations to Andrew Patton (1st, 29:39), Jon Roskvist (2nd, 31:05) Jacqui Wilson (3rd, 33:58), Warren Jowett (4th, 35:16) and John Ihaka (5th, 35:51).
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North Island XCC, Taupo

Terry Bedlington completed the tough 6km course in 26:13 and was 21st in the MM50+ race and 12th in his age group MM50-54. Click here for mens results... (no longer available)
Janet Pitman also competed in the 5km W35+ race and was 4th overall and 2nd in her age group. Click here for womens results... (no longer available)

Saturday 18 June
*^Sanders & Gough XC Races, Trentham United Clubrooms (Ladder Event)

It was a great turn-out from all the clubs. Thank you to all our members for bringing a plate, the food presented was absolutely delicious and great to see so much home baking. Now to the results.... there is a change to the results announced after the race. The Challenge Shield (U14 race) was taken out by Hutt Valley, not Trentham as announced.
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Saturday 11 June
Dorne Cup, Trentham Memorial Park (Interclub event)

The creek was full and ground sodden so slower times were a certainty this year. But it was great to see so many Trentham juniors and men out there battling the field. Several members achieved top ten placings and a 1st and 2nd place in team results! See the table below for Trentham competitors.
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Sunday 05 June
Aurora Handicapped Marathon, Upper Hutt

It was warm and wet conditions this year for the Aurora handicapped marathon. Members results are below. Team 'G-Force' were 3rd, 'Trentham Gallopers' were 6th, 'Watch Ya Back' were 7th and 'Bad to the Bone' were 8th.
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Team Name Walk/Run Leg 1 Time Name Walk/Run Leg 2 Time Total Time
G-Force Lou Gilmer Walk 2:58:39 Murray Gilmer Run 1:40:12 4:38:51
Trentham Gallopers Bill Barclay Run 2:01:25 Fiona McCrudden Run 2:28:39 3:58:28
Watch Ya Back Terry Bedlington Run 1:40:30 Mike Beaumont Run 1:22:30 3:03:00
Bad to the Bone Janet Pitman Run 1:33:00 Kerry Matthews Run 1:49:47 3:22:47

Saturday 28 May
*Club XC Championships & ^Walker XC Relay for Bob Clark Memorial Trophy (Ladder Event)

Well done to all the juniors that negotiated the high stream level on Saturday. It's good practise for the Donre Cup in two weeks time! Congratulations to all the grade trophy winners. This was the second ladder event of the season. This was the second ladder event of the season. Click here for ladder results...
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Sunday 22 May
Ekiden Walking Relay, Upper Hutt (Interclub event)

Trentham United members John Ihaka, Andrew Paton, Viv Antcliff, Andrew Shelley, Warren Jowett and Patrick Tito competed in the highly contested Ekiden Relay around the CIT circuit in Trentham and were placed 7th out of 11 teams. A special mention goes to Andrew Shelley who chopped 1min 20sec off his PB. See below for club members results.
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Name Distance Time
John Ihaka 7.195km 0:49:55
Andrew Paton 5km 0:34:29
Vivienne Antcliff 7.5km 0:58:40
Andrew Shelley 10km 1:00:05
Warren Jowett 7.5km 0:57:18
Patrick Tito 5km 0:35:41

Team Total Time: 4:45:08
Team Place: 7th

Saturday 21 May
Vosseler Shield Races XC, Mt Vic, Wellington (Interclub event)

We had several members in the top ten in their grades. Well done to everyone who gave this tough course a go! See below for Trentham athletes results.
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Saturday 14 May
The North Face 100

This is an extreme 100km mountain race that takes place in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia. With limited checkpoints at 18km, 38km, 54km, 65km and 89 km, competitors really do have to fend for themselves carrying most of their required drink and food as well as a substantial amount of clothing. Temperatures in the Blue Mountains can get extrememly cold and it was only 5 degrees C on race day. Michael Beaumont completed the course in 12:12:40 and finished in 25th place overall and 21st in the Open Male category. His sister Jean (not a member) also did extremely well, finishing in 12:43:20 and placing 5th overall female. A tremendous, if not slightly crazy, effort Michael - well done. Now put your feet up and relax!.
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Saturday 07 May
University Relays & The Chocolate Race & The Younger's Races- QEII Park, Paekakariki (Interclub event)

The team results for the University Relay event are listed below in order of team finishing times. Special mentions go to Michael Du Toit and Teresa Cox for doing two laps each, and to Stuart Hood for doing a lap following a very impressive walking effort in The Chocolate Race only several hours prior (see below team table).

University Relay Results
In the Junior Men grade, Trentham teams placed 6th,14th and 17th.
In the Senior Men grade, Trentham teams placed 10th and 12th out of 14 teams.
In the Open Women grade, the trentham team had the 5th fastest time (out of 11 teams) but was not placed due to Teresa having to run two laps.

