2006 Results & News

9 December
Wanganui 3 Bridges

Wanganui once again turned on a nice day for this event with just a slight breeze now and again. Results are as follows Marathon Run: Paul Homan 2nd in 3:10:34. Marathon Walk: Andrew Shelley 5:06:25. Half Marathon Run: Murray Gilmer 1:40:10; Bill Barclay 1:59:56. Half Marathon Walk: Jan Bliekendaal 3rd Women in 2:29:22; Anne Dry 3:38:21. 10k Run: Robin Curry 47:01.
Full results here...

Napier City Pak'nSave
Half Marathon
Robin Curry did the 10k run in 45:39

3 December
Porirua Sundown Rotary Club

5 members competed in this event which used to go around the Pauatahanui Inlet, but due to road safety it started at the Plimmerton Domain and heads up to Pukerua Bay and back (12km approx).
In the Run Tim Armstrong came 2nd= with Mike Wakelin 44:55; Bill Barclay 1:03:48. In the Walk Pat Scholes & Carolyn Robertson 1:48:56; Anne Dry 2:05:15.

18 November
Molesworth Run

Sue Marfell went down to compete in this event as she has done in previous years with here Blenheim team mates. Her team "The Blondes" came 5th in 6:31:37.
Results here...

18 NovemberNTC-
Central Region

3000m Walk: Andrew Shelley 23:11:81

11 November
Gladstone Scarecrow Scamper: Wairarapa.

A challenging, and hilly 5km & 10km Cross Country Course' which started from Gladstone School to the water tower and back to Gladstone School. In the 5km Walk: Ray McConnochie 1:09. In the 10km Run: Bill Barclay 1:14. In the 10km Walk: Tessa Brown 1:40; Terry Piper 1:54; Carolyn Robertson 1:55 Margaret Bomar 1:55; Della McConnochie 2:20 Colleen Piper 2:25; Anne Dry 2:26. Times courtesy of Carolyn Robertson.

Sorry for taking so long putting Kelly and your results on.

11 November
Feilding Marathon

Feilding turned on a nice cloudy day for Kelly Robinson's first marathon with a strong breeze towards the later stages of the race, she placed 2nd in her age grade and finished in a time of 4:50:33.

8 November
Push Play Corporate Challenge

5km race on Wellington water front. Tim Armstrong came 3rd in 17:19. and Janet Crawford was 2nd Women in 20:01. Results (no longer available)

5 November
Wellington Masters 10km Road Race

4 club members turned out to compete in this event. Results are as follows: Paul Homan 36:16; Sue Marfell 43:31; Dave Henderson 44:04; Peter Thomas 56:14. Full results here (no longer available)

5 November
Bridge to Bridge 5km & 10km Run / Walk Race

We had some good results in this event but as with some fun runs and walks, times aren't recorded. If you did the event and have a time please email us. The results we have are,10km run: Darryl Robinson 3rd in about 38:40. The 5km run was won by Chris Homan in 21:10, followed by the 1st girl Caitlin Bedlington 21:44; then Lucy and Georgia Grenfell, 3rd & 4th respectively.

29 October
Auckland Marathon

As far as I know Alex McKenzie was the only one from the club who participated. Alex did the marathon in a time of 3:23:16 placing him 9th in his age grade. If anyone else did the race please let Shona know.
Full results...

21 October
Wilderness Expo, Harcourt Park.

In what was mainly a pleasant day, enjoyed by most who approached the the race for what it was intended to be an adventure and not an easy race course. We had 6 members front up to the challenge. Viv Antcliff & Clive Keating did the 10km walk with Viv the 2nd walker in a time of 1:33:06 & Clive 1:37:19. Terry Bedlington did the run in 56:47. John Marlow was the only member competing in the Half run 2:12:10. Chris Homan was 3rd in the 5.5km run in 31:59 & Caitlin Bedlington 5th in 37:45.

