2002 Results & News

26 December 2002
Five intrepid club members joined 24 others on a sunny Boxing Day morning for the inaugural Haywards-Haywards "World Championship". Some raced the event, while others took the opportunity for a more leisurely pace to run off the excesses of the day before. Paul Homan was our fastest, coming 8th in a time of 1:59:58. Jenny Raymond was the first woman finisher (2:29:37). Other club members who participated in this run were Jan Bliekendaal, Steve Bligh, and Andrew Shelley.
Full results are here...

23 December 2002
Watch out for Carl Jackson at the National Bank International Mile on Wednesday January 8th during the innings break in the New Zealand vs India one day international cricket test at Wellngton's stadium. Carl is the official pace maker for the field of four Australian and six New Zealand athletes.

The race on January 8th is part of a three race series held in conjunction with the one day cricket. The other races in the series are on Saturday January 11th at Eden Park and Tuesday January 14th in Hamilton. There are cash prizes up for grabs, including a bonus for any sub-4 minute mile, and bonuses for the � mile and � mile leader.

22 December 2002
Congratulations to Rob and Deryl McCrudden on their efforts at the Kepler Challenge. Rob completed the full Kepler Challenge (67km) in 6:49:37, and Deryl completed the companion Luxmore Grunt (28km) in 4:54:32. With this result, Rob leaps into first place on the marathon ladder.
Full results are here...

3 December 2002
Sunday run & walk. Sunday 8 December there will be pack runs and walks from the clubrooms at 10am. Following the run & walk, those club members travelling to the Gold Coast marathon next year will meet to discuss dates, logistics, etc for the trip.

30 November 2002
The marathon ladder is back!! October and November were the first two months on this year's ladder. Check out the latest rankings. It looks like club members have been taking it easy, with very few members having run a half marathon yet - time to get those running shoes on!

30 November 2002
Results for November:
Masterton Half Marathon & 10k, 23 November 2002. Half Marathon run: Trevor Murphy 1:26:38; Paul Homan 1:36:23; Terry Bedlington 1:44:08; Phil Taylor 2:05:07; Stephanie Mercer 2:05:08. 10k fun run: Chris Homan 58:03. 10k fun walk: Andrea Homan 1:17:05; Joy Scanlan 1:17:08; Christel Webb 1:20:01. Molesworth Run, 16 November 2002. Andrew Shelley withdrew at 63.4km with a knee injury. His race report is on his website (no longer available)... photos should be coming soon.

4 November 2002
A few recent results:
Auckland Marathon, 3 November 2002. Congratulations to Stephanie Mercer, who completed the marathon in 4:06:54.
ITU World Duathlon Championships, 19 October 2002. Murray Doughty placed 20th in the Men's 35-39 age group, clocking 37:41 for the first 10k run, 1:07:44 for the 40k bike, and 19:12 for the final 5k run. All legs are described on the race website as "moderately hilly"!
Levin Half Marathon & 10k, 13 October 2002. Results for the Half: John Marlow 1:24:06; Paul carlson 1:25:41; Paul Homan 1:30:23; Terry Bedlington 2:07:35. 10km run: Chris Homan, 53:20. 10k walk: Andrea Homan, 1:24:02.

15 October 2002 "It was a cold, but crisp and clear morning in Feilding as a bunch of Trentham Harrier Club members stumbled out of bed, somewhat bleary-eyed, on Saturday 14 September. No, we were not partying the night before - we were suffering from sleep deprivation." more...

Two race reports have been added for the club trip to the Marton-Wanganui relay and ultra (no longer available).

12 October 2002
Today was our last club day for the 2002 season. Don't forget that over the summer we continue to meet on Thursday nights at 6pm at the clubrooms. Also, check back here from time-to-time to get the latest in club news.

28 September 2002
The marathon ladder has been updated with the results from the Hawkes Bay Marathon, the Marton-Wanganui Ultra, and the Pelorus Trust Half Marathon. With just 2 days remaining before the end of the qualifying period and no more qualifying events, we have a winner! Congratulations to Rob McCrudden, who earned the trophy the hard way, by running 4 of his 5 best events in the mountains. Full results are here.

22 September 2002
Thirteen club members turned out in extremely windy conditions for the Pelorus Trust Half Marathon. A number of our juniors also turned out for the 10k and the 5k. Special congratulations to Paul Homan, who was 12th overall in a new personal best time of 1:28:21. Full results are here.

14 September 2002
Bright sunny skies and the lightest of breezes provided fantastic conditions for the Marton-Wanganui relay and ultra. Our children's team was 2nd (out of 4 teams). Our walkers teams were 3rd, 6th and 7th (out of 8 teams), and our runners teams were 6th, 15th and 16th (out of 16 teams). Geoff Iremonger was the sole solo walker, finishing a mere 12 minutes behind the last of the walking teams. Andrew Shelley was 4th solo runner, and Steve Bligh was 7th (out of 7).

Results are on the club trips page, and trip reports will be added as they become available. A selection of photos (of the runners) taken by the Homans are available here and here (no longer available).

