2007 Results

9 December
Korokoro Stream Fun Runs

In the Half: Brian Garmonsway 1:38:26;Kevin Burney 1:54:46 and Sue van der Jagt 2:02:59. In the 10km Run: One of the juniors,Hogan Gunn had a good run coming 5th in 49:30.
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8 December
Wanganui 3 Bridges Marathon

6 member competed at Wanganui. In the marathon: Paul Homan 3:20:46. In the Half Walk: Andrew Shelley 2:18:52:Jan Bliekendaal 2:18:53 and Anne Dry 3:56:32. In the Half Run: Bill Barclay 2:01:48, and in the 10km Run: Robin Curry 47:31.
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2 December
The Goat Alpine Adventure Run

Murray Doughty came 9th overall in this 21km mountain run from Whakapapa to Turoa in 2:13:46. He was 2nd in his age grade.
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1 December
Kepler Challenge

We had to members running this mountain race. Michael Beaumont was 26th overall in a time of 6:20:15. Janet Crawford was 5th women in 6:49:00 and 57 overall.
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17 November
Rimutaka Railway Fun Run and Walk

A long time in coming we finally got fine weather.
We don't record results for this event but do record this top 3 finishers in the four categories.
Men's Walk: Mark Woodhouse, 1:44:42; Richard Davies, 2:03:13; Ian Morton, 2:04:19.
Women's Walk: Alice Reynolds, 2:12:07; Samantha Hart 2:15:22; Cecily Page 2:15:24.
Men's Run: Dougal Thorburn 1:01:30; Bryan Davies 1:06:04; Brian Garmonsway 1:07:51.
Women's Run: Dawn Ashkettle Smythe, 1:11:15; Maria Bentley,1:13:10; 3rd= Piret Klade & Liis Johanson, 1:19:30.

21 October
ANZ Long Distance Walking Champ's

In the Open 50km non Champ: Andrew Shelley came 2nd in 5:57:50. In the Open Women 20km non Champ: Jan Bliekendaal came 1st in 2:15:09. Full Results (no longer available)

14 October
Wairarapa Marathon, 1/2M and 10k

In the Marathon: Brian Garmonsway came 4th overall in 3:02:11 in windy conditions. In the 1/2 run Bill Barclay did 1:58:28. In the walk: Andrew Shelley came 1st in 2:24:12 while Anne Dry did 3:46:59. The 10km run: Robin Curry 47:49. 10km Walk: Jan Bliekendaal 1:04:47.
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22 September
Belvedere Road Relay & 21km

The results for this handicap 1/2 marathon/ relay are Bill Barclay 1:54:29; Sonja McLean 2:24:47; John Ihaka 3:05:23 and Anne Dry 3:43:17. Full Results. (no longer available)

16 September
Pelorus Trust Fun Run & Walk

The results for our members in the Half run are: Kevin Burney 1:31:29; Chris Homan 1:46:52; Bill Barclay 2:01:51 and Peter Thomas 2:13:21.
In the Walk Andrew Shelley came 2nd in 2:18:32 with Jan Bliekendaal 4th in 2:24:17; Sonja McLean 2:29:11; Ange Armstrong 2:49:21; Lou Gilmer 3:08:31; Elaine Johnson 3:11:5 and Anne Dry 3:58:01.
In the 10km Run Darryl Robinson came 8th in 36:58; Hogan Gunn 41:35; Robin Curry 47:05; Renee Coffey 47:51 and Mark Bassett 1:05:40. In the 5km Run: Talor Gilmer came 3rd in 18:15;
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8 September
Moro Marathon, Dunedin

Mike Beaumont came 7th in 3:02:35 and Ken McNatty 3:41:56.
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1 September
Eric Putter Relay

We had 6 teams of 7 this year. The winning team for the Trophy was Talor Gilmer, Darryl Robinson, Viv Antcliff, Mark Bassett, Anne Dry and Alana Doyle.
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1 September
NZ Road Champs, Auckland

Murray Doughty & Janet Crawford ran for the Wellington team in Auckland this weekend. Murray was 7th in his age grade and Janet was 6th in hers. Murray's team got 3rd.
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25 August
Sanders & Gough, Carterton

