2010 Results

Saturday 11 December
3-Bridges Marathon - Whanganui

Several members did us proud at this event. Michael Beaumont placed 1st in the mens marathon run in a PB time of 2:49:00. In the half marathon mens run, Brian Garmonsway sacrificed his time but not his placing pacing his brother who was competing in the 10km race and finished in first place in 1:19:42. Bill Barclay was 51st in 1:56:25. In the half marathon womens run, Kerry Matthews placed 4th in 1:41:05. In the half marathon mens walk, John Ihaka was 11th in 2:37:53 and in the half marathon womens walk, Lou Gilmer was 21st in 2:56:49, and Anne Dry was 44th in 3:46:09. In the 10km mens walk, John Roskvist placed 2nd in 1:06:36. Last but not least, in the 10km womens walk, Jackie Wilson placed first in 1:10:30 and Jenny Lippross was 2= in 1:16:31.
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Saturday 3 December
New World Marlborough Marathon - Blenheim

After a PB at the Foxton half marathon only a fortnight earlier, John Roskvist came in 4th place in a time of 2:22:42. I wonder what time he will do after his legs have a break?
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Saturday 21 November
2010 Coley Street Foxton Half Marathon & 10km Event

In the half marathon run, Terry Bedlington finished in 5th place in a great time of 1:32:06, and Bill Barclay clocked up another very consistant half-marathon result finishing in 1:52:30. In the half marathon walk, John Roskvist was 1st in a PB of 2:21:12 (well done John!) and Ann Dry finished in 3:41:17. In the 10km walk, Jackie Wilson finished in 2nd place in a great time of 1:07:05.
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Saturday 13 November
Rimutaka Railway Fun Run & Walk - Upper Hutt

The top three walkers for men were Dave Morrell (1st; 2:03:09), Ian Morton (2nd; 2:03:30) and Ben Bowles (3rd; 2:05:33) and for women were Jackie Wilson from Trentham United (1st; 2:09:23), Brenda Farley (2nd; 2:10:26) and Vivianne Hunter (3rd; 2:13;57).

The top three runners for men were Ryan Woolley (1st; 1:02:37), Brian Garmonsway from Trentham United (2nd; 1:05:41) and Todd Stevens (3rd; 1:08:35) and for women were Lizzy Middleton (1st; 1:14:33), Sophie Lee (2nd; 1:17:23) and Michelle van Looy (1:19:14).

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event and we hope to see you again next year!

Saturday 7 November
2010 Pak'N Save Napier Half Marathon

John Roskvist came in at14th place overall in the half-marathon walk in a great time of 2:23:42.
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Saturday 17 October
Koputaroa Half Marathon, 10km & 5km Run & Walk -Levin

John Roskvist must have been close to a PB in the half marathon walk coming first place in a time of 2:26:07. Bill Barclay did the 10km run in 57:09.
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Sunday 10 October
Masterton Marathon

Congratulations to Brian Garmonsway who completed the Masterton Marathon in 2:39:01 (1st place). John Ihaka also did very well in the half marathon walk in 2:33:16 (4th overall!). Well done John! In the 10km run, Chris Homan was 2nd in 41:24. So a good haul for Trentham United.
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Sunday 3 October
Sri Chinmoy 24 Hour Track Races

What an anazing result! Andrew Shelley did Trentham proud by setting new NZ records for the 50 mile walk race (9h 49m 16s), the 100 mile walk race (12h 15m 22s) and the 12 hours walk record (97.94km). For his effort, he qualifed as a Centurion NZ C16. Well done Andrew.
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Sunday 19 September
The Pelorus Trust Run & Walk

In the half marathon run, David Hood did a PB in 1:30:15 (19th overall) and Kerry Matthews finished in 1:42:53 (2nd open women). In the half marathon competitive walk, John Roskvist was 6th over in 2:34:41. In the half marathon walk, Anne Dry finished in 3:51:10. Michael Du Toit ran the 10km in 40:51, a great effort from one of our juniors. In the 10km competitive walk, Jackie Wilson was 5th (1st female) in 1:09:37.
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Saturday 11 September
*^Eric Putter Memorial Relay (Club Runners & Walkers Ladder Event)