15 October
Masterton Marathon, Half Marathon & 10km

Conditions in Masterton were a lot better than in the Valley, but there were some windy parts on the course. In the half marathon run Darryl Robinson 1:26:51; Paul Homan 1:28:31; Jake Jacobsen 1:32:43; Murray Gilmer 1:43:43; Terry Bedlington 1:43:49; David Henderson 1:48:34; Bill Barclay 1:58:20 and Steph Mercer 2:01:02. In the half walk Anne Dry 3:41:01. In the 10km event Robin Curry 47:52; Tessa Brown 1:24:09 and Lou Gilmer 1:30:30.
Full results here...

7 October
NZ Road Relay's, Feilding

This year we entered a composite running team and Andrew Shelley competed in a Valleys walking team. Both teams did the short course of 6 laps with lap 3 being deleted for some silly reason. Andrew did the 2nd lap for his team which finished 3rd out of the 12 teams. The Trentham Composite team in lap order of Paul Homan, Murray Doughty, Janet Crawford, Tim Armstrong, Brian Garmonsway and Sue Marfell took 2nd place out of 20 teams only 31 seconds behind the winning team with that unforgetable 3rd leg being removed. Full results (no longer available)

17 September
Pelorus Trust Half Marathon, 10km & 5km

A large number of club members competed in this event on what was a pleasant morning. Provisional results are as follows: Half Marathon Run: 3rd Tim Armstrong 1:19:54, Brian Garmonsway 1:24:08; Paul Homan 1:27:46; Kevin Burney 1:29:49; Sue Marfell 1:36:39; Alex McKenzie 1:36:54; Terry Bedlington 1:40:02; Christina Wilson 1:40:55; Sonja McLean 1:47:13; Murray Gilmer 1:50:45; Steph Mercer 1:54:14; Bill Barclay 1:58:54; Peter Thomas 2:23:11. Half Marathon Walk: Anne Dry 3:30:07. 10km Run: 5th Darryl Robinson 0:37:09; Robin Curry 45:07. 10km Walk: Jenny Lippross 1:18:46;Lou Gilmer 1:35:35; Ange Armstrong 1:38:47. 5km event Talor Gilmer 0:19:56; Chris Homan 0:25:55. 5km Walk: Angela Burney 0:36:53. I have missed some results but will list them when the full result are listed. Results here...

16 September
Belvedere Block Rd Relays, Carterton

Trentham had 1 walker; 5 junior teams; 1 master mens and 1 master womens team competing this year. A strong north-westerly at the start and finish of the course made it interesting. Full results will be here soon.

9 September
Marton - Wanganui Ultra

Andrew Shelley was the club's only walker in this event. Andrew's time was faster than last year completing the 68km in 8hrs 7min.

2 September
Eric Putter Relay
The Eric Putter Relay this year was won by Liam Taylor; Caitlin Bedlington; Helen Bassett; Nigel Doyle and Brian Garmonsway. Thanks to Keith and Shona for time recording.
Full Results here...
The Eric Putter relay was also the final event on the runner's & walkers club ladders for the year. Congratulations to our runners ladder winners - Christina Wilson(Senior Women), Darryl Robinson (Senior Men), Sonja McLean (Veteran Women), Terry Bedlington (Veteran Men). Congratulation to our Walkers ladder winners - Angela Burney( Senior Women), Andrew Shelley (Senior Men), Viv Antcliff (Veteran Women), Clive Keating ( Veteran Men)

26 August
Hawkes Bay Marathon

The club trip to this event was blessed with great weather while the rest of you back here were getting drenched. We had a lot of good results at Hawkes Bay with Paul Homan coming 6th overall and 2nd in his age grade. Janet Crawford was 2nd Women and 11th overall. Ken McNatty was 1st in his age grade and Sonja McLean 2nd in her grade. In the teams run Jake Jacobsen and Kevin Burney came 3rd. The walkers teams of Christel and John Webb came 12th, Jenny and Geoff Lippross came 13th. In the 10km Walk Patrick Tito came 2nd followed by Terry Piper for 3rd. There are many more results that can be viewed here (no longer available).