We had 31 members at Dalefield , Carterton. Our club did very well winning all the team events.
Club Results here...
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19 August
Manawatu Striders Half Marathon

Brian Garmonsway got a Pb in the half in 1:18:31, a day after he did the 10k in the Wellington Rd Champ's. Also in the half; Sue van der Jagt 1:36:10 (also did Rd Champ's); Gill McNaught 1:50:12; Alistair Gorden 1:54:23; Steph Robinson 1:55:19; Bill Barclay 1:58:26 and Anne Dry in the walk did 3:47:38.
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18 August
Wellington Road Champ's
We had some good results from our Walkers and Runners. Jan Bliekendaal was 1st in the women's 10k free style walk followed in by Sonja McLean for 2nd and Ange Armstrong for 3rd. In the running events Fletcher Greaves picks up a Gold Medal while Janet Crawford and Daniel Larkin got Silver.
Club results here...
and Full results here (no longer available)

11 August
Bays Relay.

We had gale force northwesterly to contend with this year. We had a Senior Men's team that came 6th out of 16; 1:21:26, Master Men 8th out of 12; 1:34:47 and a Mixed team that came 2nd; 1:38:07.Team results below.

Team 4.77km (Lap 1) Time 4.63km (Lap 2) Time 4.81km (Lap 3) Time 3.86km (Lap 4) Time 4.0lkm (Lap 5) Time Place Finish Time
Senior Men Brian Garmonsway 16:48 Mike Beaumont 16:43 Murray Dought 18:23 Talor Gilmer 15:17 Darryl Robinson 14:15 6th 1:21:26
Masters Men Paul Homan 18:40 Jake Jacobsen 19:33 John Marlow 20:59 Dave Henderson 19:53 Murray Gilmer 15:42 8th 1:32:47
Mixed Janet Crawford 19:56 Chris Homan 18:27 Sue van der Jagt 22:44 Steph Robinson 20:33 Hogan Gunn 16:27 2nd 1:38:07

Full provisional results can be viewed here...

5 August
Levene Half Marathon, Taupo

Pat Scholes did the half walk in 3:30:08, and new club member Pam MacNeill complete the walk in 4:00:34.
Full results here. (no longer available)

5 August
One Hour Race (Walking) Palmerston North

Jan Bliekendaal was 2nd while Andrew Shelley was 4th in the freestyle race, with only 11 in the freestyle race. Jan's time was 63:09 and Andrew was 64:57.

4 August
Mangaroa Handicap

We had 23 runners complete the 14km circuit around Mangaroa. 1st home on handicap was Sonja McLean. 1st man? on handicap was Jake Jacobsen. Fastest man was Brian Garmonsway in 51:14; while Janet Crawford was fastest women in 57:44.
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4 August
National Cross Country Champ's, Mosgiel

Murray Doughty did extremely well, finishing 17th overall out of 83 runners 10th in age grade out of 26. A very strong field. The Wellington team he was in placed 5th. Conditions were soft under foot. Results here (no longer available)

28 July
King & Queen of the Mountain

15 walkers turned out to walk up Riverstone Terrace. Mark Fairbrother took line honours for King of the Mountain while Carolyn Robertson was next across the line for Queen of the mountain. Fastest time was Jan Bliekendaal in 28:53 while Andrew Shelley was the fastest male in 29:03.
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21 July
Wellington Masters Association: 8k Road Run

There were 5 members that turned out to what was going to be a wet run, but fined up only leaving a cold breeze. Trentham came 3rd in the teams result. Paul Homan came 2nd overall in 35:06; Harry Ross 43:41; Diane Rogers 48:22; Peter Thomas 53:38and Roy Rogers 54:49.
Full incorrect result are here. (no longer available)

14 July
Wellington Cross Country Champ's, Waikanae

We had a number of members doing really well today. Murray Doughty picking up a bronze medal in the Master Men, and making the Wellington Centre team for the National Champ's in Otago. Sue Van der Jagt came 4th in Master Women , Georgia Grenfell 3rd G9; Fletcher Greaves 2nd B11; Matt Grenfell 2nd B13 Caitlin Bedlington 4th G13 and along with other juniors doing doing very well.
Members results can be found here...
Full results are here. (no longer available)

14 July
NB Series Race2 Waikanae

4 members took part in this series. Tessa Brown in the 5k in 39:48. In the 10k race Jan Bliekendaal was our 1st member and 1st women 62:57 followed by Andrew Shelley in 63:55 and Sonja McLean 69:05.