This years Eric Putter Relay was won by the team comprised of Nick Fields, Jenny Lippross, Darryl Robinson, McKenzie Jacques and Suz van der Jagt in a total time of 1:07:58.
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Saturday 28 August
*^Mangaroa Handicap Road Races (Club Runners & Walkers Ladder Event)

Congratulations to Diane Rogers and Chris Homan who won the handicapped race. The runners ladder has also been updated!
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Saturday 21 August
Wellington Road Champs (Interclub Event)

Congratulations to Brian Garmonsway (9th in Senior men & PB), David Hood (7th in Masters men & PB), Virny Meijer (2nd in Masters women), Teresa Cox (8th in Masters women), Matt Carter (8th in Boys & Girls 13) and Nikolai Allen (5th in Boys & Girl 11). There were plenty of other impressive results from our members.
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Sunday 15 August
Manawatu Striders Half Marathon 2010

A great effort by Brian Garmonsway resulted in a PB time of 1:14:51 to clinch 4th place in the half marathon run. Terry Bedlington was 47th in 1:35:18 and Bill Barclay was 110th in 1:47:56 in the half marathon run. Ann Dry was 102nd in a time of 3:57:28 in the half marathon walk.
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Saturday 14 August
Bays Relay - Island Bay (Interclub Event)

Congratulations to the Vet Mens team (Kevin Thompson, David Hood, Kevin Burney, Terry Bedlington and Paul Homan) who placed 5th in the hotly contested 40+ Mens race. There were also some very fast times in the composite team (Chris Homan, Ben Tromp, Murray Gilmer, Teresa Cox and Michael Beaumont) which placed 2nd.
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Saturday 7 August

Congratulations to all those Trentham United members selected to compete for Wellington (in bold). There were some very gutsy efforts by many of our members.
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Name Grade Grade Place Distance Time
Georgia Grenfell G12 7th 2km 8:18
Nikolai Allen B12 10th 2km 8:04
Fletcher Greaves B14 9th 3km 10:17
Michael Du Toit B14 16th 3km 10:46
Jason Steere B14 22nd 3km 12:08
Virny Meijer-Kortekaas MW35-39 4th 6km 25:51
Teresa Cox MW45-49 3rd 6km 26:57
Suz van Jagt MW50-54 3rd 6km 29:03
Matt Grenfell M16 27th 6km 24:04
Daniel Jordan M16 28th 6km 24:11
Stuart Hood M16 33rd 6km 25:10
Steven Boyle M16 34th 6km 25:15
Talor Gilmer M19 44th 8km 32:56
Murray Doughty MM45-49 3rd 8km 30:20
David Hood MM50-54 11th 8km 35:14
Terry Bedlington MM50-54 12th 8km 36:07
Murray Gilmer MM50-54 13th 8km 36:11

Sunday 1 August
Masters 8km Road Race & Walk

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Saturday 24 July
^Hidden Handicap Road Race (Club Runners & Walkers Ladders Event)

The winners of the 7.8km handicap road race was Simon Edhouse (mens race), Rachel Hay (womens race), Stuart Hood (MU16), Nick Fields (BU14), Nikolai Allen (BU11) and Kara Orr (GU14).
The winner of the 5km Hidden Handicap Walking race was Clive Keating, who beat his predicted time by 49 seconds. Congratulations also to the fastest individual winners: Jackie Wilson (Women Walk), Richard Willis (Men Walk), Brian Garmonsway (Men Run) and Virny Meijer-Kortetaas (Women Run).
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Saturday 24 July
^King & Queen of the Mountain Race for Walkers (Club Walkers Ladders Event)

Well done to Anne Dry and Clive Keating for taking out the crowns of Queen and King of the Mountain race. Most predicted handicap times were close to individual actual times however, it would appear that at least one adjustment will be made prior to the next handicap event! There were some strong individual performances.
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Sunday 18 July
Petone Working Mens Club 5 Bridges Marathon Events - Petone

Bill Barclay finished the full marathon in 4:17:11 (20th). In the half marathon walk, John Roskvist finished 3rd place in 2:34:48. In the 10km walk, Jackie Wilson also finished in 3rd place in 1:12:03.
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Saturday 17 July
Wellington XCC - Waikanae Plus A Judged, B Scrutinised Graded Race Walks (Interclub Event)