20 August
Manawatu Striders Half Marathon

We only have results for the half marathon event so far. Half marathon run: Darryl Robinson 1:21:09, 4 th in age grade & 6th overall; Brian Garmonsway 1:21:55 and Steph Mercer 1:52:35.Half marathon walk: Phil Taylor 3:01:48; Anne Dry no time.
Full list of Half Marathon results are here...
If you did the 10k or 5k events and recorded your own time could you email them to Shona so we can but them on the website. Photo's on NESPORT website.

19 August
Wellington Road Championships (CIT Circuit)

We had 27 Runners and 3 Walkers compete in this year's event. There was a persistent northerly and bands of light showers in the afternoon event. It was good to see the large support of club members and parents cheering on the children and adults in there races with some really good result from our juniors. You will notice some errors in names, grades and placing's on Scottish's full results (no longer available).
I hope I've corrected them in this list of members results....

12 August
Bays Relay

We entered 3 teams this year. Two mixed teams and one senior team. The senior team came 5th in a total time of 1:24:04. The mixed teams came 3rd and 4th in 1:40:30 and 1:41:51. Weather was fine but some areas had a strong sea breeze. There seems to be a error in the times of the mixed teams, as Mixed A finished ahead of Mixed B but Mixed B has the faster time and Jake said he took 20 minutes something for his leg. Club Team results here.
Full provisional results can be viewed here..

12 August
Walkers Valley Relay

This was held today as last week a number of walkers went to the Taupo Levene Half Marathon. The winning team this year is Viv Antcliff Pat Scholes and Terry Piper.
Full results here...

5 August
Levene Half Marathon

A small group of club members went to Taupo for this event. Results are as follows: Half Marathon Run Janet Crawford 1:33:18; . Half Marathon Walk Patrick Tito 2:47:32; Jenny Lippross 2:51:50; Patricia Scholes 3:16:04;Tessa Brown 3:16:59; Julie Lewis 3:23:20. Full results are available here (no longer available).

5 August
National Cross Country Races

We had 4 members compete in this event this year with Sue Marfell and Murray Doughty representing Wellington. The oustanding result would have to be Matt Grenfell which came down to a sprint at the finish line and picking up 2nd place in the 12 years & under grade in a time of 7:24. Sue Marfell also did well with a 4th place in her age grade in 27:07.07. In the Master Men's Murray Doughty 30:22.22 and Marty Grenfell 37:55.94. Full results here (no longer available).

5 August
Mangaroa Handicap Road Race.

The Mangaroa Handicap Road Race was held on a nice warm day compared to other years. Brian Garmonsway held out Darryl Robinson in a close finish to be the first male and Diane Rogers was first women.
The Walkers Valley relay was postponed to the following week.
Results are here...

29 July
King & Queen of the Mountain

Congratulations to Patrick Tito who is the King of the Mountain for 2006. Sonja McLean who has never been for a walk before was hard to estimate a time for, ended up the fastest women walker and Queen of the Mountain for 2006.
Results are here...

23 July
Wellington Masters' 8km Road Race

Good results at the Wellington Masters' Road Race at Johnsonville with Sue Marfell 1st Women in 36:34 and Gretchen Lash was the 1st Women Walker in 50:29 for 6.4km. Kevin Burney was our clubs first runner in 34:35; Diane Rogers 42:12; Peter Thomas 47:02 and Roy Rogers 50:09. The Jim Lockhart and Mariette Hewitson Memorial Baton for breaking an age record in the run was Ellis Goodyear (Capital Harriers).
Full results are available here (no longer available)