8 July
Wainuiomata Mtn Run/Walk

Bill Barclay and Anne Dry took part in this 11.9k Mountain race. Bill did the run in 1:32:53 while Anne did the walk in 2:34:26.

7 July
Chelsea Handicap & 5k Hidden Handicap Races

The conditions where fine but chilly for the handicap road races. This year the juniors got a longer run with some running the same distance as the adults with some good results. The walkers this year saw some improvement in performances.
Results are here...

30 June
North Island XC Champs, Taupo

There were 5 members at Taupo.
Talor Gilmer came 5th in the Boys 14 - 3000m race in 11:07. Caitlin Bedlington was 22nd in Girls 14 - 3000m race in 13:33.
In the Men's 35+ 6000m, Murray Gilmer finished just ahead of Terry Bedlington in 28:06 & 28:09 respectively.
Sue Van der Jagt came 5th in the Women 45+ race over 5000m in 23:07.
Results here. (no longer available)

28 June
Wgtn Regional Primary & Intermediate Schools XC

We had some good results from our junior runners in this event.
Year 4 Girls was won by Georgia Grenfell. Year 4 Boys Jono Ryan 11th. Year 5 Girls Rebecca Williams 2nd. Year 6 Girls Kate Upton 11th; Jennifer Leckie 39th; Becky Dobbin 41st; Haylee Quinn 49th. Year 6 Boys Fletcher Greaves 1st; William Clark 35th; Daniel Larkin 36th; Liam Henderson 53rd. Year 7 Boys Matt Grenfell 1st. Year 8 Girls Caitlin Bedlington 2nd.
Photo's can be viewed on this link and full results will be here soon. (no longer available)

24 June
Harbour Capital Marathon

In fine weather but with strong gusty northwesterlies Tim Armstrong came 14th overall in a time of 1:19:01; Brian Garmonsway 1:20:01; Mark Bassett 1:55:26; Bill Barclay 1:57:27; Helen Bassett 2:08:23 and Kelly Robinson 2:10:19.
In the walk Anne Dry did 3:41:40. In the marathon walk, Andrew Shelley came 8th overall in 5:13:03.
In the 10k walk Ange Armstrong did 1:36:11 and in the 10k run Steve Kyle did 46:12; Paul & Henri Chandler 1:07:16.
There were a lot of names so if I missed someone, Sorry.
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9 June
Dorne Cup

A large turn out today with 17 Adults and 32 Juniors participating in the Dorne Cup this year. With firmer ground conditions than in previous years we saw some faster times. Best placings on the day were from the junior with Fletcher Greaves 1st B11&U; Jono Ryan 1st B9&U; Georgia Grenfell 3rd G9&U; Rebecca Williams 10th G11&U; Caitlin Bedlington 10th G13&U and as for the Older ones, Murray Doughty 4th MM and Sue Van der Jagt 5th MW.
Members results here
and Full Dorne Cup results here (no longer available). Note some of the times and grade placings are incorrect.

9 June
NB Series Race1 Trentham

We had a 6 walkers in this event, as the Dorne cup now has no walking event due to this being on the same day. The surprise result on the day would be Jan Bliekendaal beating Andrew Shelley by 2min 40sec. Full results here (no longer available).

3 June
Aurora Marathon

3 club members competed in the full marathon event and 4 teams in the marathon relay.
In the marathon Paul Homan 3:10:03; Sonja McLean 4:03:38 and Bill Barclay 4:34:40.
In the Marathon Relay teams Brian Garmonsway and Tim Armstrong had the fastest time and fastest Lap times, 1:23:49 and 1:26:13 respectively in a total time of 2:50:02.
Then we had Alistair Gordon and Gill McNaught who are new members in 1:56:40 and 1:45:30 respectively in a total time of 3:42:10. Kelly Robinson and Chris Homan in 2:11:12 and 1:47:17 respectively in a total time of 3:58:29. The time for the walking team of Anne Dry and Bob Joyce was 3:48:16 and 3:18:52 respectively with a total time of 7:07:08.