Congratulations to all the Trentham members who competed in the Wellington XCC champs. Several members got top ten placings including: Charlotte Floodsmith, 7th, (G9); Luke Elliot, 3rd (B9); Jacob Elliott, 7th (B9); McKenzie Jacques, 9th (G11), Nikolai Allen, 2nd (B11), Logan Slee, 5th (B11); Georgia Grenfell, 3rd (G13); Matt Carter, 9th (B13); Matt Grenfell, 6th (M16); Murray Doughty, 6th (MM); Virney Meijer-Kortekaas, 1st (MW) andTeresa Cox, 3rd (MW). A special congratulations goes to Virney, Teresa, Matt and Murray who were all selected to run for Wellington in the NZ Road Champs. Well done!!
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Jennifer Lippross, Anna Jones and Margaret Bowmar did well in the 5km walking race placing 2nd, 3rd and 4th, respectively; all with very consistent lap times. Andrew Patton competed in the 2.5km judged walking race.
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Saturday 10 July
North Island XCC - Taupo

Well done to all those that took part, there were some great times and placings!

Girls 12 (2km)
Georgia Grenfell - 9th - 08:03

Men 16 (5km)
Matt Grenfell - 14th - 18:29
Stuart Hood - 25th - 19:42

Women 19 (4km)
Courtney Grenfell - 19th - 19:27

Men 19 (5km)
Talor Gilmer - 21st - 18:24

Master Women 35-39 (5km)
Virney Meijer-Kortekaas - 3rd - 20:37

Master Women 45-49 (5km)
Teresa Cox - 5th - 21:44

Master Men 45-49 (6km)
Marty Grenfell - 18th - 28:37

Master Men 50-54 (6km)
Terry Bedlington - 10th - 26:04
David Hood - 18th - 28:25

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Saturday 26 June
*^Sanders & Gough XC

Our Mens and M16 teams had success in bringing the Sanders Cup and Robbie Shield back to our clubrooms. Well done!

Boys/Girls 13 - Challenge Shield

Name Place Time
Randle Tyler 12 13:52
Jack Thompson 13 13:55

1st - Hutt Valley Harriers
2nd - Wainuiomata Harriers
3rd - Trentham United Harriers

Men/Women 16 - Robbie Shield

Name Place Time (4km)
Stuart Hood 2 15:36
Michael Du Toit 3 15:40
Daniel Larkin 5 16:19
Matt Grenfell 6 16:42
Steven Boyle 7 17:04
Jason Steere 9 19:02

1st - Trentham United Harriers
2nd - Hutt Valley Harriers

Men/Women 19 - Gough Cup

Name Place Time (6km)
Shauni James 5 30:33
Courtney Grenfell 7 32:02

1st - Hutt Valley Harriers
2nd - Trentham United Harriers

Senior/Masters Men - Sanders Cup

Name Place Time (6.7km)
Brian Garmonsway 1 25:28
Murray Doughty 4 25:33
Kevin Thompson 5 26:22
Darryl Robinson 8 27:36
Chris Homan 10 29:13
David Hood 11 29:19
Paul Homan 12 29:26
Terry Bedlington 18 30:52
Andrew Smith 25 32:46
Marty Grenfell 27 33:11

1st - Trentham United Harriers
2nd - Hutt Valley Harriers
3rd - Wainuiomata Harriers

Walkers Race

Name Place Time (6km)
Richard Willis 1 38:38
John Roskvist 2 43:37
Jackie Wilson 3 45:44
Viv Antcliff 4 48:30
Jenny Taylor 5 49:57
Pat Scholes 6 52:42
Margaret Bowmar 7 53:26

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Sunday 27 June
Shoe Clinic Harbour Captial Marathon - Wellington

Michael Beaumont placed 6th in the full marathon run in a time of 2:53:01 and Murray Gilmer finished in 3:49:13. In the full marathon walk, Andrew Shelley placed 3rd in 4:51:28. In the half marathon run, Kerry Matthews did a PB in 1:40:17 and Bill Barclay finished in 1:47:35. The half marathon walk resulted in two PBs, John Roskvist with a time of 2:24:28 and Jackie Wilson with a time of 2:30:21; Anne Dry finished in 3:41:55. In the 10km run, Michael Du Toit finished in a great time of 39:54 and Teresa Cox finished in 42:16. Well done to everyone who compete.
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Saturday 12 June
*Dorne Cup XCC

The conditions for this years Dorne cup were heavy and consistent rain for the past month ensured the creeks were full. Perfect cross-country conditions. Congratulations to all the Trentham runners that participated in this event.
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In the team results, Trentham placed 3rd in M16, 2nd in B11.