15 July
Wellington Cross Country Champ's

The Club had 20 members competing in this event which was warm and sunny for most of the day. We had some good results. Murray Doughty came 4th overall in the Master Men's race, but picked up the bronze medal for the Wellington Center which qualifies him for a place in the Wellington team to compete at the National Cross Country Champ's at Stratford in August along with Sue Marfell. Murray's time for the 8km was 30:56; Paul Homan 36:05; Terry Bedlington 38:32; Dave Henderson 42:16 and Murray Gilmer 42:21. A good result in Master Women 6km as Sue Marfell came 4th in a time of 28:56; Sonja McLean 33:32; Diane Rogers 35:12.
Also there were lots of good placings by the juniors. U10's 1.5km: Georgia Grenfell 5th 8:12; James Lynch 8:25 and Terry Lynch 9:47. U12's 3km: Kate Upton 17:30 and Charlotte McLean 21:30. U14's 3km: Talor Gilmer 14:29; Brandon Lynch 14:54;Caitlin Bedlington 5th 15:37; Lucy Grenfell 17:55 and Corinna Hutt 19:34. U17's 4km Courtney Grenfell 19:09 6th and Chris Homan 6km 30:03.
Full results here (no longer available)

15 July
New Balance Road Racing Walking Series.

Andrew Shelley did the 10km race in 1:03:12 and Patrick Tito the 5km but did not finish. Full results here (no longer available).

8 July
Club Road Championships and Chelsea Handicap races.

The Club Road Championships and Chelsea Cup handicap races were held today in perfect conditions for running and walking. Results are:Runners' Road Championships. Winners are: Darryl Robinson, Senior Men; Janet Crawford, Senior Women; Murray Doughty, Masters Men; Sonja McLean, Masters Women; Tanya Harrison, Girls Under 18; Chris Homan, Boys Under 18;Corrina Hutt, Girls Under 16; Hogan Gunn, Boys Under 16; Renne Coffey, Girls Under 14;Patrick Carson, Boys Under 14; McKenzie Nickless, Girls Under 11; Fletcher Greaves, Boys Under 11.Runners' Chelsea Cup hidden handicap races. Winners are: John Marlow, Senior & Master Men; Diane Rogers, Senior & Master Women; Corrina Hutt, Girls Under 16; Hogan Gunn, Boys Under 16;Charlotte McLean, Girls Under 14; Patrick Carson, Boys Under 14; Kate Upton, Girls Under 11; James Lynch, Boys Under 11.Walkers' road race. Fastest walkers were John Webb by a nose from Trevor Porter, Men; Viv Antcliff 1st Women.The winner of the 5km Hidden Handicap race is Terry Piper.
Full results here..

1 July
Taupo NI Cross Country Champ's

13 club member competed in this event, on a fine sunny day with an occasional cool breeze. Best result of the day would of been Matt Grenfell finishing 2nd in his race, U12 Boys in a time of 7:17 only 3 seconds behind the winner.
Other results are U10 Girls: Georgia Grenfell 9th 4:41. U12 Girls: Charlotte McLean 12:22. U15 Girls: Lucy Grenfell 16:55. U15 Boys: Talor Gilmer 12:10; Ben Carson 12:17 (missed the start for his U12 race); Patrick Carson 12:37. U17 Women: Courtney Grenfell 18:19. U17 Men: Chris Homan 21:55. Master Women 35+: Sonja McLean 24:56;Raewyn Smellie 27:47. 45+: Sue Marfell came 4th in 22:15. Master Men 35+: Marty Grenfell 27:05. 45+: Paul Homan 25:02.
Provisional results here....

28 June

Alison Lavin from Primary Sports Wellington wishes to thank all of those who helped make this a successful day. Full results here...