3 June
SBS Christchurch Marathon

2 club members competed. Janet Crawford got a PB in the full marathon in a time of 3:10:09 while Steph Robinson did the half marathon in 1:52:36. Full results here (no longer available)

27 May
Eikiden Walkers Relay

We had three teams entered in this inaugural relay over a marathon distance. They competed in the "B" division, free style walking. Our 1st team which was a composite Trentham team came 4th in 4:35:11. Trentham United 1 came 13th in 5:06:16 while Trentham United 2 came 21st in 5:32:09.
Full results here (no longer available)

26 May
Vosseler Shield

There was a large turnout of members for this hilly challenge this year, with one of the best days for a long time. We had 5 senior men competing with all of them finishing well up in the field, but Murray Doughty had an outstanding run finishing ahead of our seniors to place 2nd in the master men grade and 11th overall in 42:57, Next best was Darryl Robinson 15th overall in 44:00 then Tim in 44:07. Sue Van der Jagt came 4th in the master women in 26:59. Also there were 11 juniors with some good placings as well.
Full results here...

6 May
HVHS Bridge Run

Four members competed in this fun run & walk. Bill Barclay did the 10k run in 53:06 and in the 10k walk Anne Dry did 1:40:0 with Tessa Brown and Teresa Tito 3 seconds behind in 1:40:03.
Full results here...

13 May
Masters Classic Relay

The masters relay saw 21 teams compete this year. We had two teams entered. One mixed team and one 350+ team. The Trentham mixed team came first while the 350+ team actually came 2nd but was listed as a mixed team and Janet Crawford was the fastest women. Full results here (no longer available).

12 May
Bob Clark Memorial Trophy & Club Cross Country

Weather was fine, ground conditions firm. The creeks only had a trickle of water in them.
Today saw the first event for the Walkers. Andrew Shelley was the first walker in 25:37 closely followed by his partner Jan Bliekendaal in 25:42. Winners of Bob Clark Memorial Trophy will be posted here soon. Individual walkers results are available here, but teams results for the Bob Clark Memorial Trophy follow soon along with the Ladder results. The Cross country run results are here.
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5 May
Shaw Baton Relay

We had an good turn out for the Shaw Baton Relay at Battle Hill with us entering five teams but with one team failing to be able to make the start line with the confusion. Three of these teams were Juniors and it was great to see them giving all they could. Some results are missing.
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5 May
Kathmandu Crazyman

We had a couple of members taking part in this multisport event. Murray Doughty did the run leg in the team event which they won for the 6th year in a row and Mike Beaumont did the Duathlon and came 7th.
Full result here...

28 April
Rotorua Lion Foundation Marathon

We had a 6 members that I know of competing up there.
In the Marathon: Brian Garmonsway did his first one in 3:09:49, Ken McNatty 3:30:38, Sonja McLean 4:13:33 and Bill Barclay 4:35:15.
In the Walk: Andrew Shelley was 10th overall and 1st in age grade in 5:00:33.
In the 10km Walk: Anne Dry did 1:45:05. Also in the 5Km Run we had a junior Laura Davison 27:52.
Full results...

25 April
ANZAC Day Races, Carterton

We enjoyed a warm sunny day in Carterton with a large turn out of over 200 entrants.
In the 2km: U/12 6th Kasey Ward 8:29; 8th Jake Ward 9:01.
5km: 1st Murray Doughty 17:03; 2nd Tim Armstrong 17:15; 3rd Talor Gilmer 19:00 1st U/16m; Caitlin Bedlington 22:52, 3rd U/16f; Chris Homan 24:42, 3rd U/18m
Walk: Ange Armstrong 41:21.
10km: Paul Homan 39:38, Murray Gilmer 42:51, Terry Bedlington 45:17.
Walk: Robyn Evans 1:23:17, Christine Taylor 1:23:17. Full Result can be found on Scottish's Site 1 2 3 (pdfs) (no longer available)

21 April
Novice & Presidents Races

24 Juniors and 25 Adults took part in today event. We had some trouble with our flags on the course though with someone in the Park taking our flags. I'd like to thank Mark Bassett for his time in coming up with his fair and reasonable handicaps. I'll buy you a pint on Thursday.
Results are:
Plowman Trophy for Under 11's: Georgia Grenfell.
Colts: Fletcher Greaves. v Novice & Presidents: 1st Novice man: Alistair Gordon. 1st Novice Female: Gill McNaught. President cup: Paul Homan. Buddle Trophy: Sue Van der Jagt.
Full results here...