11 September 2002
Results for the Walkers' Valley Relay have been loaded.

7 September 2002
The runners, walkers, and children all joined together today for the Eric Putter Memorial Relay. Conditions were fine and warm with just the lightest of breezes. Team results and individual times are here. This relay also served as the last event on the runners' ladders. Congratulations to the winners of the ladder competitions: Jo Forsythe (senior women), Murray Doughty (senior men), Diane Rogers (veteran women), and Harry Ross (veteran men).
The list of events on the Mountains & Trails page has been updated, and links to the websites for most of the events have been added.
The Club Trips page has also been updated.

2 September 2002
The Event Calendar has been updated with changes to our printed syllabus.
New links have been added to the Links Page.
Photos have been added to the Dorne Cup results page.

31 August 2002
Warm weather and generally light winds made for an enjoyable day's racing through the Mangaroa Valley:
In the runner's Mangaroa Handicap Road Race, congratulations go to Roy Rogers, who led for the entire race to take out the men's race, and to Diane Rogers who won the women's race. The fastest time was recorded by John Houghton, who knocked off the 14km in 52:10. Results are here, and the ladders have been updated.
Congratulations also to Carolyn Robertson, Robyn Bakker, and Sandra Rigby, who won the Walkers' Valley Relay in a time of 1:28:26.
The junior's road race results are here.

25 August 2002
The following race results have now been loaded:
Wellington Road Championships, 24 August 2002
Saunders, Gough & Robbie, 3 August - possibly the only copy of the results that actually includes Murray Doughty's winning performance in the Senior Men's race. Wellington Cross Country Championships, 20 July 2002

24 August 2002
The marathon ladder has been updated with the latest results from Taupo and Palmerston North, plus a couple of other events from earlier in the year. All participants are listed, and performances that count towards the "Best 5" are highlighted in yellow.

10 August 2002
Results for the walkers' King and Queen of the Mountain races are now loaded.

3 August 2002
There were two sets of races today:
The Carterton club hosted the Sanders & Gough races at the Clareville Showgrounds. Trentham's under 14s were 3rd in the Challenge shield, led home by Ryan Maguren who was 1st in the combined U12 and U14 event. Both the races and the results for Seniors and Vets were combined due to the small field. Our Men were 3rd, led home by Murray Doughty who was 1st. Results should be available on Cool Running in a few days.
A small contingent of walkers attended the Cole Land Walking Cup, hosted by Scottish. Andrew Shelley was our fastest walker, placing 3rd on actual time. On handicap, Andrew just caught Gretchen Lash a few metres before the finish line, providing our best handicap results of 5th and 6th. Full results are at the bottom of this page (no longer available).

27 July 2002
Results for the Novices & Presidents Races, held today, are loaded. Results for the Chelsea Cup handicap races and the Walkers 5km hidden handicap race, both held on 13 July, are loaded.
The club ladder has been updated with the latest results.

20 July 2002
Carl Jackson wins the Wellington Cross Country Championships.
Full results.
Club results.

13 July 2002
Today saw a good turnout in cold, slightly damp conditions for our club road championships. Finishing times are here. Results for the walkers' 5km hidden handicap race, the runners' Chelsea Cup hidden handicap races, and the runners' ladder will be available soon.
Full results here...

7 July 2002 Club results have been loaded for the North Island Cross Country Champs held on 6 July. Full results here...

24 June 2002
Club results have been loaded for the [Vosselor Shield](2002Vosseler-Trentham.pdf, held on 22 June.
Full results here...

18 June 2002
Ten of our club members turned out in cold conditions on Sunday 16 June for the Harbour Capital Half Marathon. For those who are on the marathon ladder, it has been updated with the results.
Full results for the Half are here.

11 June 2002
Results from the Dorne Cup are loaded. Congratulations to Brian de Montalk on winning a bronze medal in the mens 50+ age group.
Photos from the Dorne Cup are available on the Fun Run Photos site.
The Club Ladder has been loaded, with the results from both the Club Cross Country Champs and the Dorne Cup. Remember that ladder points for the Vets' ladders are calculated using age-adjusted times.

2 June 2002
We had four runners in today's Aurora handicap marathon. Conditions couldn't have been better, with sunny skies for most of the day, and a light breeze to keep temperatures at an ideal level. Congratulations to Steve Raymond, taking first place in the handicap race, finishing in a time of 4:03:59 - not far inside the hidden handicap margin of 13:28 faster than his estimated time. Fastest of our runners was Nigel Doyle, who at 4:03:33 was disqualified from the handicap race for being a massive 26:27 faster than his estimated time of 4:30! Ross Archibald ran 4:13:15 to take 25th place on handicap, and to move into first place on our marathon ladder. Like Nigel, Andrew Shelley also estimated 4:30, but he was trying to win the handicap race. He recorded 4:16:09 - just 23s too fast.

1 June 2002
A group of our walkers organised themselves to go into the Peter Tearle Trophy race at Island Bay. This is a 6km unjudged handicap walking race organised by Scottish Harriers. Results (with some badly spelt names) are on the Scottish website (no longer available).