25 June
Shoe Clinic Harbour Capital Full & Half Marathon & 10km

20 club members competed this year, in what only could be better conditions than last year. Marathon Run: Alex McKenzie 3:21:11, (2nd in age grade). Marathon Walk: Andrew Shelley 5:02:37, 2nd overall.Half Marathon Run: Brian Garmonsway 1:24:30; Christina Wilson 1:39:29;David Henderson 1:41 22; Sue Marfell 1:41:23; Steve Kyle 1:46:17; Mark Bassett 1:48:34; Bill Barclay 1:49:02; Diane Rogers 1:54:09 (1 st in age grade); Steph Mercer 1:53:12 and Kelly Robinson 2:03:17. Half Marathon Walk : Patrick Tito 2:39:35; Jenny Lippross 2:49:49; Pat Scholes 3:06:04; Anne Dry 3:39:2010km Run: Robin Curry 43:41; Roy Rogers 1:00:01 (1st in age grade).10km Walk: Tessa Brown 1:24:52 (2nd in age grade) and Barbara Calnon 1:31:23.
The full results are here...

24 June
Sanders & Gough.

40 Trentham club members turned out for this event out of a total of 79 competitors. The runners & walkers club ladder results have been updated. Team results: Walkers - Trentham; Robbie Shield U14 - Hutt Valley; Challenge Shield U17- Hutt Valley; Burns Cup - Hutt Valley and Sanders Cup - Trentham.
The full results are here...

10 June
NB 10km Walk Series

We only had 2 members at this new event over at the old CIT. Andrew Shelley came 3rd in 64:15 and Nigel Doyle 8th= 68:25.

10 June
Dorne Cup

We had a total of 54 members competing in this event. 35 of which are junior members.
The provisional results are as follow:
9years & under: 7th Daniel de Gaans 5:07; Hamish Conaghan 5:39; Georgia Grenfell 5:46; Rebecca Williams 5:56; Liam Taylor 5:57; Jared Bruckner-Iraia 6:32.
11years & under: Matthew Grenfell 1st 7:00; Ben Carson 8:28; Fletcher Greaves 8:30; Brandon Lynch 8:50; Henri Chandler 10:07; Alana Doyle 10:22; Charlotte McLean 12:11; Terry Lynch 12:38; James Lynch 12:38.
13years & under: Talor Gilmer 11:51; Renee Coffey 11:55; Patrick Carson 12:04; Byron Kean 12:30; Caitlin Bedlington 12:40; Thomas Stuart 13:20; Anna Skinner 13:22; Shauni James 13:51; Jordan Whatton 14:02; Lucy Grenfell 14:10 Sophie Pepperell 14:20.
16years & under: Courtney Grenfell 16:19; Chris Homan 16:55; Hogan Gunn 16:59; Courtney Allen-Anderson 17:53; Tanya Harrison ??; Corinna Hutt 23:23.
Women: Sue Marfell 26:30; Christina Wilson 28:42; Sonja McLean 30:35; Diane Rogers 32:01.
Men: Murray Doughty 29:20; Darryl Robinson 29:58; Brian Garmonsway 30:37; Tim Armstrong 30:56; Paul Homan 32:00; Jake Jacobsen 34:10; Marty Grenfell 35:36; Terry Bedlington 35:46; Alex McKenzie 37:14; Dave Henderson 38:15; John Webb 40:58
Walkers: Trevor Porter 1st 27:23; Angela Burney 3rd 29:14; Andrea Homan 30:45; Phil Taylor 33:38; Marg Bowmar 36:33. Yeh! a lot of names. Full results here (no longer available).

4 June
Aurora Marathon

3 club members competed in the full marathon event and 4 teams in the marathon relay. In the marathon Sonja McLean won the Handicap Marathon in a time of 4:19:36. Paul Homan won fastest time in 3:11:07 and 2nd on handicap. Bill Barclay did 4:19:17. Also this team of three also won the Teams Handicap Cup.In the Marathon Relay teams new members Kelly Robinson and Christina Wilson won the Relay Handicap in a total time of 3:48:09 while Darryl Robinson and Steph Mercer had the total fastest time of 3:21:16. The time for the walking teams of Patrick Tito and John Webb was 5:16:29; Ann Dry and Christel Webb 6:32:08. A very successful day in all. Relay split time not available at present.