15 April
Moonshine Half/10km

There were 724 entrants in this years event with the weather gods being kind to us this year. Thanks to all the members, friends, partners and Rimutaka Harrier helpers for their time they gave to make to event possible.
The winner of the Half Run was Dougal Thorburn from Scottish in 1:20:56. 1minute 38seconds slower than he won it last year. 1st Woman home was Kate McIlroy in 1:31:12. Kate didn't run it last year, but was the 1st woman in 2005. The Half Walk was won by Richard Davies in 2:33:04. 1st woman home was Alice Reynolds in 2:41:14. In the 10km run Daniel Nixon won it in 34:08. 1st woman was Vicki Jones in 39:04. In the 10km Walk Mark Woodhouse won in 1:01:03 and 1st women was his wife Ingrid in 1:06:38. Full Results...

31 March
Great Forest Marathon

We had over 27 club member compete at the event this year and with no 5k results listed there could be a few more. With a win in the Half run from Brian Garmonsway in 1:27:12 continuing his winning performance from the Loaded Hog series in Wellington, will done. Other Results in the Half Run: Sue Van der Jagt 1:46:55; Murray Gilmer 1:55:47; Bill Barclay 2:03:18; Mark Basset 2:05:34; Kelly Robinson 2:20:55; Helen Bassett 2:33:26; Walk: Christine Taylor 3:06:48; Robyn Evans 3:24:59; Anne Dry 4:08:45. There were 2 member in the Full marathon. Andrew Shelley 2nd in the walk in 5:06:55 only 43 seconds behind the winner Tim Dutton who won most of our Loco 5k series walks and Sonja McLean in the run in 4:35:25. The 10k Run: Steph Robinson 56:46. Walk: John Webb 1:13:40; Patrick Tito 1:17:15; Jenny Lippross 1:19:19; Viv Antcliff 1:21:09; Tessa Brown 1:29:18; Pat Scholes 1:29:47; Christel Webb 1:29:53; Terry Piper 1:30:06; Della McConnochie 1:33:24; Colleen Piper 1:33:49; Ray McConnochie 1:35:01; Teresa Tito 1:42:01 and Carolyn Robinson 1:42:02.
Full Results here...

21 March
Loco5k Series Race 5

With this the final race of the series, we had a turn out of 54 competitors. Condition were cooler tonight with daylight saving coming into play and making it a little darker towards the end. The winners of the Loco Shoes which 38 competitors qualified to go into the draw for which was done by Andrew Shelley, so blame him and not me was Chris Homan and Claire Angliss. Thanks to all the Marshall's tonight and thanks to all the competitors that supported the series.
The winner of the 5k Walk was Tim Dutton in 30:34; 2nd Richard Willis 30:46 3rd Andrew Shelley 33:13. First Women was Sonja Mclean in 33:57 and Margaret Peters 2nd in 35:47.
The 5k Run was won by Brian Garmonsway in 17:27; 2nd Murray Doughty in 17:33; 3rd Darryl Robinson 17:53. First Women was a Sue Van der Jagt in 21:56 and Steph Robinson 2nd in 25:36. Results Here...

Hutt New 10/5 Km Fun Run & Walk
Only 1 member participated in the event. Sonja McLean did the 10km walk in 1:09:54 coming 6th. Results here (no longer available).

7 March
Loco5k Series Race 4

Fine weather again in this the 4th event tonight. The slightly cooler condition tonight saw some PB's recorded. Thanks once again to all of the marshalls for their help.
The winner of the 5k Walk was Tim Dutton in 31:09 who was a bit to quick for Richard Willis tonight in 31:54. First Women was Sonja Mclean in 34:43 and Margaret Peters 2nd in 35:10.
The 5k Run was won by Vaughan New in 17:11 followed by Murray Doughty in 17:37. First Women was a Sue Van der Jagt in 22:10 and Kelly Robinson 2nd in 28:07. Also young Shaun Smith had a great run with a time of 19:09.
See you all for the final Race 7 on the 21th of March.
Full results HERE...