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The Chocolate Race Results
The Chocolate Race is a handicapped event whereby the person who wins is the one closest to their predicted time. Whilst Stuart Hood had the fastest time (a very impressive time of 34:40), he was too fast for his predicted time. An awesome effort Stuart. Andrew Paton also did a very good time of 42:24 but again was too fast for his predicted time.
Click here for full results for The Chocolate Walk... (no longer available)

The Younger's Races Results
There was a great turn out by our younger junior runners in the The Younger's Races. Congratulations to those who placed in their respective races (Emma Main, MacKenzie Jacques, Nicoli Allen & Charlotte Flood). See table below for members results.
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Sunday 08 May
Masters Classic Relay XC (Trentham Memorial Park)

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Saturday 30 April
Shaw Baton Relays XC (Interclub event)

Congratulations to all those club members that participated in these events, it is so great to get those Trentham colours out there en masse. We had placings in several categories and some great individual results (see below). Special mention for a great effort go to Charlotte Flood and Luke Elliot.
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1st place: Composite grade (TU9: Hannah Larkin, Alexia Robinson, Rhys Mair, Jack Thompson)
2nd place: GU11 grade (TU8: Charlotte Ryan, MacKenzie Jacques, Emma Main, Madison Robinson)
1st place: BU11 grade (TU7: Luke Elliot, Harry Poland, Logan Slee, Nikolai Allen)
10th place: W19&U grade (TU5: Georgina Blane, Emily Kelly, Kara Orr, Katy Topham)
5th place: M19&U grade (TU6: Michael Du Toit, Steven Boyle, Sean Read, Fletcher Greaves, Mitchell Slee, Stuart Hood) 11th place: M19&U grade (TU4: Matt Carter, Jason Steere, Josh Ledger, Andrew Paton, Alex Gray, Daniel Larkin) 5th place: SW grade (TU3: Shauni James, Teresa Cox, Gill McNaught, Trish Coley) 6th place: SM grade (TU1: Brian Garmonsway, Kevin Thompson, Kent Lawson, Terry Bedlington, Darryl Robinson, Chris Homan)
12th place: SM grade (TU2: Daniel Larkin, Randall Tyler, Alistair Gordon, Paul Homan, Alen Rakich, Vincent Blain)

Boys 9 Years & Under Individual race:
3rd place - Luke Elliot
8th place - Jacob Elliot
15th place - Dante Allen
21st place - Damoe Du Toit

Girls 9 Years & Under Individual race:
1st place - Charlotte Flood

Saturday 30 April
Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon (NZ Marathon Championship)

The conditions were hot and several members had a hard day at the office with cramping and dehydration - all part and parcel of yet another Rotorua marathon. Again, Trentham United singlets were out in force and we had a top 10 placing - special mention goes to Jackie Wilson for a fantastic time in her marathon. For many others, it was also their first marathon effort. See below for summary of members results (If I have accidentally missed your result, please let me know).
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Results in Full Marathon Run:
3:20:56 Janet Pitman (17th female overall)
3:51:14 Kerry Mattews (71st female overall; PB)
4:43:04 Bill Barclay (580th male overall)
4:47:54 Andrew Shelley (599th male overall)

Results in Full Marathon Competitive Walk:
5:18:41 Jackie Wilson (10th female overall; 1st marathon)
5:30:04 John Roskvist (14th male overall; 1st marathon)
5:38:24 Jenny Lippross (19th female overall; 1st marathon)

Results in Full Marathon Recreational Walk:
6:54:12 Lou Gilmer (112th female overall; 1st marathon)

Results in Half Marathon Run:
1:21:14 Michael Beaumont (11th male overall)
1:33:38 David Hood (32th male overall)
1:51:42 Suz van der Jagt (68th female overall)

Results in Half Marathon Walk:
2:48:29 Jill Birkett (22nd female overall)
2:57:35 Mark Bassett (26th male overall)
2:57:49 Helen Bassett (78th female overall)
3:56:13 Anne Dry (298th female overall)

Results in Quarter Marathon Run & Walk:
(placings not mentioned due to runners & walkers results combined)
1:36:13 Margaret Bowmar
1:36:13 Alan Bowmar
1:38:23 Pat Scholes
1:39:02 Della McConnochie

Results in 5km Run & Walk:
(placings not mentioned due to runners & walkers results combined)
0:46:17 Ray McConnochie
0:54:29 Carolyn Robertson
0:54:29 Pam MacNeill
0:54:36 Colleen Piper

Saturday 23 April
*^Novice & President Races plus Steve Plowman Trophy for U11 PLUS Club Day (Ladder Event)

It was the perfect conditions for the Novice & Presidents races today. Ground surface was hard and fast (supposedly?) and the sun was shining. The creek crossing was a bit tricky this year after some recent bull-dozing work which made it a real cross-country race! Congratulations to Jacob Elloit, Andrew Paton, Brett Wilby, Kevin Thomson, Teresa Cox and Kim Hammer-Hurst for winning trophies on handicapped time. And also congratulations to our first walker home, Peter Stewart.
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2011 Moonshine

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