27 May
Vosseler Shield, Mt Vic

The course this year was very muddy and slippery. Diane Rogers was the only women from our club that competed and finished in a time of 0:34:40 and Caitlin Bedlington was the only junior 09:53. Murray Doughty was 2nd in the Masters Men's in a time of 0:44:53, followed by Paul Homan in 0:51:55. Terry Bedlington in 0:57:54 and Harry Ross 1:13:21.
Full results are here...

14th May
Masters Classic Relay

We had two teams in what was a small field compared to other years. In the mixed grade our A team came 2nd in a time 1:44:44. In the composite grade our B team came 1st in a time of 1:25:04.
Results here (no longer available)

14th May
HVH School Bridge Race

In the 10km Walk: John Webb 1:05:20; Patrick Tito 1:13:06; Christel Webb 1:21:25; Tessa Brown 1:24:00 and Anne Dry 1:44:30. 10km Run:Bill Barclay 49:55; 5.5km Walk: Teresa Tito 55:00.
Full results...

13th May
Club Cross Country Champ's & Bob Clark Memorial Trophy

Cross country results are here. Today also saw the first event of the Walkers ladder, based along the same lines as the runners ladder, but only over 5 events. Winners of Bob Clark Memorial Trophy are Angela Burney and Julie Lewis. Individual walkers results are available, also teams results for the Bob Clark Memorial Trophy are here. Ladder results have been updated.
Click here for full/all results...

6th May
Shaw Baton Relay

We had an impressive turn out for the Shaw Baton Relay at Battle Hill with us entering seven teams but with one team failing to be able to make the start line with the confusion. Five of these teams were Juniors and it was great to see them giving all they could. Full Results can be found here...

29th April
Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon

The rain held off till the later stages of the marathon with fine and warm conditions until coming back around by the Airport. We had 11 club members compete.The net times in the Marathon Run: Paul Homan 3:10:43; Janet Crawford 3:19:04; Ken McNatty 2nd in age grade 3:21:07; Jake Jacobsen 3:22:40 and Bill Barclay 4:18:09. Marathon Walk: Andrew Shelley 5:07:57; Bruce Grant 5:55:29; Trevor Porter 6:01:55 and Philip Taylor 6:31:44. 10km Run/Walk: Sonja McLean 47:29 and Anne Dry 1:34:49.
Full Results here....

25th April
ANZAC Day Races, Carterton

A small number of members turned out for this event which started off with a little bit of drizzle for the earlier events, but cleared up for the 10km event which turned out to be ideal but slightly humid.
In the 2.5km Run: Caitlin Bedlington 10:42; Fletcher Greaves 10:54; Nelson Asofa-Solomon 12:20.
5km Run: Chris Homan 25:29; Thomas Bedlington 25:35:
5km Walk: Andrea 31:00; Paddy Greaves 42:40.
10km Run: Paul Homan 39:30; Terry Bedlington 42:57; Bill Barclay no result; Diane Rogers 50:19.
10km Walk: Anne Dry 1:40:30.
Full results are here (no longer available).

22nd April
Harcourt Cross Country Relays

The inaugural Harcourts Cross Country Relays held by Valleys was a great event, enjoyed by those who turned up. The course was challenging and well liked by our members. We had a great turnout of juniors with some really good performances. Little 7 year old Georgia Grenfell was one of many impressive runs, completing the 2km course in 8:55; competing as an U14.
A full list of our members times can be found here....

15th April
Novices & Presidents Handicap

Today saw the running of the Novices & Presidents Handicap races for 2006.
Weather was fine and calm, ground conditions firm and not too hard under foot.
The handicapper's times were well done, with not even a 2 minute spread over the Seniors & Vet runners. The Colts were spread a bit further. The under-11s handicap race was a close finish with Marcus getting a bit confused at the finish line.
Congratulations to our winners: Christina Wilson, novice women; Sonja McLean, presidents women; Brian Garmonsway, novice men; Terry Bedlington, presidents men; Thomas Bedlington, under-17. The Plowman Trophy (under 11) was won by Nelson Asofa-Solomona.
Full results are here...