4 March
Meridian Energy Gutbuster

4 club members competed in this 11.8km hill event which goes around the Karori Sanctuary. The run: Brian Garmonsway 54:35; Murray Gilmer 1:11:46 and Jenny Raymond 1:13:55. In the walk: Andrew Shelley 1:30:11.
Full Results...

25 February
Mt Lowry Challenge

2 club members did the hill run. Darryl Robinson 1:12:14 and Jenny Raymond 1:38:55.
Results here... (no longer available)

21 February
Loco5k Series Race 3

The weather conditions were fine and pleasant with a hint of moisture in the air for the 3rd event tonight. Thanks to all of the marshalls for their help.
The winner of the 5k Walk was Richard Willis again in 31:28 followed closely by Tim Dutton in 31:29. First Women was Sonja Mclean in 35:12.
The 5k Run was won by Vaughan New in 17:20 followed by Brian Garmonsway in 17:36. First Women was a Karyn McLean in 21:57.
See you all for Race 4 on the 7th of March.
Full results HERE

14 February
Clarrie Gibbons

Andrew Shelley was the only member to compete in this event this year with a smaller field than usual put down to the Wellington Half and Buller Marathon on the weekend before. Andrew came 1st out of the 2 walkers that did the 23.7km walk in a time of 2:36:34.
Full results...

11 February
City of Wellington Half

4 member competed in this event on what was a great day. Tim Armstrong did a good time running in his Loco Bandito shoes going under the 1:20 mark with a 1:18:49, placing 9th overall and 3rd in the Wellington Centre Champ's. It's a shame he was beaten by a 50+. Bill Barclay ran a 1:57:57. In the Walk Jan Bliekendaal came 2nd in her age category and a PB 2:26:15; Anne Dry also did a faster than usual time 3:35:29.
Full results here...

10 February
Buller Marathon

Sue Van der Jagt (Marfell) and Dave Henderson were down South competing in the Buller Marathon. Sue did the full marathon in a respectable 3:46:06 placing 3rd in her age category. Dave ran the half in 1:54:55. Full results (no longer available)

9-10 February
Coast to Coast ( Kumara to Sumner)

Murray Doughty competed in the team event with a friend Dave Rudge in this Murray's 10th event. After the first day they were placed 3rd. On the last day they place 5 overall and 2nd in the Vet grade in 12h22m13s only 2m13s behind the 1st in that grade. Full results here (no longer available)

7 February
Loco5k Series Race 2

The weather conditions were hot and humid for the 2nd event tonight.
The winner of the 5k Walk was Richard Willis again in 33:06 followed closely by Andrew Shelley in 33:12. First women was Sonja Mclean in 34:56.
The 5k Run was won by Vaughan New in 17:53 followed by Brian Garmonsway in 17:57. First Female was a junior Caitlin Bedlington in 24:34.
Thanks to all of the marshalls who stood in the sun for nearly 1 hour.
See you all for Race 3 on the 21 st February.
Full results HERE...

24 January
Loco5k Series

A good turn out in our first event of the series. The winner of the 5k Walk was Richard Willis in 34:08 followed by Sonja McLean in 35:37. The mens 5k run was won by Murray Doughty in 17:50 followed by Brian Garmonsway in 18:11. First women was Kate Rea 21:42 followed by Elle Able in 21:52.
Full results HERE..

20 January
Tussock Traverse 27km

Club members Andrew Shelley & Jan Bliekendaal competed over this challenging tough course. Andrew was 3rd overall in a time 3:54, his time is yet to be confirmed and Jan also was in the top 10 and completed it in 4:24, her time is yet to be confirmed. Correct times when available.

6 January
Waiouru – Taihape 20 Mile Road Race

On a very warm summer's day, was the scenario for the 51st running of this annual handicap event. The tar was literally running to the side of the road and melting shoes, they should have called the local fire brigade to extinguish their shoes.
Brian Garmonsway, competing over a longer distance for the first time and he had an advantage of running in his hometown, completed the run in a time of 2:16:12. Paul Homan completed the run in 2:18:34.