28 May 2002
On Saturday 25 May we held our Club Cross Country Championships for runners and the Bob Clark Memorial Trophy (a cross country relay) for walkers. Highlights of the day must include the large number of juniors (26), the beautiful fine weather, and the barbeque after the races. Full results are here.

26 May 2002
Added Trentham Running Club (in England) to our links page. They must be a good bunch - they've got a link to our site at the top of their links page!

21 May 2002
There were 10 blue singlets at the Battle Hill Cross Country on Saturday, plus two more club members running for Valleys. See the results page for details.
Updates to event calendar for June (no longer available)
Belated summary of results for club members who ran in the Shaw Baton relay are on the results page (no longer available).

16 May 2002
The marathon ladder is now online. It can also be accessed via the results page.

14 May 2002
Our walking teams scored 1st, 2nd, and 4th out of 5 teams in the Vets Classic Relay on Sunday 12 May. Our running teams took 7th place in the men's open grade, and 3rd in the composite grade. Jan Bliekendaal put in an outstanding effort in the 2nd placed walking team, being called on to walk two laps and recording the 2nd and 7th fastest walking times in the process. Results are here ... (no longer available)

28 Apr 2002
Results for Saturday's teams-based orienteering are here (no longer available).
The Rotorua Marathon was held Saturday 27 May. Congratulations to Brian de Montalk who recorded a time of 2:59:22 to secure 1st place in his age group at the NZ Marathon Champs, which were held in conjunction with the Rotorua Marathon. Brian's time also gave 34th place overall. Robert McCrudden posted a time of 2:54:45 to take 24th place. Other finishers from the club included Trevor Murphy and Ross Archibald. Results are here...

17 Apr 2002
A record 235 people turned out for the Moonshine Walking Tour on the weekend. A big thank you to all club members who helped out over the two days. A large number of club members also participated in one or more stages, and we had 6 members completing the entire Tour. Congratulations to Nigel Doyle for taking the trophy for fastest male over the 3 stages, and commiserations to Ross Archibald for being second by a matter of seconds for the second time in two years. Never mind Ross, you take out more points on the marathon ladder than Nigel does!
Results are on the event website, and some photos from Stage 3 are available on Fun Run Photos (no longer available).

10 Apr 2002
The No Foolin' Half and Third Marathon were on Sunday 7 April. Over 15 club members entered the two events. Special mentions must go to Carl Jackson, 2nd in the Half with a time of 1:13:12, Brian de Montalk who won the 50-59 age category in the Half with a time of 1:19:37, and to Anne Dry and Bill Barclay who did the Third after having competed in the Half at Waitarere the day before. Full results are here (no longer available). Photos from the events are available at Fun Run Photos (no longer available).
The Great Forest Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k were on Saturday 6 April. Several club members participated in these events held on a pleasant off-road course at Waitarere Beach. Barbara Tucker and Andrew Shelley continued their rivalry, with Barbara recording a sub-5 hour time to take 2nd in the walk, and Andrew taking 3rd with a little over 5 hours. Official results for these events are not yet available, but photos from the events are available at Fun Run Photos (no longer available).

4 Apr 2002
Congratulations to new member Paul Homan for winning the Easter Handicap Race held last Saturday. Full results here... (no longer available).
Updated event calendar with additional "Other Events" for April.

21 Mar 2002 There was a great turn out from the club at the "Round the Vines" in Martinborough on Sunday. Congratulations to all those who placed in their events. Repeating their efforts from the City-to-City two weeks previous, Barbara Tucker and Andrew Shelley took top honours in the half marathon walk, each winning a bottle of wine for their efforts. Photos from the events are available at Fun Run Photos (no longer available).

15 Mar 2002 Congratulations to Rob McCrudden, completing the Tararua Mountain Race in 6:42:23.
Well done for those walkers who turned out for the recent City-to-City Half Marathon. A special mention must go to Christine Taylor for wearing the club singlet.
A few updates made to the Event Calendar to accommodate combined events with the Valleys clubs. A couple of extra names added to the contacts list. Also added email addresses (just click on the names).

26 Feb 2002
Updated the Event Calendar for March - May, including a number of new events to add variety to the club season. Following last night's AGM, the Contacts have been updated to reflect the new committee.

25 Feb 2002
Details for club trip to Rimutaka Forest Park on 23 March.

18 Feb 2002
Congratulations to "Mr T's Troopers" for finishing 4th walking team at the Great Lake Relay.
Congratulations also to Carl Jackson, part of the record-setting running team, also at the Great Lake Relay.
A new photo of John Fredrikson (no longer available) after a Hash Run.

31 Jan 2002
Event calendar for February and March updated. Don't forget the AGM.

23 Jan 2002
Check out this picture of John Fredrikson at a run with the Hash House Harriers of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). If you'd like to join him for Intergulf 2002, here's an entry form. (no longer available)
Updates to calendar: added summer walks & runs, added Rotorua Marathon, and reformatted for printing.

3 Jan 2002
Provisional event calendar for 2002.
Added new links about walking.