9th April
Moonshine Fun Run & Walk

12 club members competed in our event on Sunday. The day was far from ideal for most, with some competitors opting to turn tail and go home. As for myself, if I had the chance I would have enjoyed the challenging conditions. In the Half Marathon Walk: John Webb came 2nd to Peter Baillie of Scottish in 2:39:36; Christel Webb 3:25:33 and Anne Dry 4:32:23. Half Run: Darryl Robinson came 6th in 1:30:52 and Sonja McLean 2:11:12. 10km Run:Tim Armstrong came 1st in 38:21, new club member Hokio Tarawhiti 46:19 and one of our juniors Tanya Harrison 1:09:49. 10km Walk:Angela Burney also a junior 1:16:17; also new club member Marg Bowmar 1:30:53; Amanda Burney 2:01:09 and Paddy Greaves 2:01:10.
Full results here...

1st April
Great Forest Event

14 club members competed at this event at Waitarere. Results are as follows: Marathon Walk: Andrew Shelley PB, 4:54:45;
Half Marathon: Kevin Burney 1:27:48 PB; Bill Barclay 1:44:24; Mark Bassett 1:50:39; Raewyn Smellie 1:50:47; Peter Thomas 1:58:22; Steph Mercer 1:58:55;
Walk: Patrick Tito 2:41:22; Phil Taylor 2:58:19; Anne Dry 3:42:56;
10km Walk John Webb 1:07:13; Mardi Hawkes 1:22:10; Christel Webb 1:34:56; Carolyn Robertson 1:35:02.
For full results click here (no longer available).

14 March
Rimutaka Harriers 5km Series, Event 4

20 club members competed in the 4th event. In the 2.5km, (1 lap) Walk: Alana Doyle 23:15. Run:Feltcher Greaves 11:46; Caitlin Bedlington 12:41 and Liam Taylor 14:46. In the 5km Walk: Trevor Porter 35:05; Patrick Tito 36:01; Phil Taylor 41:19; Bob Joyce 41:57 and Paddy Greaves 47:13. In the 5km Run Darryl Robinson 2nd 17:51; Tim Armstrong 19:11; Jake Jacobsen 19:48; Terry Bedlington 21:04; Harry Ross 23:14; Mark Bassett 24:06; Jenny Raymond 24:41; Raewyn Smellie 24:42; Diane Rogers 26:09; Christine Taylor 27:15 and Peter Thomas 27:16.
Full results here...

12 March
Hutt News Fun Run & Walk

We had 4 club members in the 10km run & walk. Bill Barclay was the only runner from the club in a time of 51:47. The walkers times are Patrick Tito 1:13:35; Megan Woolf 1:30:21; Elaine Johnson 1:31:15 and Anne Dry 1:46:55. Full results here (no longer available).

28 February
Rimutaka Harriers 5km Series, Event 3

21 club members competed in the 3rd event with a lot of you still improving on your times. In the 2.5km, (1 lap) Walk: Alana Doyle 22:48; Janet Doyle 26:16 and Paddy Greaves 26:17. Run:Feltcher Greaves 12:00; Caitlin Bedlington 12:18 and Liam Taylor 14:41. In the 5km Walk: Trevor Porter 34:37; Patrick Tito 36:44; Phil Taylor 41:48 and Bob Joyce 43:04. In the 5km Run Darryl Robinson 17:43; Tim Armstrong 18:25; Jake Jacobsen 20:06; Terry Bedlington 21:25; Harry Ross 23:32; Mark Bassett 24:02; Steph Mercer 24:15; Raewyn Smellie 25:08; Diane Rogers 25:52 and Peter Thomas 27:24.
Full results here...