Sunday 6 June
SBS Christchurch Full & Half Marathon & 10km

Chris Homan and David Hood battled the torrential rain and less than 5 degree C temperatures to complete their very first marathons. Chris finished in 3:31:00 and Dave finished in 3:44:27 - well done! In half marathon run, Kevin Thompson finished in 1:21:16, Kerry Matthews finished in 1:47:38 and Mark Bassett finished in 2:03:36. In the half marathon walk, John Roskvist finished in 2:28:21 (a PB - well done!) and Helen Bassett finished in 2:59:00. In the 10km run, Craig Pitman and Janet Crawford finished in 45:15. In the 10km walk, Patrick Tito finished in 1:10:43 and Teresa Tito finished in 1:25:52.
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2010 Aurora Full & Half Marathon
TwoTrentham teams took part in the Aurora marathon this year. Running team 'Postie Plus What?' comprised of Mike Beaumont and Paul Homan won the marathon relay in 2:56:18 whilst walking team 'Trentham Turtles' (John Ihaka and Ann Dry) were 7th in 6:35:56.
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Saturday 29 May
*^Club XCC (Club Runners & Walkers Ladder Event)

Congratulations to all the grade winners: Rachael Hay (SW), Virny Meijer (MW), Charlotte Floodsmith (GU11), Kara Orr (GU13), Shauni James (GU19), Jackie Wilson (Women Walkers), Brian Garmonsway (SM), Murray Doughty (MM), Logan Slee (BU11), Matt Carter (BU13), Matt Grenfell (BU16), Talor Gilmer (BU19) and John Roskvist (Men Walkers).
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Ekiden Walking Relay - Trentham

Congratulations to the Trentham team on 4th in the B grade race.
The team of John Roskvist, Viv Antcliff, Richard Willis, Andrew Shelley, John Ihaka and Jackie Wilson finished the marathon length course in a great time of 04:43:35.
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Saturday 22 May
Vosseler Shield Races XC (Interclub Event)

Congratulations to everyone that competed in this tough event. You all contribuated to Trentham United Harriers landing 5th place in the Barry Everitt Plate. See below for members results.
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Masters Women

Name Place Time (5km)
Janet Crawford 6 25:55
Teresa Cox 9 27:23
Sue van der Jagt 16 28:10


Name Place Time (3.2km)
Matt Grenfell 11 12:23
Stephen Boyle 13 12:24
Stewart Hood 14 12:29
Michael Dutoit 20 12:49
Daniel Larkin 30 14:49

Open Men

Name Place Time (10km)
Michael Beaumont 16 44:19
Brian Garmonsway 22 45:18
Darryl Robinson 29 48:14
Chris Homan 46 58:40

Vet Men 40+

Name Place Time (10km)
Kevin Thompson 12 48:25
Marty Grenfell 42 1:02:56


Name Place Time (1.6km)
Logan Slee 2 07:45
Harry Poland 21 09:22


Name Place Time (1.6km)
Georgia Grenfell 6 8:11
Kara Orr 16 9:07
Hannah Larkin 21 10:23


Name Place Time (1.6km)
Nick Fields 18 9:05
Randall Tyler 20 9:52
Jack Thompson 23 10:15
Andrew Paton 29 11:52

Sunday 9 May
25th Wellington Masters Classic Relay

We entered two teams in the Masters Classic Relay this year. A mixed running team (Teresa Cox, Diane Rogers, Sue van der Jagt, Paul Homan and David Hood) which came second, only ~1.5 minutes behind the winning team and a walkers 150+ team (John Roskvist, Jill Birkett and Jackie Wilson) that came 1st. Well done.
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Saturday 8 May
University Relays XC & The Chocolate Race, 6km Turkey Trot Walk at McKays Crossing

Team placings have not been confirmed for the run race but individual and overall times are listed below.
Under 20 Men - TU1

Name Lap Time Elapsed Time
Talor Gilmer 14:35 14:35
Steven Boyle 15:41 30:16
Daniel Jordon 16:30 46:46
Ben Tromp 18:14 1:05:00

Under 20 Men - TU6

Name Lap Time Elapsed Time
Michael Du Toit 15:26 15:26
Fletcher Greaves 15:01 30:27
Jason Steere 17:30 47:57
Daniel Larkin 17:07 1:05:04

Open Men - TU2

Name Lap Time Elapsed Time
Kevin Thompson 14:57 14:57
Kent Lawton 14:58 29:55
Chris Homan 15:42 45:37
Brian Garmonsway 13:50 59:17

Open Men - TU5

Name Lap Time Elapsed Time
Ben Tromp 16:31 16:31
Josh Johnstone 16:56 33:27
Hugh Steel 18:13 51:40
Talor Gilmer 18:12 1:09:52

Vet Men - TU3

Name Lap Time Elapsed Time
David Hood 16:41 16:41
Paul Homan 16:41 33:22
Murray Gillmer 17:08 50:30
Terry Bedlington 17:15 1:07:45

Vet Women - TU4

Name Lap Time Elapsed Time
Virny Meijer-Kortekaas 16:34 16:34
Teresa Cox 18:04 34:38
Diane Rogers 24:46 59:24
Virny Meijer-Kortekaas 16:38 1:16:02

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Saturday 1 May
TUHW Club Day - Novice & President Races plus Steve Plowman Trophy for U11's

Congratulations to the trophy winners this year: Logan Slee (Steve Plowman Trophy), Helen Murphy (Trentham Trophy), Andrew Smith (Novice Cup), Phil Taylor (Presidents Cup), Teresa Cox (Buddle Trophy) and Fletcher Greaves (Trentham United U17 Trophy).
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Saturday 1 May
Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon

Kerry Matthews competed and successfullly finished her 1st marathon in a net time of 3:55:42. What a great effort. Janet Crawford finished in 3:17:24 (8th female overall), Ken McNatty finished in 3:45:22 (4th in the M65-69 age group) and Bill Barclay finished in 4:15:13. Ann Dry completed the 10km walk in 1:46:09.
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Sunday 25 April
ANZAC Day Carterton Races

It was a day of 1st's In the 10km race run, David Hood was 1st in the 50-54 year age group, Chris Homan was 1st in the Mens Under 20 year age group, Michael Walton was 1st in the Mens 45-49 year age group, Diane Rogers was 1st in the Womens 70+ age group and Teresa Cox was 1st in 40-44 year age group. In the 10km walk race, John Roskvist completed finished in 1:11:22 (3rd male & 4th overall) whilst Jackie Wilson did a PB time of 1:12:08, (2nd female & 5th overall). Jenny Lippross and Ray McConnachie also partook in the 5km walk, whilst Della McConnachie competed in the 10km walk.
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Saturday 24 April
Shaw Baton Relay (Interclub Event)

Trentham United Harriers relay team results:
Senior Men: 10th place (David Hood, Chris Homan, Andrew Smith, Darryl Robinson, Kent Lawton & Michael Beaumont)
Masters Men: 12th (Murray Gilmer, Hugh Steel, David Henderson, Paul Homan, Alister Gordon & Terry Bedlington)
Senior Women: 6th place (Suz van der Jagt, Jill McNaught, Kerry Matthews & Janet Crawford: 8th place (Rebecca Dobbin, Teresa Cox, Lucy Grenfell & Shauni James)
Mens 19 & Under: 5th place (Stephen Boyle, Michael Du Toit, Fletcher Greeves, Mitchell Slee, Matt Grenfell & Stuart Hood): 10th place (Ben Tromp, Daniel Larkin, Jason Steere, Matt Carter, Shaun Read & Taylor Gilmer)
Boys 13 & Under: 11th place (Randall Tyler, Harry Poland, Jack Thompson & Hannah Larkin)
Girls 13 & Under: 4th place (Rebecca Williams, Kara Orr, Taylor Green & Georgia Grenfell)
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Sunday 11 April
Shoe Clinic Moonshine Half Marathon & 10km, Fun Run & Walk

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Saturday 10 April
Great Forest Events