26 February
Mt Lowry Challenge

4 club members competed in this 13km Mountain race. Janet Crawford 1:25:32; Christine Taylor 1:55:17; Jake Jacobsen 1:55:18 and Jenny Raymond 1:59:59.
Full result here (no longer available)

15 February
Clarrie Gibbons

What a brilliant sunny day, with hardly even a breeze. 4 club members started off from the stadium which was going to be an easy pack run. But Jake & Jock got a bit annoyed with a runner we picked up and wouldn't drop off, so they picked up the pace. So much for the easy run. The times for the 23.7 km run was Jake Jacobsen 1:41:35; Janet Crawford 1:42:06; Paul Homan 1:42:07 and Jock Fraser with a nature stop 1:42:46.
Full results here...

14 February
Rimutaka Harriers 5km Series, Event 2

20 club members competed in the 2nd event with a lot of improved times on a fine evening with a slight head wind down Barton Rd. In the 2.5km, (1 lap) Walk: Alana Doyle 27:03; Run:Feltcher Greaves 11:58 and Caitlin Bedlington 12:08. In the 5km Walk: Nigel Doyle 38:20; Trevor Porter 38:21; Phil Taylor 41:40; Bob Joyce 42:48; Robert Doyle 48:55; Paddy Greaves 49:02 and Janet Doyle 49:03. In the 5km Run Darryl Robinson came 2nd in 17:56 only 16 seconds behind the winner Liam Healey; Terry Bedlington 21:35; Steph Mercer 24:36; Mark Bassett 24:37 Harry Ross 24:46; Jenny Raymond 25:11; Raewyn Smellie 25:39; Diane Rogers 26:14 and Christine Taylor 27:18.
Full results here...

31 January
Rimutaka Harriers 5km Series, Event 1

12 club members competed in this event in fine conditions. In the 2.5km, (1 lap) Feltcher Greaves 12:15 and Caitlin Bedlington 12:28. In the 5km walk: Patrick Tito 36:32; Bob Joyce 44:26; Phil Taylor 44:26; and Paddy Greaves 50:50. In the 5km run Darryl Robinson came 4th in 19:00; Terry Bedlington 22:18; Harry Ross 24:00; Mark Bassett 24:55; Steph Mercer 25:14; and Peter Thomas 27:38. Other names there, Dan Alexander, Hugh Steel, Trevor Murphy and Lance Jackson.
Full results here...

31 January
Olympic Harriers Twilight 5km Series

Club member Andrew Shelley competed in this event. Weather conditions were fine. Andrew was placed 3rd out of 23 competitors in the 5km walk in a time of 31:46 (PB).
Full results can be viewed on Olympic Harriers website

28 January 2006
Holdsworth - Jumbo

We had 4 club members who entered this event which must have been very hot. Results are as follows:Janet Crawford with a PB by 1m53s & 2nd open women 3:32:54; Ken McNatty 3:49:57; Jake Jacobsen 3:55:33; Jock Fraser 3:57:30. Full results can be found here...

22 January
City of Wellington Half Marathon

4 club members turned out for this event. Results are as follows: Our first runner was Darryl Robinson 1:26:38; Alex McKenzie 1:34:01 (he is the army guy); Bill Barclay 1:54:34; Walkers: Mardi Hawkes 2:46:33; Anne Dry 3:47:59. If I have missed anyone let me know.
These results are provisional and can be found here

14-21 January
Oceania Masters Championships, Christchurch

On Tuesday 17th January the 8km cross-country event was held. Peter Thomas finished in 4th place in a time of 43:28. In the 1500m on Friday 20 th January, Peter finished in 2nd place in a time of 7:06 which also gives him a new Wellington record for the M75 division, the previous record was 7:09. In the 5000m on Saturday 21 st January Peter finished in a time of 27:39 and placed 4 th. Full results can be viewed here (no longer available).