It was perfect conditions with a very gentle easterly breeze at Waitarere Beach on Saturday although temperatures rose quickly to make fairly warm conditions. A new member, John Roskvist put Trentham United on the map finishing 8th male (9th overall) in the half marathon walk in 2:34:31, and Ann Dry completed the walk in 3:58:35. In the half marathon run race, Janet Crawford was 1st female (24th overall) in 1:32:03, Terry Bedlington was 3rd in the M50-54 age group (42nd overall) in 1:34:29, and Bill Barclay was 7th in the M50-54 age group (118th overall) in 1:45:42.
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Saturday 20 March
Tarawera Ultramarathon

The Tarawera Ultra is a point to point footrace from Rotorua through to Kawerau. Whilst it is a net downhill with a 357m elevation loss, there are some serious hills along the way. Andrew Shelley completed the tough 83.4km course in 13:40:11.
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Davenport Service Centre & Travel Smart Pahiatua Half Marathon
Three Trentham United members competed in this event. In the half marathon run race, Michael Walton was 5th overall in1:23:09 and Bill Barclay was 34th overall in 1:47:52. Ann Dry competed in the half marathon walk race in 3:47:17. And a special mention goes to Bill as this was his 100th half marathon. Well done Bill - you must have done nearly every half marathon in the country.
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Saturday 13 March
Trentham takes the Triple Peaks Challenge

This iconic 47km off-road adventure race traversing Mt Erin, Mt Kahuranki and the historic Te Mata Peak is not for the faint hearted. Brian Garmonsway battled cramp to win the ultramarathon, multi-mountain race by 8 minutes. Well done Brian.
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Sunday 21 February
Pelorus Trust Wellington Rounds the Bays

It was perfect conditions - clear and only a gentle breeze - quite unlike Wellington weather. The half marathon was won by Grant McLean in a slick time of 1:12:05 and the first women home was Sarah Christie in 1:23:57. Several club members did some great times out there also. Steve Kyle was 109th in 1:34:16, Bill Barclay was 459th in 1:52:02, Christine Taylor was 823rd in 2:14:09 and Amanda Flowers was 855th in 2:17:52. Please contact the webmaster if you competed in this event and are not listed, especially in the 7km event!
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Saturday 20 February
Great Lake Relay - Barfoot & Thomson 100km walk

Andrew Shelley did Trentham United proud by setting a new New Zealand record for a 100km walk race (previous known NZ record is 12:20:33). This was a new course and Andrew finished in 12:16:47 (old course record was 12:25:00).At 80km, Andrew was feeling strong and on target for a sub-12 hour finish time but injuries over the last 10km took their toll. But that's nothing to be depressed about! Well done Andrew!
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Wednesday 17 February
Clarrie Gibbons Wellington to Eastbourne Run - Wellington

It started with a bang - literally. The 30 year anniversary compelled the reminiscent organisers to start the race with a shotgun (of sorts) as it had 30 years earlier. Very brave considering a bomb scare was just winding down only a block away from the start. Janet Crawford was 7th overall (2nd female) in 1:44:05, Kerry Matthews was 29th overall in 1:59:20 (damn stitch!), Andrew Smith was 32nd overall in 2:00:52 and Gina McGeaver was 44= overall in 2:11:40 in this 24km race.
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Sunday 14 February
Molenberg SUB Series 21km race

The pain of running a half marathon in a great time of 1:46:17 was worth it, when Nic Cross got to shake the hand of her idol, Sarah Ulmer at the finish line. Well done Nic.
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Saturday 30 January
Jumbo-Holdsworth and Hooper-Loop Trail Race

The Jumbo-Holdsworth mountain race was won by James Coubrough in 2:22:29, a lead of more than 35 minutes over Paul Bird (2nd) and Al Cross (3rd). The first women home was Billie Marshall in 3:22:59. The Hooper Loop was won by Sean McCrudden in 0:57:16, followed closely by his brother in 1:00:00, and Laura Rhymer was the first women home in 1:09:25.
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Saturday 23 January
Hutt River Trail 60km Ultramarathon

It started pleasantly enough....for the first 35km and then the infamous Southerly kicked in for the final 25km, bringing with it some heavy rain. Although Andrew Shelley was able to better his last years time to finish in 7:14:49, he was a little disappointed. Perhaps he was saving himself for the Barfoot and Thomson 100km walk that was in a months time.
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2010 5km Series

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